Sunday, February 19, 2012


I finally did it. I finally had a vacation. It was only over the weekends, and we spent it doing beach stuff and we didn't have the chance to experience GeorgeTown, but it was worth every second.

It makes me see life in a different way, and not thinking about work (Oh well, I lied when I said I didn't think about it) was.. pretty... awesome...-ish.

And I was happy that I get to share it with one of the people who knows me well. I salute the fact that he was SO PATIENT with me, the wench on wheels... literally as I was the one who was driving.

I should do this more often. Next stop, all the other islands in Malaysia. Or maybe I am thinking Club Med... Yoga getaway, with my best friend. Woot!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Ok... So I am guilty of not updating this avenue of expression since January.

*Dusting off the cobwebs*

But... It's not as if it will contribute to 'Masalah Negara' (National Issue??) anyways.

Today.. yes today... I turn 33.

I started it off at 12 am, chilling out with my bosses aka good friends at a friendly neighborhood pub.

In the midst of 90% of men and about oh I don't know 6 women, I was downing Kilkennys with Mutton pizza (Which was oh so good) and Deep Fried Tofu.

Earlier in the morning at about 1.30 am, I was with my best friend and one of my colleagues, at a McDonald's, eating junk food.

Hell... I am getting old... therefore, I am allowed.

Anyway... there I was at a pub, with a half pint of Kilkenny and fabulous food, plus fantastic laid back company.

We can't help it, of course... our conversation is a mixture of politics, work and other cheeky stuff.

At the stroke of midnight, my friends wished me and we throw back a couple of Tequilas and then a glass of Scotch. I received wishes from my Mum, and my two best friends called me singing ever so off key (Lol) the famous song for people who got a year older.

There were no cakes, no presents (I will get em' but I am a difficult person to buy prezzies for. Presents equates to Lacoste T - dress and Rabeanco Bags.. but I am realistic Haha!) ... but I feel blessed.

I must knock this half full thing in my head. Might as well, since I am approaching mid thirties.