Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Fact Is ... I am thankful

I am somewhat wondering what I am doing alone.

When I can do almost everything myself, I am still wondering, why am I alone?

Strange huh?

But the fact remains, I am thankful that I am still here, facing all  the obstacles on my own with the support of close friends and family, who loves me regardless.
My weekend was hectic.

Believe me if I can split myself to three people, I would.

I would just so I would be able to spend time with my family, my friends and myself.

When I got home, I was stumped when my bed is no longer there. My Sister just bought a new apartment unit and my parents and brother is moving in with her. My parents are taking over my bed and being that I am now a permanent resident of Kay Hell, I will have to rethink about buying a property in JB and would probably buy one in KL instead.

I would not be having my own room anymore, in JB that is. Which kind of means that I can't sleep naked anymore.

Sigh... but hey, I am happy for my sister.

My cousin, finished his Quran studies last weekend, so in an orderly fashion of a Johorean, we had a 'Khatam Quran' for him.

Annd... he is also going to be circumsized next week.

I remembered the last time my brother had to go through the same thing. I remembered him screaming his lungs out when my parents brought him back to the house.

I was laughing. I told him he was a wuss.

He is still a wuss.. ehehehe...

It's always fun when the whole family comes together. As you just can see from these pictures.

Okay this one is not a family member in a techical kind of way, but it is a part of the family (For now, before it becomes the one the family is going to have for dinner), but it was sitting there so calmly looking after its' eggs that I feel inclined to take a photo.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving.

The whole AMEX team, which is MY team now got together at Christina's house for a housewarming (She just moved to a new place), which was also a double celebration as her daughter recently passed her UPSR with flying colors.

It was a great makan session and since it is potluck, Joyce, Kish and me decided to roast a chicken, not a turkey because it's just not possible for us to roast one in the tiny oven.

This Eid and Thanksgiving, I would like give my thanks to everyone who is around me now, my family, my friends, my good friends, my best friends (Dropped not included) and my very supportive and professional colleagues.

Thank You.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Good things comes to those who wait...

Well, my Dad always said to me that if you are patient, and let things takes its' due course, I will see that things will kind of... go my way.

Of course, back then being brash, immature and well... stupid, in the lack of a proper word to replace my then questionable level of intellect, I don't really believe in it.

I was gung-ho and proactive, the latter in a sort of wrong kind of way. I believed that if I keep on moving and catch every opportunity that comes my way, I will get what I want.

Little did I know, that trying to outrun someone was not the way. If you rush, you tend to overlook a lot of things, and if you think too much about 'making it', you might not 'make it' at all.

But no matter how impatient I was, I have never, thankfully, tried to push someone off by being a two face hypocrite. I can never be 'friend friend' with someone with ulterior motives. Motives such as trying to kick someone off their rice bowl or anything like that. I have, always been genuine in my intentions. I helped people because I mean it.

I would NEVER help anyone if I don't want to.

I figured, why make things complicated. There is no reason why you should help someone if you don't wanna.

Anyway, I recently received a big pat in the back, something that I was not expecting but something that kind of just happened. I was in the beginning, sad because in the process, I lost my mentor. But technically, he is still with me, though not quite within the same place anymore. I was also shocked when I found out about certain things that happened behind my back. I was shocked that 'anyone' can be that, vicious and could actually put on a front and tried to manipulate me.

BUT... hey, God is great. Things turned better. As a matter of fact, I have never seen my allies and close friends this happy before.

I am just glad that things are better now. We are more honest (I hope!) with each other and we are happier.

Nyeh nyeh... the jokes on you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

When it rains and there is nothing in the world you would like to do more but to lie down on your bed and sleep. I am on my bed, but I ain't sleeping!

This is the view outside of my bedroom window today at about 5 pm.

I know that it was a bit, well, askewed, but you would have to agree with me that the whole picture there, the gloom, the rain and the slippery cobbled sidewalks... well it's enough to make you snuggle to your pillows and pull up the covers on your face and producing some Zs.

As usual, I was not able to sleep off the wonderful rainy afternoon away.

I had to drive to the office for a while due to something that our client 'forgot' to tell us, jumped on two separate conference calls and emailed a bunch of people about the progress.

I was on the phone with my Mother who was asking me if I can come home just to dismantle the bed at home (My family is moving)  and I found out that no one in the family 'actually' know how to do it but me.

Yes, we do have two males in the family, in case you are wondering, and I am not one of them, unless of course I was born with a penis and a vajayjay, which I was evidently, not.

I just finished a Kenny Roger's lunch of roast chicken and I ate that while watching gorgeous Keanu and Al Pacino in the classic, 'Devil's Advocate'.

Before I came home and after I left the office, I hit one of the hypermarkets (Hence, the Kenny Rogers Combo). I ran out of milk for about 5 days now, so I decided to just drag my ass off to buy some.

Why on Monday? Why not on the weekends, you might ask.

Well, I hate shopping when there are too many people. It confuses me because it does.

I encountered someone who might just be the slowest, lamest cashier ever in my whole consumer life.

As usual, being Malaysian and all, the lame-O didn't smile. Heck, he was emotionless. His movement is akin to that of a sloth.

I wish I can smack him at the back of his head with the Australian top side beef cut that I bought at the wet produce section.

And the way, he put the things into the plastic bags (For the record, I have a shopping bag that I got from Body Shop with huge lettering making up 'Protect Your Planet' on it. I opted for plastic this time because, well, I forgot to stuff the cloth bag into my bag today and I need some plastic bags at home for trash) might make you mistake him for an ex 'Mak Yong' dancer. Such painfully slow gracefulness, really seriously make you want to put on make up on him and play the Gamelan.

Aaaanyway... Just my observation for today. Suffice to clear the cobwebs off the blog... :)

Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I found out on Halloween...

1) The fastest way to get your lips done when you forgot your lipstick is to kiss your girlfriend who has lippy on.

And yes... we did it out of practicality.

2) I should learn how to flirt with the club bouncer guy.

3) Clubs charge ridiculous cover charges on Halloween when all you want to drink is a coke and a beer.

4) Mojo do NOT have cover charge (Thank God!)

5) No one really dresses up on Halloween.

6) QBar sucks.

7) Tony Parson's My Favorite Wife is sold for RM 15 at Atria and Tolkien at RM 29.90.

8) If you can't drink... DON'T! --> This going out to the guy who hung his head out of the passenger seat... trying to puke at Jalan P. Ramlee.

9) An all girl night out is waay better than going out on a lame date.

10) I am hot.. Heh!

Yeah.. so shoot me.