Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Satu Malam sahaja saya akan makan karbohidrat dan berkompromi keatas rancangan diet saya

Yesterday, was a blast.

One of my closest colleague and friend is going away. That is one crazy people off from our very short list of crazy people in the company.

I am the VP of crazy people association (AKA AJK mamam). My friend is the President merangkap 'tukang senduk nasi' of the association.

I make a swell VP weh!

And Rach girl... we'll miss ya!


Monday, February 25, 2008

Kepada yang tersayang... Hahaha!

I am a simple person with simple solutions to everything. Sure my problems are mostly more complicated than other people’s but I always pulled through.

Take my last so called ‘relationship’, if it’s not going to work, why hang around and very fittingly, I walked.

When I found out that a person I thought I knew came out to be the idiot that he was and had so conveniently lost my trust in him as a friend, I totally broke down. On my way back home, I actually had to stop at the road side and I cried my eyes out.

Tersedu tersedan occay?

And then I went on retail therapy at WH and bought myself a beautiful dress and gorgeous heels.

Make that two beautiful dresses, the other one I intended to wear to a clubbing trip I plan to go next weekend.

And make that two gorgeous heels.

After that, I stopped calling him, completely. MY life goes on and I couldn't care less about my ex’s life.

If my personal life is to be made into a some Manjalara Kacip Fatimah (Or something rather) Malay drama series, it would definitely be a flop. (But considering I will never be caught dead wearing those hideous outfits (Yo, check out the clothes they wear in the Datin Diaries series) or ever get the opportunity to be a sugar baby to some old Malay Dato’s, what are the odds now eh?)

That said, my take on things are always the simple take. It saves me from a lot of heartache, headache, involuntary spasm and shit like that.

But in the huge Malay context of things, complicated is THE way to go. The more complicated, THE BETTER.

“I suka you, I sayang you. I dah cakap dengan mak bapak I yang I suka you sesangat.”

*Pukes in mouth*

Bear in mind that this girl met this guy in Friendster and have never met each other before.

This could only show either one of these things;

a) Malaysians are IT savvy
b) Malaysians are overly romantic
c) Malaysians are unrealistic.

If things keep going on at this rate, one day, there might just be a solemnization ceremony via the internet la nanti.

To me, when I introduced someone to my parents, I am expected to have really planned the whole thing. It’s a big frikkin’ step, that I will have to think through carefully before coming to any kind of conclusion. I would have to also be with the guy for more than two years.

Hey, I am not your everyday ‘Minah Jiwang’ who spends her days daydreaming about ‘sayang – ing’ someone, believes in love at first sight and talked as if I have a ‘sembilu’ script in my head.

“Sarcy tak sanggup Abang, tak sanggup. Sarcy tak sanggup kawin dengan orang lain selain dari abang!”

(Think one of those scenes where the waiter walked to the table in his white shirt and black bow tie and I would most definitely say, “Jus Oren satu.”)

And then there’s this whole funny thing about calling the other half ‘Abang’.

*Pukes in my mouth yet again*

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Multiple weekend post

Recently, I had to reformat my laptop.

So I was having a jolly time (Not!) waiting for a friend to finish reconfiguring my lappy.

Apparently, my lappy was loaded with a few viruses that disabled my wireless internet connection.

My whole stash, gone. My MP3s, gone but we made a back up for pictures and such.

And then I realized that I still have some pictures of my ex in a CDR-W, which I deleted and reformat for better use.

I did it easily and without thinking twice. No reminiscing and no what ifs.

Now all I need to do is to keep it up. I wish him the best of luck and nothing but good things for his business. I am also hoping for my partnership in the company to be ended. I no longer want anything to do with him even if it’s only as a friend. I believe he could only screw my life up more than I could.

Do I still love him? For a split second I admit I did miss him. But again, why should I miss him when I am in the company of greater and better gentlemen who do not only see me as a lady but as a friend?

So out you go, out of my head and out of my life... for good.


I am focusing on what I want.

And I ‘informed’ someone I knew recently that if you are going to be interested in me only as a fling, I am sorry, that is not what I want.

I am not wasting my time on shouldas and couldas. I want to tackle my love life just as I would with my work.

Straight to the point, blunt and uncaring. Practical in a word.

So I stopped calling the bloke. He apologized for not being up to my seemingly impossible high ‘standards’ and I didn’t reply his text.

I didn’t even know that I had ‘standards’ when it come to men before he brought it up.

If I am to reply, what could I send him? Besides, the chemistry is not enough. I get easily bored, and without chemistry, I’ll get bored even faster. And plus, he was not even trying.

There are other contributing factors which I felt obliged to not put in this post in order to protect the bloke involved.

I am still struggling to be a good human being. My private life is still my private life. And whoever was in my life, will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Anyways, I seldom think about him nowadays. I think about work more often than I do of him.

Although it was fun while it lasted, and I felt, for a split milisecond, that somebody out there really did think about me... sometimes... when the urge strikes...

Okay... that is not exactly a good thing is it?

A fellow blogger told me that I should stop taking my destiny too seriously. Other people who knows me in person told me that I should focus on my destiny.

Neither of them is wrong, but of course, I figured one has to strike a balance between the two.

So I came up with this;

Like what I told my boss one time ago when she asked about my work ethics, I do my work and I don't care much about being liked.

Personal life wise, I live my life and I don't care much about being liked, but I do want to be loved.
Oh my... is it starting ALL OVER AGAIN?

Life is so full of unneeded drama.

I have a friend who is currently walking on eggshells as a result of a forbidden relationship about to go wrong and about 300+ KMs away, trouble is once again brewing over something really petty.

Now, except from the issue close to home, I have decided to turn a blind eye and a fugitall attitude.

Hell... I am 29 years old, nomore in kindergarten occay?

Run along and play nicely with the other kids ye.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lalala... see cake turn away.. lalalala

I am on a one meal a day diet and 3 hours of grueling cardio workout on weekends routine.

The reason? Simple. I need to have a buff bod to walk/run on the beach in my bikini.

Well… the objective here is to be a ‘bit’ buff la. Afterall, you can’t expect to be buff serta merta after only one month on strict diet and exercise wot?

My friend is currently in the process of promoting a particular diet shake which cost around 350 bucks per month.

And it worked, on her.

Now, I know my body. The only thing that works on this piece of meat is fiber shakes, diet and exercise. No diet shakes are ever going to work.

So I have to lay off carbs, eat more proteins and do more crunches.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Take a break, listen to this!

I have a fascination for jazz music.

And during the 2008 Grammys, I was treated to a spectacular performance by symphony pianist Lang Lang and Jazz pianist Herbie Hancock of Rhapsody in Blues, one of my favorite works from music genius George Gershwin.

I get goose pimples watching and listening to it weih!

And it transported me back to those days when we had a vinyl player and my Dad would put on jazz classics. He is not so big on Classicals though.

But, I came out a bit different, I adore both jazz and classical.

Go to this link to check the performance out.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Me and an SPG

I have a friend who is a self proclaimed SPG.

She wants to marry an orang putih because she believes marrying one is classy and definitely financially secure.

My other friends could not figure out why in the world am I friends with her in the first place. She is boisterous, loud, trashy, speaka no propa Engrish and is appalling to the rest of my clique.

How I met her itself was an accident. I was on my way to my car, found her slumped on a pavement, drunk, a perfect victim for sexual offenses at 2.30 am in the morning.

I didn’t know what made me help her that night. Normally I would just shake my head and drive out. I guess that night, I was different, not totally sober, but sober enough to make that decision, sober enough to think that a woman should help a woman in need (even though the one in need is not in the know) and sober enough to drive home without getting into an accident.

I left my number with the guards whom I left her with that morning, (in case anything happened) and went home. The next afternoon, she called to say thanks. And we kind of kept in touch eversince.

She would drag me along on one of her Ang Moh raids and I would excuse myself, would call any of my friends to come over and back me up. I would ‘float’ between two groups of people, my friends, and the SPG. Burly, fat, potbellied white men would try to pick me up and one of those people could always score with this SPG friend of mine.

My other friends disapprove. I would shake my head, but what can I do? I have talked with her about her aimless search and clueless perspective before, and she told me this;

“White man good at sex, they pay for everything and they are easy to get.” She said, of course in her own brand of broken English.

What she obviously is unaware (actually, she seemed to not want to know about the truth behind the ‘white men is gewd’ myth) of is that white men can be just as lame and disrespectfully bad in bed as any other Asian men. I had a friend who was dating a white guy who was taking money from her purse everyday and I don’t remember getting Phil, one of my good ‘ex fling now present friend’ that easily.

I told her that I would only go out with her on casual mamak or coffee trips now. I disdain white men who roam clubs and pubs in random search of women they could make fun of and screw.

The good thing about this SPG friend of mine, is that she understood.

“You too smart to be with us. I can see that, but you still ma friend. I like you because you honest. You can teach me propa Engrish oso.”

The truth is, I secretly envied her. I envied her because at least she knows what she wants, and she damn knows how to get it, even though other people around her does not seem to agree.

I think she will get what she want, eventually, and I pray hard for it to be a good ‘white man’, not the trailer park trash type.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The day when couples candle lighting, singles go out partying

Valentine’s is a day when frower sellers hike the price to almost 100% from the normal price tag and cuddly toys and chocolates are sold like hotcakes.

For one day, inflation was steadily going up, and boy, as singles, we are just glad we are single. At least, we don’t have to look for ideas to amuse our other half on that one single day.

I decided to go out with a couple of my single girlfriends yesterday night. Initial plan was to swing down to TGIF and get a decent dinner before driving over to a pub for drinks. I received a call from Anna saying that TGI was booked and she decided that we should meet at Modesto’s in ZON instead.

The thing about Modesto’s is that the quality of the food is inconsistent. I once had a nasty experience of being served dried rubbery grilled chicken with cold pasta instead of hot. It used to be a great place with great food. Now the servings are cut down to almost half and for that kind of pricing, I would rather go to TGIF and splurge on delicious food and great beer. I went for a safe bet of Pizza and Soda, while my two other Chiccas went for grilled salmon and salmon pasta.

Thankfully, the food turned out to be okay yesterday night. But the serving is still pretty sad.

We were all out yesterday, despite a bit of drama earlier in the day. i was dressed up, all ready in my jeans to have fun. We hopped over to a pub which is owned by a friend of ours, and opened a bottle of Chivas. There was a live duo playing and we were dragged to sing our own version of a song that I don’t even know.

Minus the drunk uncles and all, we Chicas had a great singles’ valentine.

And we also got to know about a certain gay bar down the block, we planned to go on their ‘Banana Night’, whatever the heck that means. :P

Chicas and me, bewildered

Suz and moi

Anna & moi

Singing dondang sayang with passion

Anna seconds before crooning an Indon song

Our classic gedik cam whores pose

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't push me cause I am close to the eeddggeeee

It’s my birthday...

Older, wiser... at least I hope so.

My cat seemed to remember it.

Happy Birthday Sarcy, time to make a date with yourself and book yourself in an expensive restaurant and get tipsy on a bottle of good Sauvignon.

Why? I don't need friends to treat me beers and finger foods at a bar full of men who only wants to get in my pants. I need time to think my life over and the next step I am supposed to take.

Yeap... it’s my birthday.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Epitome of stupidity - Maria

I think I did not tell you guys about a stupid woman who banged my car, did I?

Well, it happened and it pisses me off.

It happened in front of my friend’s house where I parked the car like normal. She backed out and hit my car at the passenger seat door.

Instead of coming out from her car to check out her stupid damage caused by her incompetent driving, the stupid woman, Maria (This is totally her name. no anonymity is of use here. I think she is a buffoon because she obviously is incapable of politeness.) drove over to me, who was stunned, and asked if she banged my car, I told her yes and she went;

“Oh… sorry la!” and drove off.

I marched to her house, called her husband and told him straight to her face this ;

“Excuse me. Your wife did this to my car, and she drove off saying sorry. Apa ni?”

He later said, okeh, bill it to him. I certainly will, asshole. The stupid woman did come back, drop her card and asked to call her once the repair’s been done.

So, being the perfectionist that I have always been who could not stand driving around with a dented car, I did my car as fast as possible and called her up.

She complained that it was too expensive.

I thought you are lucky that I didn’t send it to the Proton workshop, that would have cost you a bomb having to pay more than the amount I asked you to pay back.

She later gave me an excuse that she would like to run it by her boss at work.

Hey, thinking that both of us are fellow women, I cut her some slack, although I am still trying to figure out who hit me, her boss or her stupid self.

Today, one day more than the so called ; ‘ satu dua hari ni.’ From last Saturday, I called, three times, she did not pick up.

Now my questions are;

1) What level of education should you have to act like a civilized human being who would actually be concerned when your car hit another car by accident?

2) Is RM 200 expensive compared to the 300 over bucks she would have to cough out if I am to bring it to any proton workshop?

3) Does drawing on a nice pair of eye brows like normal women pose any challenge to a middle age woman with two daughters?

4) What do you answer when someone looks at your new paintjob and ask you ‘Oh… dia cat sekali ek?’

5) When you said in one/ two days, does it mean in one / two weeks?

6) Should I start calling her every hour like an ah long and while at it, shoot every ounce of sarcasm that I have?—(which I do have … a lot.)

I need suggestions, dear readers. And I might just show those answers to her stupid face. IN the meanwhile, I ahve already answered yes to the last question. I am doing that now, and hell, it is annoying, but do I care?

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I was reading Ms J’s entry http://inconditus-me.blogspot.com/2008/01/behind-closed-doors.html (sorry ye, I dont know how to link it up properly.) and it made me think.

I am not going to lie that I have been around. I have done things that I am not proud of and will never be proud of. If I am ever going to meet that soulmate of mine, should he exist, I would not know if I could muster the courage to tell him that I have done all that, in fear of him feeling that he shortchanged himself by choosing me.

I have a dark past that I don’t even want to know existed, and I have succeeded in keeping it under wraps.

Although it wrenches my heart everytime I reminisce about it.