Sunday, October 31, 2010

On All Hallow's eve

I watched a couple of Thai horror movies.

Actually, I sort of skimmed through the movie.

First movie has something to do with the number 666, which had nothing to with the prophetic child of satan or anything like that.

Actually I still didn't know what was the movie all about. I am kind of still confused... it's something about the central character who was played by an actress who could have seriously looked gorgeous if it was not because of her hair that looked as if it was styled by putting on a coconut shell on her head who was a private investigator or a reporter and her I guess, estranged father who tried to commit suicide and this strange dark shadow that made its' appearance like maybe 3-4 times in the movie.

Owh... I am guessing also that the events happened in a time span of maybe 48 hours because the actress was in the same T-shirt throughout the movie.

The reason why I couldn't figure out what the movie was all about was because, everything was in Thai and the subtitle was in chinese.


So instead of trying to figure out what the actors was saying, I clicked on the fwd button on the player until the end, and I still don't know what the movie was all about.

The second one was easier. It had something to do with a woman who killed people, stuffed spices and boil them as ingredients for her noodles.

Which taught me that one should NEVER eat the noodles on the streets while you are in Thailand.

Good horror movies are just soooo hard to get nowadays.

I would however recommend watching classic horror movies.

- Poltergeist I
- Exorcist I
- The Shutter (Thai)
- The Eye (Cantonese)

And... if you really want to freak yourself out :

ANYTHING with frikkin' Miley Cyrus in it.

Your brains will bleed out just wondering how she can ever get into show business in the first place.

I hope you guys had a spooky slamming Halloween!

Image courtesy of Sacramento Scoop

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sincerity : Keikhlasan

I have always believed in being sincere.

As a matter of fact, I believe that if you are insincere in anything that you do, nothing good will come out of it.

Like in work for an example. If one complains about every single thing that the manager/company is not doing, that person won't go forward.

I am not saying that one should not highlight their 'frustration'. I am a firm believer in transparency and honesty as well. But if your 'frustration' comes in the way of your performance, because you have become decidedly insincere in doing the job that you are paid for, that is wrong.

Let me be honest, at the moment, until further notice, I am kind of underpaid. But then again, who would say that they are overpaid? (Maybe the prime minister would but hey, that is between him and GOD, if he want to go on and spend the 'Rakyat's' money on another useless building that would probably cause us normal people a bomb to 'visit'---On another note, why should we the, people who had to pay taxes, had to pay for any admission for anything to these things when it is so clear that we frikkin' paid for the construction anyway???--- ignore me for being somewhat political).

But the fact remains that I enjoy my job. Of course, people going on MCs depresses me at times, but I don't expect everyone to have my immune system, right?

I am doing my job with all sincerity (I hope) and at times, when things get a bit rough, I will recite a few 'Kalimah' that was taught to me by my Grandpa, ending it with the 'Syahadah' and then a little prayer as I turn the steering wheel to the office building before work/ home after work.

Usually my prayer would go like this :

"God, please give me the patience and the strength to live life as it is, to handle challenges and to do all this with sincerity."

I am here doing what I am doing and things had been fine and dandy, because I believe in making it all happen, sincerely, not just for my own good but for the good of everyone that I have to take care of.

So, the next time you want to complain, you can, but make sure after that, you gather yourself up, and just, deal with it... sincerely. :)

Have a great midweek everyone. ;)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Sometimes, I would sit in my car for maybe 10 minutes after I am parked at my apartment's parking lot.

And for that short 10 minutes, I was empty... well sort of.

When I am doing Yoga, somehow, my mind focuses on the peaceful and the positive. My meditation after massive pretzeling my body to unknown limits was always, an awesome moment.

I don't meditate to corny inspirational music (Enya kind of... annoys me) or to white noise even.

But the occasional 10 minutes in the car was truly a moment when all I can feel is...


I did not even know what I was thinking about. It's always a mix of blah this and blah that...

In short, an empty recount of everything.

Mr. Probably -Would -Be - Boyfie - Husband-If -It-Works-That-Is told me that I might be exhausted.

Exhausted with work.

Also exhausted of being exhausted, constantly. The only workout that I have strength for nowadays would be Yoga. I only have time for cardio and weights on Sundays.

Not that it is much of a problem. I seemed to be losing weight anyway.

I think it is this empty... state of mind.

I need something to excite me, to make me more passionate towards life. My Life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why I am getting thinner and thinner...

1) I have a strict diet of NO rice 6 days a week. Sundays are the only exception

2) I can't stuff myself like I used to do. If I ever do, I will get stomach discomfort, and will AUTOMATICALLY feels like throwing up. No, FYI, I am not bulimic, just a small eater. 

I thought it was only minor discomfort, I tried taking Eno to soothe it, but it made me throw up still. So the only way to avoid this from happening would be to NOT stuff myself. 

3) I do Yoga at home everyday before I go to sleep and when I wake up. I resolve to be a pretzel by the time I am 35 (If panjang umur).

4) PLUS I work out at the gym for at least 5 days in a week. 

5) I work too much. Stress is stretching me thin. I just want to get through operations and hope the talk I had with my boss on my career plan gets through by next year. Sigh....

The truth is, I would rather be thinner than fatter. Plus I know that I am not doing this intentionally. So I am good. 

To Mr. Probably-Would-be-boyfie-husband-if-it-works-that-is, it is ok if I get thinner, at least you can keep on holding me with just one arm since I am puny. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A hopeful traveler, whimsical fashionista, a wishful decorator and a hesitant Iphone enthusiast

Mr. Probably-Would-be-boyfie-husband-if-it-works-that-is remarked that next year would be the year we travel. 

With Bali and Osaka in the docks, we are hopeful that our busy schedule will permit us to at least make use of our dusty passports. 

Before Bali, of course, we are thinking of going somewhere local for a short weekend break. He insist that we do this so that I can get stress out of my system. 

FYI, I have been stressed out mainly because of the tow of projects within the current project which operations I am responsible for now.

On top of that, I also have to train the new hires in one of the modules that would take a whole week to complete. 

So, a trip is SO in order. 

It just so happened that two of our friends are planning a trip to Osaka, Japan next year. They extended their invite and we happily said --- 

YES please. *nod nod*

Although Japan had never been in my personal travel plans, I guess it would be a great trip to just chill with two of our good friends and discover new set of cultures. Maybe we would even go Harajuku... who knows!

At the same time, I was informed that I need to attend a somewhat formal do DURING NORMAL HOURS affair in the office. 

The invitation came as a surprise somewhat to me because I have only been a 'manager' for less than a year (Well.. one more month, it will be a year!) and already they are including me in this somewhat sort of interestingly major do. 

To my shock and horror, this also made me realize that I have no formal office clothes to wear at all. Those that I have can no longer fit. My work pants are so baggy, I can sew in a little pocket at the crotch to put my lipsticks in.

This sent me out on a frenzy. Mr. Probably-Would-be-boyfie-husband-if-it-works-that-is said that desperate times call for desperate measures. 

'Buy new stuff la.' He said. 

Of course because he IS Mr. Probably-Would-be-boyfie-husband-if-it-works-that-is,  unfortunately he wouldn't be footing the bill. ;)

So we  went to Dorothy Perkins in Bangsar Village. The reason why I love DP is that their pants come in two types. Regular and short. 

My height is at 163 CM. Most of the pants I got from Seed and even Edmund Ser had to spend the first few days of their wearability age at the tailor's because on most occasion, I had to trim the extra long seams. 

I forgot how I have enjoyed wearing these corporate togs. As I slipped on the tailored shirt, I reminisced on my PR days. Oh those high heeled pointy shoes, those sleek skirts and tucked in cotton/silk shirts. 

Cufflinks too. 

I ended up buying a nice fitting black pants at RM 79 bucks. 

Of course, I was also trying on some bohemian stuff they had lying around. Oversized tanks and flats. 

Next purchase, a Gap long and cropped pants. 


Ikea came out with their 2011 catalogue recently. 

Mr. Probably-Would-be-boyfie-husband-if-it-works-that-is and I went to the store to get the catalogues but was told that they put 100,000 books out daily and it's all out for the day. 

Some time on Monday (I think), I managed to go to Ikea on my own and snatched the last copy. 

Going through it while having my dinner of meat balls and soup, I wished silently that I would have enough time to decorate my pad. 

At the moment I am sharing the pad with a housemate and her husband. We have been staying with each other for 2 years now. 

I lust after a rug the same way I would a beautiful dress. 

Only to NOT buy it because I was thinking, Yeah... LIKE I have the time to go the whole mile. 

I have all kinds of decorating ideas for the house. I would love a plush homey couch, a nice rug and big cushions, frames of modern art set on  a burgundy painted wall and pictures of loved ones hung in one corner of the house.

Also, in my head, I would also want a nook for my growing collection of books. 

And the kitchen would be fully equipped with all the stuff a bachelorette would need. 

A microwave oven, a 'red' fridge and a stove with an oven. 

Maybe with little knick knacks, such as a chicken shaped fruit basket or maybe a dog shaped creamer pitcher, with a corkboard with confusing TNB bills on 'em. 

I can wish, can't I?


I was talking to a friend when to my dismay, one of the keypads on my 3 year old handphone, fell off. I have been using Sony Z610i (If I am not mistaken) for the longest time. I love the phone to death, but when the keypads are falling off, one has to do something! I tried to repair it, but that option had been thrown out the window because it is kind of impossible right now. 

I have been planning on buying a new phone for as long as I can remember and for a short time was briefly excited by I-Phones. 

I even went to my service provider to get the lowdown of I-phone plans from them. 

One of the reason why I didn't take the phone was because of the ridiculous phone price. For an I - phone, I can get two Sony Ericsson phones or a flat screen TV!

Although I thought the plans come with very reasonable rates. 

Any plan that comes with unlimited data usage is fine by me. 

I was sidetracked by Sony Xperia mini pro for a while after that. I simply love its' compact size and sleek designs (Functions too, I supposed).

But then, due to some unforeseen turn of events that has everything to do with my mode of transportation, the plan was put on hold. 

Until recently. I find that I have been using my blackberry too much. Of course 99% of my phone calls had been to my staff and my boss (I am pretty pathetic like that). I personally thought that this has to stop. 

So now with I-phone 4Gs out, I might turn my interest back to Apple. I was told that it has better functions than the 3Gs variety. I love the full touch screen functionality, although I have to admit that it is a bit too big for moi. But that doesn't mean I am put off totally from getting it. 

Until then, I am happy with my somewhat handicapped phone. I might just be waving a new Centa Hati that is I-Phone soon, who knows! 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The day I thank God for the different decisions I made...

... to change me to the person I have become now.

A friend remarked how I have changed in 2 years since I moved to KL.

At first, I was kind of worried that I might turn to the terrible party person that I was when I was in KL.

I was also concerned that I might be in stupid relationships that don't mean squat.

I have that tendency to make stupid choices when I am living on my own.

Little did I know that not only did I change how I look COMPLETELY just because I made a decision to snub the stub 2 years ago, got back into shape with gym and yoga :

Here's to all of you who thought that I can never do this on my own... wth?!

But am also in the process of making one of the most important decisions of my life.

We are feeling good about this. We are already looking at rings. (-_-'), but we are still trying it out. We give ourselves 4 more years.

I can't think of anyone else better who I can end up with. But this is not going to change until the fat lady sings... so until then.. I am still single.