Monday, April 30, 2007

Being Blank & tagged... again

This is my 10th attempt in writing a blog entry.

Mind’s consumed with too many things. Clarity of thought is the last thing I am going to write about this week.

At least, I got myself a pair red heels I have always wanted and a black dress complete with a red belt to go with it.

So drama look for so not drama queen – like person such as moi.

Am I turning to a ‘pesenista’ (It’s what you get when Javanese pronounce Fashionista) because I want to add in a bit of spice into my dull routine life?

Hell yes.

Post Sedili (see last entry), skin’s peeling like nobody’s business, yet friend is planning for another beach trip, this time with a couple of our other close friends.

I also have that Go – Karting thing I have been putting off. Another friend was asking me about jet skiing, and then there is my swimming lesson in Hyatt…

Because of my skin condition, I have to hold this off first until I have fully ‘bersalin kulit’…

I still owe my friend an answer to his speed boat invitation to Pulau Besau (Pulau Besar – lah). Al wants to go snorkeling and Anita wants to go rock climbing (To which I replied; “Pompuan! Where got rocks to climb in JB la??” to which she replied; “Oi… not here in town la, we’re going to Gunung Pulai there!” and then Sarcy pun Malu sendiri.)

“Okeh, now you are the outdoorsy type, go panjat sana, nyelam sini, lompat sana, molek sangat la tu.”

My mum nagged.

What to do, you have a very bored first born. She is not like the second born who loves exercising on the bed or like the third born who is puffing his life away like a chimney. I happen to be the ‘active’ one in the family.

Well, recently la… --> That’s what I told her.

Owh… just remembered I still owe Sheryl a tag… so knock yourself out babe;

Layer One-On The Outside

Name: SAMS
Birthdate: February 11, 1979
Current Status: Single but unavailable due to certain circumstances (And its not being hitched)?
Eye Color: Light brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer Two- On The Inside

My Heritage: Malay + Chinese + Indian = Malaysia Truly Asia
My Fears: Snakes and only snakes
My Weaknesses: My penchant for bastards
My Perfect Pizza: thin crusted Cheese Pizza!

Layer Three- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

My Thoughts first thing when i wake up: What for today?
My Bedtime: 12-ish
My Most Missed Memory: Getting looked at as person and not something humpable.

Layer Four- My Picks

Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Mc Donald's or Burger King: McD
Single or Group Dates: first date; single. Second date; group
Adidas or Nike: Nike for gym wear, Adidas for street wear
Tea or Nestea: Nestea??? Yuch… Mine’s Peppermint with a dollop of honey daaaahlink!
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Peanut better and Cherry Garcia… ehh.. tak tersenarai eh?
Cappucino or Coffee: Kopi – O Hua Mui Kaw – kaw punya!

Layer Five- Do I

Smoke: No
Curse: I drive a car, you reckon?
Take a shower: *Sniffs armpit* of kos laaaaa.
Have a crush: Not now?
Think I've Been In Love: Twice.
Go To School: Masa zaman tok kadok dulu adala
Want To Get Married: Umm… hell why not but not now?
Believe In Myself: Of kos
Think I'm A Health Freak: I am considerably into hygiene but I am no hypochondriac.
Layer Six- In The Past Month

Drank Alcohol: I have been alco free for 3 weeks
Gone to the mall: Last Saturday
Been on stage: Last year during a dinner?
Eaten sushi: once every two weeks
Dyed your hair: How can I say no when I still have blonde streaks all over?? But that was like more than 4 months ago la.

Layer Seven- Have I Ever

Played a stripping game: why stripping game?? Strip je laaaa!!!
Changed who i am to fit in: Tried to be a bimbo but had too much IQ to really feel the bimboness.

Layer Eight- Age
I am hoping to be married: When I am sure

Layer Nine- What Was I Doing

1 min ago: Watching TV
1 hour ago: Driving
4,5 hour ago: Working
1 month ago: Driving around trying to forget things
1 year ago: being driven trying to forget things

Layer Ten- Finish The Sentence

I Love: being on the beach in my bikini
I Feel : So tired
I Hate: Durians
I Hide: What I really think about people when it’s offensive
I Need: More challenges, drive and money as a compensation… muahahaha…

Monday, April 23, 2007

Being celeb-ed, different and tagged

Yeah Right!

I did something that was not me by me standard.

Thinking about it made me cringe. I mean, it is … I mean, it WAS normal for me when I was working in KL. In fact, I did it all the time. Most of the time at night, when I don’t want to sleep alone.

But now, I could not stomach the thought of me doing it, here.

Maybe it has something to do with me getting older, hence, mellow – er, hence more responsible? or possibly more chicken – er or wuss – er.

Shucks… being an adult takes all the fun away.

This is a public apology to you know who you are. I am sorry, and I owe you biiig time! But, other than that I oso laf u lonnng taim!

I was tagged by Apek Ah – Des. So because I don’t have anything to do today (and also because my boss is in France now and I am one half of the seniors that had to take over), I have decided, let’s waste my time doing this then… hehe… afterall, it is a Friday!

The year I turned 18 was 1997. I was in my lower six in SSI, and my history teacher hated my guts. It could be summed up as a boring year actually because all of my classmates are boring, heh… I hung out the most with my skater friends after school, my hair was cut pixie style and I lost my vir… umm … never mind.

So here goes;

1) You make me wanna – Usher

I love black men. I don’t know why, I just… do. Aside from having a crush on Denzel Washington that year, this cutie came out with this sexy song and blew me away. I’d often lip sync to it front of my dresser at home. Back then, the MP3 revolution was still in the making, and internet was alien to me. So, I would usually play this song over and over again in my Sony walkman. I bought the cassette (Heh…) with my scholarship money.

2) Fly – Sugar Ray

Mark McGrath was cute. He has this ‘I look like a badass but really I am funny-la’ look. And the song was upbeat and it goes with cheering me up every morning on the drabby 1 and a half hour journey to school in the bus.

3) Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems – Notorious BIG

Skaters were a confused lot, as far as music is concerned. We had one dude who listens to Enya and another who cried everytime he listened to Celine Dion. But overall, we were fans of Gangsta Rap and grunge, underground preferred. In ’97, BIG was literally big. He is the godfather of all things violent. Once upon a time ago, when my hair was still short and all the guys around me seemed to have longer hair than I did, this song was played on speakers in all Skate shops.

4) Firestarter – Prodigy

Firstly, this song is never about the lyrics, it’s the sound!

Want to feel dangerous? Want to feel exciting? Team this track together with body piercings and Tattoos and wallah! You get it. Kids just look at you in a whole new light when they found out you had Prodigy in your walkman / Discman. Oh, and remember to color your hair in crazy colors as well. it goes well with scary contacts too.

5) Alright – Jamiroquai

This song speaks for itself. A masterpiece.

6) Push – Matchbox 20

I OD’d on this song. Rob Thomas was dorky looking and I turn off the radio or change the station everytime I heard it.

And for some reason, I remembered this song the most and now, whenever it is played, I would unknowingly sing along to it. Creepy.

7) Lovefool – The Cardigans

Well, I just like this song. It’s nice to sing along to. Now that I am driving, it’s a blast wailing to it in traffic jams.

Uhuh… and it will also remind myself to not be this desperate.

Ahh.. okeh.. penat Akak… I am tagging anybody who wants to do it. Heck babes, it’s a free world la.

P/S --> Sheryl, yours I will do later eh, ikut turn.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Being Tanned

And then, there is me, darker. More like legam - er.

Me frolicking on the beach (the shaded part) looking at my friend trying to get an overall tan. The breeze was blowing on my face, the sun fierce and the frikkin’ few semuts that were there, even fiercer. We had to move our spot somewhere else.

We went early in the morning to Tanjung Sedili, a part which my friend said is deserted and where we could relax and just be ourselves…

It took us about three hours to get there. Along the way, the scenery was incredible. Of kos, I took pictures kay??? We went in a 4WD and it was pleasant. We took a shortcut and saved us one hour.

We went through Kota Tinggi, and to my surprise, it's like a dead city. The businesses have all shifted to another area. Spaces that had been Banks and other financial institutions were vacated and there were remnants of the last flood which shook the country here. The last time I went here, all shops were already opened around 9 AM, we arrived in Kota Tinggi at about that time and everything was different.

The quiet winding roads were a drastically enjoyable change that we have had the opportunity to savor that day. I talked most of the time, my friend either agreed or gasp whenever the occasion calls for it.

Friend told me that I am the perfect travelling companion as I was trying to keep the excitement up throughout the drive and according to him, it worked!

Thank God my outgoing - ness pays off, at least, haha.

Newly built bridge, cutting off 1 hour off the journey

My friend was gracious enough to stop whenever he saw something interesting on the way. He was aware that I have a blog and was only too glad to show and tell of some interesting fact about the place. He'd been there a few times, and some of his Singaporean friends have asked him to stop to take pictures of certain things that an urban dweller don't usually find. Like the cow crossing sign post up there.

Along the way we passed vast pieces of land, palm estates spanning hundreds of hectares. My travelling companion told me that it is currently in the middle of replanting new trees to replace the shrivelled and dried up old ones. I know that in time, it will be green again, but it is still a disturbing sight.

What I found even more devastating is that how easy it is to choose development over the environment. Although somehow I know that this lone factory is probably giving the chance for the people around here to have a live worth living, somehow, I can't help thinking that there must be a win - win situation to do it without harming the environment.

A moment to please the exhibitionist soul in Sarcy.

We had a bumpy ride to get to the deserted spot. It was one of those places that one should not tackle with any other car but a 4WD. You can try but after that you will have to send your ride to have its' suspensions looked at.

It took us about 15 minutes to finally get here, and it was worth every minute of it.

I wasn't kidding when I said deserted. It really was.

More from my Ixus

I love beaches, I really just do. Let me tell you what Sarcy thinks is the best thing to do on the beach, stand with your arms stretched wide feeling the wind on your face and in your hair. Talking with your friend / friends about things, picking up shells and finding out if there is still a hermit crab in it, and name it.

I named one Oscar, and the other Gregory.

Took this picture before changing. What you will miss is the tan lines on my body. Bloody hell. I made a mental note after to buy sun screen with higher SPF.

We walked along the shore to pick sea shells afterwards. Along the way, I saw a couple of eagles soaring above my head. We suspected the nest to be somewhere on top of the trees we were under.
There was also a playful butterfly flying near my feet, which complied to my request of taking a shot of it.

Funny how time flies, and since it was getting hotter by the second we decided to pack up and leave. Just for the heck of it, we took a few pictures, me in the car, me fighting the temptation to climb onto the car's roof, me really verifying that we were in the middle of nowhere by standing in the middle of the road.

Sarcy acting as if the car was hers... hehehe...

Psst... there is a watermelon farm back there...

The farm, that is, will come back in 3 months to steal one of the melons

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Being Clique-y

Clique - /klik/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[kleek, klik] noun, verb, cliqued, cli·quing.
- A small, exclusive group of people; coterie set
- Informal. To form an associate, in a clique

No it’s not cli – key or cli – cue. It’s another simple French originated word, much like the very misunderstood quiche which was still pronounced by some of my friends as ‘quicky’ which definition entails something else altogether.

When I was still in primary, I was in the prefect clique, one of those pompous control freaks and some called ‘pembodek cikgu’. And then after finding it too hard for me to juggle between being a control freak and the over achiever in ‘sekolah agama’ (Yes Sarc ‘actually’ studied in one until Standard 5) the control freak that was Sarcy quit. I hung out with a bunch of students who were neither geniuses nor idiots, and I had a crush on the class monitor whose name I could still remember until now.

And then I met Suz, and it seemed like we were the only two people who spoke English then. We bonded, we pore over UK teen pop magazines together and we became best friends, still are.

Came early secondary, I was selected to be in the top class in school and my clique, though it still included Suz as my best friend, was Hwee Ching and a bunch of other so called ‘over achievers’. Hwee Ching, my desk buddy was what you would describe as your classic brainiac, although she was more like the cool type of brainiac. She speaks flawless Malay, she understood complex mathematics formula and she had that golden touch and turned our classroom’s memo boards into works of art.

And then I got to know 4 lovely ladies, with whom I applied boarding school with and was selected for enrolment in somewhere near but still it was my first experience being far away from my family. My mother was against it, my Dad said go ahead. And so I did.

In boarding school, I was in a clique with a specific name, being, ‘Emphasis’. Our motto was to ‘emphasize’ our femininity, and our boldness. However, I was the tomboy in the group. We were mistaken for a violent gang with the supposedly violent issues that will effect our well being in the school, woken up by a bunch of idiotic seniors who thought we were a threat to the senior – junior hierarchy.

We broke up eventually. I hated to be in a bunch of judgmental people who seemed to be a bit too emotionally involved with everything. I got bored and since I wanted to take my studies seriously, I drifted away and joined another clique, kids who studied, for a change and organize study groups instead of nightly plan to ‘fly’ out of the school’s vicinity for a taste of Ramly burgers out campus (though the taste of them beef patties in between two buns signifies somewhat a distinct sense of sweet victory in going against the ‘authorities’)

My clique patterns seemed to have evolved from being a tomboy to a person who wears lipstick, expensive perfumes, branded silk blouses and fashionable totes. Now, I am in the professional clique, people who wears their dressy get ups, buy their own satisfaction and beamed at their own personal success, be it something small as dumping that toxic boyfriend or big things, like, securing that honcho of a business deal.

I have always seen being in one specific clique as something that is somewhat passé, for one, it made us look a bit too superficial, fake and almost, egotistical. But, every now and then, we do need that little dose of self induced confidence and pride.

So my clique experiences have turned out rather cozy and comfortable. I don’t feel like stepping out, and to those who are in my clique now, we rock!

PS--> Honestly though, I do not have any idea what drove me to pen this entry out, what I do know is that sometime I let my fingers do the talking.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Being weekends

After a chat with a good friend on YM, I realized that I need something to fuel me through life.

He said I need passion, more of it to make out of life, inspired and rejuvenated. He also told me that all this while, the talk about relationships and such has not done anything but slow me down. He knows I have a hobby, but he thinks I need to do it more often.

“Photography, you like taking pictures right? I have seen some of your B&Ws. They are impressive Sarc. Why don’t you try doing that on digital instead?”

The truth has always been while I always dreamt of owning one of those sleek digi – SLRs, I also know that what I am making at the moment will not be able to accommodate that big purchase, unless I plan to starve and get myself on the bankrupt insignificants list.

Besides, I am not really good at taking pictures, but I am learning and I am still confused over the chemical measurements of photo developing.

Having a darkroom is out of the question also. At least for now.

So last night I told him that I will start a travelog. And I will start it slow, beginning with bits and pieces of exploration here in Johor. The only way to go is from your roots is it not? And I’ll start with the basics;

The Johor Zoo.

The last time I went here was when I was still a kid. Think 12 years old. I remembered being so disappointed when I did not see the lion when all of my aunties said they saw.

That was all I remembered, actually.

So for this visit, I was bent on making up for everything that I didn’t see and was unable to remember back then.

And surprise surprise, the zoo still looked like the way it did more than a decade ago.

And for some reason, I felt a bit, sad and depressed looking at the caged animals.

Maybe it was just me… kot?

These two welcomed me into the Zoo

This 'Burung Unta' does not seem to be scared of me. I don't think that is right

'Panca Sitara' parrot style

This little cutie is a;

David & Goliath

When I went to the on the other part of the zoo the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was congested and poorly kept and I as a Johorean, felt disappointed by the unkempt condition of the animals' enclosure. Is it the lack of funds, or is it the lack of professionalism in managing a zoo?

The second thing that I noticed was that the animals were 'serenaded' by RTM's horrendous radio news. No wonder the 'Orang Utan' looked bored and uninterested.

Like wha?

Overall, Saturday was a great starter for the weekends. I spent about a couple of hours at Hwa Mui like usual for breakfast. I also decided to take a walk around the area and I noticed this;

Cute Eh?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Being ‘sombong’…

A friend told me that I could look like a snob sometimes.

The kind where we encounter at colleges, the kind we would dismiss as ‘Anak Orang Kaya tak sedar diri guna duit mak bapak tapi sombong’ kind.

I was told this at a club, which I went to one day before I got sick and got an MC for (Eleh… so shoot me la).

I wasted my time dressing up in my MNG toga top and wearing my spanking new heels, only to be caught in the rain, got my toes all wet, and because it was so cold in the bar, I had to keep my hooded sleeved jacket on.

Very un-fun when you went the distance in dressing to impress just to get it all covered up voluntarily.

I felt cheated as well, because I was told DJ Jakeman (Yeah from that crap of a radio station, I shall name no names) was going to spin. For all it’s worth, when he is not playing the clichéd and boring club hits like Dre’s Next Episode and Jamelia’s Superstar, he is quite alright. But I was there until 12 frikkin’ AM and I was still tortured with 80’s music.

I am just not an 80’s person. Grooving to Madonna’s yesteryear’s hits and Rick Astley is not my idea of fun. I would be content if some Earth Wind and Fire was played, but nooo… they went for Jason Donovan instead…

You can ask Sheryl and all the glam babes who went clubbing with me. 80’s is just not my era.

Hell, no wonder I got sick after that.

If I have my way, I would smack the DJ at the consul silly and play this. But on another note, I should reserve this number at a classier joint with a crowd that knows how to appreciate it.

Well, okay, all that contributed to my not so fun side of personality. When I get bored with everything around me, I get aloof, verbally disjointed and I would ignore everyone. I am just drama like that.

My friend told me that I was positively looking like a grand snob that night. I looked bored and uninterested, and possibly a bit sick. I told him it may be that I WAS sick in the first place. The only reason why I agreed to come was because it was Awi’s birthday and being that he is one of my best friends, I had to come and wish him a happy one.

By the by, Happy Birthday you prick! Hehehe…

So to conclude, no, Sarcy is ne’er sombong nor have I ever been one. Blame it on everything else around me… hehe… keyword here is ‘could’ and ‘look’.

End of story, this post should be titled ‘Being Misunderstood’.

(Ada suara-suara sumbang in the background shouting ‘Aren’t we all!’)

Monday, April 9, 2007

Being Bleagh-y

I am a big blob of bleagh.

I was thinking about why is it that chocolate tastes like chocolate and why is it that my coffee tastes like Milo today.

And then I looked at the green packaging in the waste bin and heard a loud and annoying ‘ding! Ding! Ding!’ in my head.


I have strolled into the pantry, grabbed a Milo sachet thinking it was Nescafe and made myself a mug of something that I am going to throw in a bit.

Eyes are half closed, I can barely manage a squeak and I didn’t blow my hair today.

No wonder I am a big blob of bleagh.

Yesterday, I had an egg tart and a can of cola before going to bed, and I skipped my Yoga before bed.

I sat on the couch, watched the worst movie ever starring Mrs. Cruise and then decided on taking a pill because I was having a bad headache.

I knew I should not have watched that movie till the end.

Maybe it was Monday yesterday, maybe it was because everybody else was on Public Frikkin’ Holiday except yours truly, maybe it was because I am having my visit by 'Aunt Red', maybe it was just that we have had a minor emergency when smoke filled the entire CS division and somehow the smoke has contaminated our minds because frankly speaking, everyone was a bit, looney today. Almost zombified.

Or was it just me?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Being the new Sarcy

I am different.

If you have known Sarcy personally, you will just KNOW that I have changed.

I now am getting so divaesque in a way. Never go anywhere without heels. Always have make up pouch in my handbag, touching myself up in public, blow dry my hair, blowing at least some 200 bucks on a single item of clothing every month. Ironically, I have also started on my savings account, and et ceteras.

My obsession back in gear, shoes, and more of it.

On the social front, I have been getting date requests from men. I have a third date coming up with a guy who is alright but not quite my taste this weekend. I only said yes, because he is fun to talk to.

I am still seeing Phil, every weekend. We enjoy spending our time together. And unlike my last drab of a relationship, we go to movies more often and instead of freaking over the time, I let it flow. Plus, both of us love to cook and to eat whatever we cooked at the huge balcony of his apartment unit overlooking the sea.

It is still not a relationship though, don’t get it wrong. It is merely a friendship. We like to be in each other’s company. Plus it’s alright for us if one of us could not make it for the weekend.

There will always be another time, and other people to go out with.

I have been in touch with a few of my PR posses these past few weeks. I call them, making lunch appointments, meet up for drinking sessions and constantly making room for new ones in our group.

Family wise, I talked to my Mum more and I stayed at home more on weeknights too. It used to be spent with my ex, which I now see as me being stupid. I ACTUALLY enjoy staying at home and would be contented with my remote and stacks of DVDs, a huge mug of juice and a whole pack of Twisties!

And when I do go out, I go out with friends for drinks, Mamak or just coffee (Irregardless of the rumor that Starbucks Tak Halal. Hell, I can spread the same thing about Chilli’s also if I want.)

My life is so much more fulfilled, I feel.

Of course there were times when I would feel miserable, and just, demotivated but in the end, hey ho, there’s always something to look out for in life, and life is only what you make of it.

All the sudden, I am feeling smurfy. (Read; not blue but happy, joyous, 'jubilated', in a kiddish kind of way)

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Being spooked by an inconvenient truth

Recently, post global warming conference in Australia, Sydney dimmed its’ skyline for a whole hour.

This is mainly because Australia is going to be one of the countries that will be greatly affected by the climate shift caused by global warming. The upside is the northern hemisphere is going to enjoy better crops, the bad news is that right here in the Asian plain, things are looking dreary.

We have potentials of massive floods, earthquakes of unspeakable magnitude, Tsunamis and more frequent bush fires. The weather will be chaotic with sudden thunder storms and what nots in some part of the continent.

Global warming will also indirectly contribute to the extinction of a few species of animals. This is due to the rapid change of weather and climate. Polar bears could be under the list of extinct species in a few years time. It is already in the endangered species list.

This together with the amount of political tension in the Middle East, nuclear warheads in Pakistan and North Korea, it’s definitely something to be thought about aside from our early morning woman crisis of what to wear to work.

Locally, we are already seeing the signs. The weather nowadays is scorching hot in the afternoon, and raining cats and dogs in the late evening. Johoreans are now a paranoid bunch. If the rain does not stop in 24 hours, people will scramble around to save their belongings, in case a flood occurs in the next 24.

I told off my Dad, yes my DAD for open burning. He has this habit of burning all of the dead leaves on our yard every evening. Everytime he does that, I will come out from the house and nag. I mean, it’s the one thing that a woman does best, no?

“Daddy!! Jangan bakar selalulaaaa… tak bagusla. Be environmental friendly sikitla!”

“Someone will have to get rid of the heap of rubbish here!”

“Dad, these are dauns ok? It will decompose sooner or later la. Besides it gives me smoke smell on my hair la!”

My Dad does not get the whole open burning = global warming = big flood concept. All he knows is that his grandpa’s dad’s dad and so forth have been doing the same thing for generations and we are still here decades after.

But I do. And I am spooked by the whole devastation that it will bring if we don’t do something about it.

I am starting small. For a few years now, we separate our trash, minimize consumption of water and electricity, I quit smoking, I dug out holes to bury all the dead leaves so that my dad will not have the chance to burn it.

You know, little things. Who knows I might even join a conservation program group one day.

Now if only there are at least a hundred of like minded people out there, and multiply that with a few thousands and multiply it with a few more, perhaps in time we could really make a difference.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Being Single

Some friends doubted that I will stay on being single for the rest of the year.

I am a magnet, they said. Now all the more. Men just find me appealing. For some reason, my button nose and my uncaring attitude attracts. Never mind that I have issues, I just, attract.

That’s why men just approach me almost everywhere. In the book store, while waiting for the elevator, while having my solo lunch etc…

In my honest opinion, I am more of a bastard magnet rather. All the men I met after I lost Trey could be summed up as bastards through and through.

The story of my life, sob… sob… ceh!

Anyway, I find it irritating to mope about being single. One of my girlfriends does that all the time. She whined about not having anybody to hug, to confide in, to have emotional connection with.

I told her to go and get laid and have a fling.

She told me I am so preposterous, I am almost a man.

Look, if you want to be happy, to be emotionally connected and all that girly shit, I think the first thing that you’ll have to do is to verify to yourself that you are able to be happy and have fun, alone, by yourself.

We don’t need a dick to make us happy. Well, for all it’s worth, I think sex is over rated, and the best orgasm I had was NOT with a man, but with a little battery operated device.

So whoever coined the concept of ‘want to be happy? Get a man’ is seriously retarded.

Here’s my take on it. Want to be happy? Forget, get yourself together, surround yourself with good friends, have good food, good conversation, expect nothing, have fun, relax, buy a vibrator, get a hobby and open your mind.

Being single is not to hate all things testosterone. Being single is to get in touch with the part of you that you have lost for sometime when you were still stuck in an oblivion called ‘a relationship’.

And if sparks fly, chemistry sizzles and the feeling’s right, you may choose to jump in the couple pool and enjoy it.

This is only my 5 cents worth (RIght now I don't carry 1 cents coins). SIngledom, live it up!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Weird Trait No 7...

Mystery of the week…

The drawer.

I was pretty sure I closed it before going to bed that night, so when on Sunday morning I found the frikkin’ thing pulled open, I was, puzzled.

So Akak dengan muka pelik baru bangun tidur walked over to the door, thinking that maybe someone came in searching for something in that drawer, though that’s another question altogether as to why that person should search for whatever it was they were looking for in my lingerie / undies part of the cabinet.

The door was locked.

So makhluk ghaib mana yang saja nak scare me out of my wits, I will never know. To be very honest, I don’t want to know.

The last time something weird happened in my room was about several months ago. I woke up to a very disturbing banging and scratching sound in my cupboard at 3.00 AM in the morning. The sound seemed to be made by something with wings and talons, big ones. It went on for about 20 minutes before it stopped.

I was standing in front of the cupboard weighing my decision on whether or not I should open it to find out or otherwise. I decided not to and went to sleep.

My friends remarked that it could be a trapped bird, or bat.

The thing was, I just straighten out my wardrobe that very evening. NOTHING was trapped, no flying thingamajiy whatsoever.

When I was in my previous company, I was always the last one to leave the office (Being the ‘productive’ member of the division la kan.) the office was well lit, most of the time there would be two of us in the office at that time, the thing was we could not see each other from our desks, so I would have no idea if he decided to leave the office.

One day, I just happened to walk past the guy’s desk on my way out and I shouted a casual bye, which he replied.

The next day I bumped into him in the pantry.

“Weih… yesterday what time you go back?”

“Yesterday I went back early la babe. Got wedding anniversary. 6 PM chiow already.”

“Don’t play la dude! I saw you around 8 PM la.”

“Honest to God, you can ask M***** if you don’t believe me.”

After that I was still the last one to leave, just that I never talked to anyone when I left the office.

Thanks to my ‘3rd eye’ or whatever, I seemed to be more in touch with ‘The Others’ more than anyone in my family. I am able to feel and see things that normal people wouldn’t usually be able to. It’s a freaky ability that I wish I don’t have. I have had more dramatic encounters, a guy sewing himself up at the entrance of a morgue, a faceless spirit standing in front of my desk when I was in school, a guy trying to stop a bus with his detached head…

The list goes on, but let me just leave it at that.

If you think it is cool for me to have this ‘gift’, I am more than glad to transfer it to you for your own enjoyment. I am already weird as it is, I don’t need any additional weird factors to set me apart from anybody else.

Any takers?