Friday, April 30, 2010

Sarcy on leave ~ GASP!

As you all know, I am a workaholic.

So when I disappeared from work for three days, believe me it was a big deal.

For everyone, even for me. And the fact that my colleagues actually asked for my office keys and tag made it more interesting.

You see, even when I was on leave, I would usually drop by the office.

My friends, who are also my colleagues said that I do not have a life.

I agree. I don't. I mean aside from work, I don't see anything that's worth doing.

So I decided, let's try this. Let's try to just be on leave, without sleeping the whole day off and try to have a real off day.

So I went to the Coffin Exhibition at the Museum.

It was a freaky exhibition, coffins, skeletons and mannequins in white cloth everywhere. I didn't even dare to take pictures of those in the white cloth. I was... freaked out, in a way.

A Thai coffin

Ancient burial rites. No the skelies were not real. I don't think Malaysian exhibitors have the balls to go ahead with it. Besides, the real artifacts are much too valuable to be openly displayed like this. I think this one was excavated in Gua Cha, Kelantan. 

Of course, I camwhored anyway : 



Being the higher form of life (despite the existence of George Bush, the Darwin awards, those who double park and those who drives big cars but who still doesn't want to pay to park their big car in the parking lot and decided to disrupt other drivers by parking their cars at the side of the road wtf), we created a whole elaborate ritual for the dead. Coffins are one of them. 

There were even carts for the dead to ride in, sitting up. I can't help but to feel seriously eerie at that sight. 

The only gripe I had about the exhibition was that, I kind of wished that it could be bigger. 

The last time I went to the museum was when I was 12, with my late uncle. We went to this exhibition about skulls and shrunken heads. everything in that exhibition was the real thing. Upon admission, they gave us a 'passport', to make sure that we visited every nook and cranny of the exhibition. 

The exhibition was big, and extensive. I was in awe, and in a split second, wanted to be an archaeologist. 


For a fee of 5 ringgit, this includes bringing in your cameras in, it's ok to go to. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogger's life cycle

This is what I have observed so far. 

As far as blogging is concerned, because it's a personal web page and is following on the lives of bloggers as they progress (Or not), the content reflects their current interest.

When one is single and is not in a relationship, it will depend on the gender of the writer. 

For women, they will whine about the lack of suitable men out there, about girls' night out and other stuff. 

For men, they will talk about football, cars or everything else that rocked their world. 

(Again, one thing I personally think a woman should learn to do. When one is single, I think we should devote ourselves on a sport that takes 11 people in each team to maneuver around).

If they are in a relationship, then women would lament on how their significant other fails to see the carton of milk in the fridge, fails to give more attention, fails to propose sooner, fails to remember two months or two years anniversaries and shit. 

Again, I personally suck at remembering dates. I suck at buying presents too, although I am not visually challenged as how the men are.

For men, they would still concentrate on :

... football, cars or everything else that rocked their world.  

When women bloggers get married, then all that mattered would be their 'hubby/husband', married life, other married couples and other stuff that revolves around THEIR marriage. 

When male blogger get married, they would usually write about : 

... football, cars or everything else that rocked their world. (Plus they now have someone who makes their bed, do their laundry and cooks!)

When a kid is thrown in the picture, then the subject will be on which formula to use, on diaper rash, on their babies' tantrums, everything else that their little peanut is doing. 

Men---> will either participate in the 'fun' or : 

Still write about football, cars or everything else that rocked their world. (Plus they now have someone who makes their bed, do their laundry and cooks! and for a nanosecond, talks about this short human being who know takes a big wad of their income.)

As for me, I am still single, so I have the right to complain about the lack of available men, and like how I was advised by two of my good friends who are now happily married, I better set my eyes on younger men because apparently, they are much more responsible then older or same age men. 

Yes, I get lonely sometimes. I have a somewhat stressful job, handling stress inducing people. I wish I can have someone to fall back to. 

But somehow, I am not really thinking that much about it. I wouldn't write about football (THANK GOD!) but I do write about my job, a lot. I also wrote in another blog about how working out gives that satisfaction of being in control of your body and mind.

Not saying that I wouldn't blog about my kid if I ever gonna get married that is. Reading back, I was a typical woman a couple of years ago. As I get older, my focus changed. 

I am going to live my life like it's Golden. Kalau dapat, dapat la.Kalau tak, I have my job to fall back to. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Workaholics rule

1) We work longer than we are supposed to.
2) We enjoy doing it.
3) We get demotivated but satisfied because we are working.
4) We stuck out like a sore thumb because we decided to pull through the challenges.
5) We like challenging ourselves. As a matter of fact... we love it.

 We are Workaholics

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tis' Good is Friday

Remember when we were younger and Fridays seemed like it's a frikkin' big deal then?

For me, Fridays meant late nights with friends and ex-boyfriend in the club, consuming large amount of alcohol and listening to corny club music.

Fridays meant going out in 4 inch heels, provocative dresses, carrying a clutch with nothing but 50 bucks, IC and a Visa card, knowing very well that my ex was going to pay for everything anyway.

Fridays meant more activities on top of my already vigorous job back then.

Fridays meant, we would wait until the club starts to play mellow shit and the lights are finally turned on at 4 am in the morning. Fridays also meant me putting up at a friend's house rather than going home.

The rest of the weekends were spent doing the same thing. Friends, Ex, Booze and Clubs.

Now, at 31, I am wondering, why did I do all that?

Was it because I had a boyfriend back then? Was it because I was a lot more happening that what I have become now?

Fridays, now, mean being in the office answering emails in my aquarium like office, attending impromptu conference calls, finalizing on end of week reports, finishing work at 8.00 am on Saturday morning. Saturdays mean staying up until about 4.00 pm so that I can sleep the whole night off to compensate my lack of sleep, Sundays mean working out in the gym and weekly Banana leaf rice indulgence at night.

Sometimes we woudl stay up until 4 am on Sundays, watching movies on the couch at the living room, all 4 of us housemates, drinking juice, yoghurt drinks... whatever. At times, wine, if I feel like it.

Boyfriends and clubs? I grew out of that phase. I enjoy doing what I am doing right now.

Even though I would look a hell lot sexier in 4 inches heels and I can actually afford better looking
provocative dresses now. I 'should' be able to score a boyfriend, much better than the one I was with back then.

I love to dress up, but hate clubs because all I do now is to sit beside the bucket of ice and yawning to oblivion because I should be in bed by 12 am on weekends.

I personally think that it has nothing to do with age. I know a few of my friends who are still out clubbing at 35, God knows why though.

To me, I had enough of crowded space, drunk men coming on to me with lame ass pick up lines and loud music endangering my cochlear.

I have my Sony MP3 and Ipod to do that while running on the treadmill / doing free weights at the gym / reading a book at Starbucks/home.

Sooo... what do Fridays mean to you?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why do I blow... umm... blog...

Izso recently wrote about... well... blogging.

I can say that he recently blogged about blogging but that kind of sounds, well.... strangely, redundant.

Afterall, to blog is to write, is it not? Well... I know some of you would be saying, not necessarily you ignorant child, being that there are photoblogs and whatnots.

But to me, the original idea of a blog is to pen down your thoughts, in the form of words. If we are lucky, words that make sense.

Which is not what blogs are all about, to be honest with you.

I blog because... welll... I just want to blog, lame-ly speaking.

I don't make money from readers' hits, I am not trying to make a political statement nor do I want to preach on all kinds of religious shit.

If you have been following this blog, you would know that I am apathetic when it comes to politics (That would mean, I rarely give a damn about it, because everytime I do, I get irate thinking how the government treats us like little kids!) and I am far from religious as I believe religion is what exists between one individual with God, not between a collective group of people with God. Judging people because they don't believe in what you perceived as 'sensibly religious' is crap!

I don't give a flying fuck about making money through my blog too.

Iszo also lamented on Twitter. I share the same exact opinion.

While my friends are all up and about tweeting stuff. (Yes... they constantly bug me on why I don't have a twitter account), I am still trying to grasp the concept.

Honestly, flipping my 19th century phone just to publish 'I am in the toilet releaasing a big fucking load of shit!' to the whole world is just... unfathomably... well... irrelevant (I am trying to be reeeealllly nice, here.)

So... why do I blog? Instead of saying that I really just want to tell people how I feel etc... yada yada yada... I know deep inside, I really am blogging because...




There.... Felt so good now that's out in the open.

(Not that it has never been)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The day I forgot my own cardigan/jacket/sweater and worked in a supersized hoodies!

Yes I did.

In my haste to get to work, I forgot my cover for the day.

So I was in an oversized hoodie for the whole night. Looked like I had on a tent.


And in a bid to make me look better, we (as in me and Kishna) went to a salon in One U. And the transformation begin :

The treatment and the hair cut took 1 hour (That is why I hate doing my hair, I hated waiting)

So I went from this :

To this :

I haven't had enough sleep, so please ignore my eye bags pretty please.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Excuses are for losers

Before I hit 30, I used to have excuses for everything. 

When I was in PR, excuses was everything they give. Things like the fax didn't go in that's why the project was not a success, press releases wasn't great... that's why the press people didn't come... etc. 

The truth was, the project was not a success because the management sucks and public wasn't as inclined to participate because the prize was just not worth it. And why the press didn't cover the story? Well, because the event  was just crap. 

This people fail to see. To save their asses, they decided to give an excuse. 

I remembered those times when I would be giving excuses for whatever I did at noon for some bad shit that happened in the morning. 

"I am so sorry... I missed the bus this morning, so that was why I was late and then now this whole crap is happening because it's just not my frikkin' day today." 

After some time, I found out that these excuses are really stuff that I made up to make myself seem somewhat less incompetent to myself. What I didn't realize was that excuses, gave me a bad impression from others. 

So... when I hit 30, I decided, no more excuses. If I think I am fat, then there must be something that I should be doing. When something is screwed up, don't invent stories or anecdotes or keep on playing the blame game. Suck it up and fix it. 

No excuses. Fix it. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Self Reflection

Well I am still paranoid on having a personal life that's for sure.

But everything else is moving along nicely.

I have great friends and I basically can't complain about anything else. I am independent and that is the only thing that matters.

Of course I can't assemble a whole Ikea drawer unit myself but that's where my friends come to the rescue!

Also discovered that I am a control freak when it comes to asking for help. Always had this thing about doing every fucking thing myself.

I need to stop being controlling and freaking out.

God gave me a supportive family and friends for a reason. ;)

Tonight will be a joyous occasion of drinking and eating at my Grandpa's. Don't worry, by eating that would mean me taking less than half of everything.

Unless everything is organic healthy food with less than a table spoon of oil and salt... which I very much doubt it.