Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blogger's life cycle

This is what I have observed so far. 

As far as blogging is concerned, because it's a personal web page and is following on the lives of bloggers as they progress (Or not), the content reflects their current interest.

When one is single and is not in a relationship, it will depend on the gender of the writer. 

For women, they will whine about the lack of suitable men out there, about girls' night out and other stuff. 

For men, they will talk about football, cars or everything else that rocked their world. 

(Again, one thing I personally think a woman should learn to do. When one is single, I think we should devote ourselves on a sport that takes 11 people in each team to maneuver around).

If they are in a relationship, then women would lament on how their significant other fails to see the carton of milk in the fridge, fails to give more attention, fails to propose sooner, fails to remember two months or two years anniversaries and shit. 

Again, I personally suck at remembering dates. I suck at buying presents too, although I am not visually challenged as how the men are.

For men, they would still concentrate on :

... football, cars or everything else that rocked their world.  

When women bloggers get married, then all that mattered would be their 'hubby/husband', married life, other married couples and other stuff that revolves around THEIR marriage. 

When male blogger get married, they would usually write about : 

... football, cars or everything else that rocked their world. (Plus they now have someone who makes their bed, do their laundry and cooks!)

When a kid is thrown in the picture, then the subject will be on which formula to use, on diaper rash, on their babies' tantrums, everything else that their little peanut is doing. 

Men---> will either participate in the 'fun' or : 

Still write about football, cars or everything else that rocked their world. (Plus they now have someone who makes their bed, do their laundry and cooks! and for a nanosecond, talks about this short human being who know takes a big wad of their income.)

As for me, I am still single, so I have the right to complain about the lack of available men, and like how I was advised by two of my good friends who are now happily married, I better set my eyes on younger men because apparently, they are much more responsible then older or same age men. 

Yes, I get lonely sometimes. I have a somewhat stressful job, handling stress inducing people. I wish I can have someone to fall back to. 

But somehow, I am not really thinking that much about it. I wouldn't write about football (THANK GOD!) but I do write about my job, a lot. I also wrote in another blog about how working out gives that satisfaction of being in control of your body and mind.

Not saying that I wouldn't blog about my kid if I ever gonna get married that is. Reading back, I was a typical woman a couple of years ago. As I get older, my focus changed. 

I am going to live my life like it's Golden. Kalau dapat, dapat la.Kalau tak, I have my job to fall back to. 


  1. I'm married and I'm a male... who hates football.

    And I rarely (if ever) write about my personal life.

    So where do I fit in?

  2. lols.. i dont blog about cars and football.. maybe once.. =P

  3. Hehe, to both, like what I said, a guy would normally go ahead with blogging about either football... or anything that rocks their world. You guys won't be blogging about what dress to buy your pumpkins that's for sure. Hehehehehe