Friday, April 16, 2010

Tis' Good is Friday

Remember when we were younger and Fridays seemed like it's a frikkin' big deal then?

For me, Fridays meant late nights with friends and ex-boyfriend in the club, consuming large amount of alcohol and listening to corny club music.

Fridays meant going out in 4 inch heels, provocative dresses, carrying a clutch with nothing but 50 bucks, IC and a Visa card, knowing very well that my ex was going to pay for everything anyway.

Fridays meant more activities on top of my already vigorous job back then.

Fridays meant, we would wait until the club starts to play mellow shit and the lights are finally turned on at 4 am in the morning. Fridays also meant me putting up at a friend's house rather than going home.

The rest of the weekends were spent doing the same thing. Friends, Ex, Booze and Clubs.

Now, at 31, I am wondering, why did I do all that?

Was it because I had a boyfriend back then? Was it because I was a lot more happening that what I have become now?

Fridays, now, mean being in the office answering emails in my aquarium like office, attending impromptu conference calls, finalizing on end of week reports, finishing work at 8.00 am on Saturday morning. Saturdays mean staying up until about 4.00 pm so that I can sleep the whole night off to compensate my lack of sleep, Sundays mean working out in the gym and weekly Banana leaf rice indulgence at night.

Sometimes we woudl stay up until 4 am on Sundays, watching movies on the couch at the living room, all 4 of us housemates, drinking juice, yoghurt drinks... whatever. At times, wine, if I feel like it.

Boyfriends and clubs? I grew out of that phase. I enjoy doing what I am doing right now.

Even though I would look a hell lot sexier in 4 inches heels and I can actually afford better looking
provocative dresses now. I 'should' be able to score a boyfriend, much better than the one I was with back then.

I love to dress up, but hate clubs because all I do now is to sit beside the bucket of ice and yawning to oblivion because I should be in bed by 12 am on weekends.

I personally think that it has nothing to do with age. I know a few of my friends who are still out clubbing at 35, God knows why though.

To me, I had enough of crowded space, drunk men coming on to me with lame ass pick up lines and loud music endangering my cochlear.

I have my Sony MP3 and Ipod to do that while running on the treadmill / doing free weights at the gym / reading a book at Starbucks/home.

Sooo... what do Fridays mean to you?


  1. the day that i'm usually the happiest like a school kid before a long break. pausing and try to reward myself with a nice meal, or remind myself to take it easy -- there's always next week to get things done.. may be staying up late without feeling guilty. spa. picnic in the living room etc. books. movies. planning things.

  2. I loved my clubbing years. Plenty of pool, pretty girls and hotel stayovers.

    I didn't drink much back then so I was always the "sensible" one that women trusted.

    That was a good thing. *grin*