Thursday, February 1, 2007

Walk with us

I blog because I want to let everything out in the open in the most discreet way possible.

Hence, the nickname that proved to be redundant as my face is sometimes plastered all over the site.

Like everyone else in blog Lala-land, I follow the NST VS Bloggers lawsuit, almost, religiously, if you can put it that way.

Its funny how one time ago, blogging is considered to be one of those activities that only the geeks and teens with a lot of time on their hands fastidiously do, and now, a couple of bloggers are actually sued for having (And also writing – la) one.

On Rocky, the first time I met him was way back in year 2004 (Or was it 2005?) we were introduced formally, and after that because I am one of those ‘tiny anchovies’ that the big fishes would not make an effort to even prey on, I think it’s safe to assume that I was pretty much non – existent to the big shot editor. I met him during the launch of Malay Mail’s Southern edition, which one year later was ‘defunct’, in a lack of a proper word.

We now receive backdated issues. Actually, I am now wondering if we still do actually receive it.

I never knew what Rocky or his namesake, Ahiruddin Atan is really like in person, but I personally loved his then weekly column, ‘Rocky’s Bru’.

I kept in touch with one of the people I got to know from the function and after our last phone conversation which took an entire 24 months to materialize, I wondered why didn’t I even ask him about the case.

I remembered (vaguely) reading about an article in NST about how the Chinese Government is looking to ban certain bloggers who were daring enough to criticize the country’s policies and leaders one time ago. I remembered (Also very vaguely) thinking how lucky we bloggers are in Malaysia because never in my dreams, then, anyway, would I expect a defamation lawsuit to be filed against one of us.

Hey, I have been wrong about a lot of things. My life, my capabilities, men, love, so what makes me right in politics?

I am not into politics, I am as political as a ‘Kambing’ (goat) is to bathing. But I do make an effort to know some of the controversies happening in the country. My press correspondences who shall forever be unnamed make sure that I get my daily dosage of national juicy gosses.

As ‘unpolitical’ as I am, I still do very much believe in the freedom of speech. I still lack the courage, to blog under my own name (which is largely reasoned towards me having a fairly long and old fashioned name) and to write about things that for once, matters, but nevertheless, Bloggers Unite, Walk With Us. :)

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