Sunday, April 15, 2012

Frugal Report #3

Here goes :

Fuel : RM 30

Beverages : RM 52

Food : RM 40 (lunch at Ben's); RM 60 (Antipodean coffees and cakes);

Water bills : RM 32 (for three months)

Parking fees : RM 25 (For all venues)

Total : RM 179

Hmm ... At least I have completely stopped buying all manners of trinkets and stuff for my wardrobe. No?


So The Scotsman, being told that I am going to be frugal for the next few months are going to make sure that I stay away from shops and boutiques in Pavilion.

Or whenever we go out.

Which is a pain because I love window shopping in Pavilion.

We have resolved that we will only spend for vacations (very rare ones) that we would usually have once every two months or so.

And I will try to (Nay.. do?) to make sure that by the end of this year, I am able to to roll my expenses with wise credit help that my plastic should provide.

So for now, the only swiping I do will be the snot off my kitten's face (should there be any...)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Frugal Report #2

1 week expenses :

Petrol : RM 40

Food : RM 55

Coffee : Haven't had coffee this week. :(

'Beverage' : RM 55

Others : Groceries, Parking charges etc : RM 30+8+4 : 42

Total : RM 202 (mind calculation)

It is mind boggling thinking that I spent almost 1K for a month on small expenses.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Frugal attempt report #1

Over the weekend, I spent about RM 250 - ish.

Yes... remember what I said about frugality? I am obviously not someone who can live under its' rule.

So, this was what I spent the RM 250-ish on ...


RM 20.08 - 4 Cappuccinos
RM 58 - 2 pairs of Jelly Ballerina flats ie shoes
RM 70 - Petrol, full tank RON 97
RM 36 - Petrol, halfway marker at Machap, Shell Racing fuel (Because, I am a speed demon)
RM 41.50 - Toll at Senai, JB

Total  : RM 225.58


RM 19.50 (ish) - Lunch with Mum and Sister
RM 98 - Hand tote for Mum (Credit card)
RM 40 - Petrol, Shell Racing Fuel
RM 45 (Ish) - Toll, Kota Damansara exit.

Total : RM 202.50

Okay.. so I miscalculated. I spent :
RM 428.08

Now normally, I would not be thinking too much about this. Afterall, my trip back to JB would usually be more than this. But since I am trying to save, it concerns me a bit why was it that I have never thought of how much this really is.

However, I should pat myself on the back because aside from the 2 pairs of flats and the handbag (For Mum), I have successfully refrained myself from buying any other stuff to clog my closet with.

Owh... and I forgot 1 itsy bitsy thing :

RM 15 : Dinner at Nirwana's. (Banana leaf rice, 1 chicken and 1 Iced tea)

So that makes the total : RM 443.08 (If I mind calculated that properly).

And yes, I now have about RM 100 in my purse for the whole week.

Wish me luck!

And oh yeah, I do not feel any pain spending the moollah to see this little munchkin :

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I look you in the eye... oh frugality


I think I have established before this that 'frugality' is definitely NOT one of my personal strengths.

Perhaps I should tell you guys that I am a real terror when it comes to 'overspending'.

Sure I will always have money but... really.. on a serious note... I should control what I spend my money on.

I am constantly reminded of my lack of self control every time I look at my clothes...

Sometimes I would dig through my 'collection', holding up a top that I never knew I had. I once found out (Nay... discovered...) that I bought a top from Gap, that was still in the Gap paper bag, hanging on my room's door knob, three weeks after I purchased it.

And the shoes... yes the shoes... Joyce, my housemate thinks that I would need more than 2 ten tier shoe rack to store all of my shoes, now, she meant to say... without the prospect of any other shoes coming in any time soon.

So yes... I am a prolific spender, although I am not as worst as the 'shopaholic' (The movie I only bothered to watch once, because I so HATE Sophie Kinsella's books. Sure not everyone can write, but I just can't swallow... chick lit)

So this is what I am going to do to have some sense of financial control. I am going to test myself by doing this for 3 months and see if it's going to take me somewhere preferably away from this situation of 'knowing but ignoring' the seriousness of the situation.

I am not going to spend on clothes and shoes and bags for myself.


I am not going to go around malls, and two same tops in different color.

Talk is cheap... you say...

Yeah.. this is what I am going to do.

I am going to write here on my progress... like every day... every cent I save... every cent I spent on... what I think of buying and if I surrender to the temptation of having money and not spend it.

Also, it is my resolution to pay off some of my loans so that I can be debt free.. at least 50% debt free.

Wish me luck!