Monday, April 12, 2010

Why do I blow... umm... blog...

Izso recently wrote about... well... blogging.

I can say that he recently blogged about blogging but that kind of sounds, well.... strangely, redundant.

Afterall, to blog is to write, is it not? Well... I know some of you would be saying, not necessarily you ignorant child, being that there are photoblogs and whatnots.

But to me, the original idea of a blog is to pen down your thoughts, in the form of words. If we are lucky, words that make sense.

Which is not what blogs are all about, to be honest with you.

I blog because... welll... I just want to blog, lame-ly speaking.

I don't make money from readers' hits, I am not trying to make a political statement nor do I want to preach on all kinds of religious shit.

If you have been following this blog, you would know that I am apathetic when it comes to politics (That would mean, I rarely give a damn about it, because everytime I do, I get irate thinking how the government treats us like little kids!) and I am far from religious as I believe religion is what exists between one individual with God, not between a collective group of people with God. Judging people because they don't believe in what you perceived as 'sensibly religious' is crap!

I don't give a flying fuck about making money through my blog too.

Iszo also lamented on Twitter. I share the same exact opinion.

While my friends are all up and about tweeting stuff. (Yes... they constantly bug me on why I don't have a twitter account), I am still trying to grasp the concept.

Honestly, flipping my 19th century phone just to publish 'I am in the toilet releaasing a big fucking load of shit!' to the whole world is just... unfathomably... well... irrelevant (I am trying to be reeeealllly nice, here.)

So... why do I blog? Instead of saying that I really just want to tell people how I feel etc... yada yada yada... I know deep inside, I really am blogging because...




There.... Felt so good now that's out in the open.

(Not that it has never been)


  1. LOL!

    You're an exhibitionist? :O

    If you ever choose to exhibit anything please do let me know where, when and time! Haha!

    And yes... twitter sucks.




  2. hihi... yes.. a closeted one. I'm maybe 50% shy (Yeah right!) but I am a 100% trucker mouth all the way!

  3. i would like to believe i blog to channel my creative energy... all 4grams of my creative energy.

    and it's fun sometimes to confess things that you don't usually tell in the real world (like maybe i sometimes listen to jonas brothers.. just maybe. and even if i do, it's only sometimes. seriously).

    and working alone, sometimes i turn to a machine 'to talk'. no, it's not sad. i've never talked to my washing machine yet.

    plus, where else can you write without worrying if your grammar is like a 5 year old's while saying bad words like a normal educated adult?

    oh wait... may be i blog because i want to change the world with my writings.... mwahahaa..

  4. Darlene,

    Wow.... how about writing how Gucci should be selling their stuff for RM 30 then??? Maybe all the designer labels should turn around and realize that we mere mortals love their stuff too (Pls include Hermes...Heh)