Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bila bangunan bergoyang

Yesterday, I woke up at 3.45 pm in the afternoon for no reason.

I am supposed to still be sleeping... maklumlah, burung hantu. But I decided to wake up.

I switched on my laptop, which is kind of like my routine nowadays, got connected to the net and opened up Youda Sushi, an RPG game I am currently crazy over.

Maybe 45 minutes into the game, I felt the bed shook, more like swayed. I thought it was my imagination, but then again, I saw my bags and my curtains started to move too.

I live on the 13th floor, so that freaked me out.

I grabbed my keys, went out to the hall, grab Buttons the cat and look at her.

Usually, animals would go berserk, but well.. knowing Buttons, I don't think she was quite attuned to her instinct yet.

I looked down the balcony. Nothing... nobody panicked, nobody did nothing. children was playing at the nearby playground and all the residents doing their thing, like normal.

Joyce came out of the toilet and she was looking at me who was clad in jeans and a tank top.

"Where you going?"

She asked.

"Eh... you didn't feel that?" I asked.

"Feel what? I was shitting." She said.

Joyce enjoys her private time clearing her bowels... who doesn't anyway.

Chris came out of the room and asked if we felt it. I nodded. The only person who didn't feel it was Joyce, quite understandable because she was 'feeling' her own 'tremors'.

For a split second, I was actually thinking of all kinds of what ifs.

What if 'something' happened? I haven't done all the things I want to do as yet. To leave the world without doing anything of the things you want to do is a sad, sad thing.

There are also a lot of things I wanted to impart to people, mainly people I care about, things that I want to say to them, regardless if it's good or bad.

Yesterday only made me think harder about the fact that life is indeed short. You can never know what will come your way and how will your life turns out.

One of the traits that we share with our Flora and Fauna kingdom citizens would be our sense of survival. My point here is, crossing the incident of a swaying building and life, is that no matter how shitty life goes, it is still short, it is still worth living, and it's fucking well worth surviving for.

And also human beings, when placed in the face of adversity, whether small or major, always tend to look back and to wonder on the what ifs.

All this I thought of during the whole bangunan bergoyang episode.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Old friends and lamentation on the hairstylists' chair

I have enjoyed the company of a lot of old friends since I came home to JB. I arranged for a meet up with Anna, Chandra, Kak Neesa and even organized a movie night with Ronnie and Anthony.

I went to my former work place and met with my former colleagues, whats left of them there anyway. My main purpose was to actually meet Kak Neesa who started work on Friday. I was then told that Awi, a VERY long time colleague and who eventually became my partner in crime together with Anna during 'those days' came over the day before. I took his phone number and arranged for a night out.

It was great to see him after so long. It had been 2 years since he disappeared (Both myself and Anna gave him our piece of mind for that.)

'Kau dah jadi kurus dan hitam!' (You have become dark and skinny!) That was what I told him when I first saw him.

Before that I went to Shah's house for Raya to visit his mother and sister. Again, it's been long also since the three of us got together for anything. I was busy in KL and apparently Shah is virtually impossible to contact. Over a meal of fried macaroni, we talked and we laughed.

Of course then Shah promised to keep in touch. I just smirked and smacked him on his head.


After that, I went to a salon for a haircut. I have donned the long unkempt hair so long because I didn't have the time to go and have it done in KL.

I did some lamentation on the chair. It was actually my opinion on the services. I used to go there for R but was told by Anna that he moved to Danga Bay, but I was already there so it makes no sense for me to leave.

1) I had to wait as there was only one stylist available. He had to shampoo and blowdry another customer who apparently made a booking. Got me thinking that surely business is not that bad that they are not able to take in another stylist after R left.

2) Nowadays there is a lot of non-Chinese who can speak in Chinese, that includes me (Well.. I can't speak that well, I understand though), so it is really brainless for anyone to speak about another person in another language knowing that fact. The assistant of the salon was literally saying;

"Just do her (The person who made the booking) hair first. Kuan ta! (Literally means - Don't give a fuck about the other one)."

Some customer service. Thank god she is not one of the stylist, or else there goes her business.

After that another non - Chinese customer came over. Thank God the woman didn't say anything bad because the customer happened to know how to speak in Chinese.

3)  I asked for a layer do for my long hair and to have my hair thinned. The process was well... long and a bit painful. The stylist (His name was Sky... hehehehe)was tugging at my split ends, but was kind enough to ask if it hurts. Well.. it did actually, but that's not his fault really, it was typical thick Asian hair. He then gave me a fringe which looked kind of good on me considering I never thought that it would work on me.

4) I was also wondering what he did was the latest technique for cutting hair. But heck, I like the result so I am going to leave that alone.

And... so... see my new fringe hairstyle that made me feel like an Ah-lian the first 5 minutes before I strut it with confidence. Next to me is Awi, my ex partner in crime.

5) The haircut was only 18 bucks, together with the hair cream I took, it cost me 28 bucks. I went to a Salon in KL who wanted to charge me 48 bucks for a frikkin' hair cut (No shampoo!!!).

To quote a line from Johor's official state anthem;

'Allah Berkati Johor'.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Malaysia ohhhh Malaysia...

I happened to be in front of the TV when my Dad was watching the news.

I was doing something on the laptop when I heard about the latest news involving Beyonce.

Now, there is a reason why I prefer to be apolitical towards things in the Malaysian news. You would have to excuse me on my very limited knowledge on the Malaysian current affairs. I cringe when I listen to Malaysian news, everytime, without fail.

This time, it's no difference. I cringed. I googled up the issue on the spot.

Something in the report got me rolling on the floor laughing out loud.

Quote unquote ;

The Malaysian government has also imposed a dress code for performers requiring them to be covered from chest to knees. Obscene or drug-related images are also banned. (I have no problem with this...)

Performers must also refrain from jumping, shouting (Eh... it IS a concert kan?), hugging and kissing on stage.-->Again, I am okay with this.

Alahai... Malaysia, Malaysia tanahairku yang tercinta...How do we end up like this?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya... In captions...

First day... (1 Syawal)

Puasa over, comes the food. Mum and Dad having the time of their life

Kuih Raya at Atuk's house

Me very hot, loading up on sirap

My Baju Kurung Johor

Second Raya (2 Syawal)


Aliman the cool cat

At Nenek Mah's house

Aliman : Oh well... you know when you're popular...

Please no more photographs... shoo

Aliman: Yo I am a celebrity, stop pinching me face!

Again, Johoreans eat pasta with hands... have any problems with that?

I want to be a hand model, it will up the value of this picture... see...

This pose always make us look slimmer... learnt it from Paris Hilton

Most photographers don't like to be in front of the camera, this one is a camwhore naturally.

Off to Grandma's kampung in Batu Pahat. No she did not smile all the way while driving.

We had Panca Sitara at the back of the car. Totally honored.

You cannot sleep riding with Mimin at the back seat. She will ask you so many questions you will faint. She was looking at cows at the roadside and all of the sudden asked : 'Where's the dogs?'... ????

My second raya outfit...

Cik Anoor was taking some flower seedlings to plant at home... Mama G was trying to give her something to put it in, Chacha was just looking down at something apparently more significant than her surroundings at eye level.

camwhore in red... enough said

Seeing things in a lighter state of perception, Mimin decided when someone grabs hold of her for a photo, she is going to smile and look to the right, silently screaming... 'HELP!'

Abil : Iklan Colgate
Mama G : U cramping my style
Jiji : Discovered a new species of Micro organism... Must take picture using phone...
Chacha : Still finding whatever that goes in her surrounding at eye level uninteresting.

A quarter of the familia....

At my Dad's childhood friend's house. Rumah itu sangat hijau

Gambar Kaum Wanita

Cousin on the right : Yo make room for the foods G... I am eating for two...

Salted fish and sambal prawn...makan dengan kicap pun sedap!

Beef soup and omelette

Prawn sambal and rice... om nom nom...

Malaysian version of Nigella

Cik Anoor : Pehhh!!! Finally got rice la kan... dah mentekedaghah kuih dengan sirap jeee.

Cik Anoor : Again... no words can describe how happy I am to be the one finishing the rice

Cik Anoor : Ko pehal... jeles I am finishing everything is it....
Mama G : Lantak korang la.... I am eating.

Yes I am cute... and I know IT

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

100 things that I am grateful for

Okay, so this is not exactly an original post, but I think it is extremely fun to do. It gives me time to think about things too. In random order.

1) My Family. My rock.

2) My friends who proved to be the ones who I can depend on. (And who doesn't accuse me of making zero effort of keeping in touch because they know I am busy! Hello! Nak aku terhegeh2 say hi to you every week ke when you are pretty much doing the same thing? Macam takde keje. Don't like it, go suck a lemon!)

3) My job that pays me enough for the little whims and pleasures in life.

4) Uche. I thank him because I found out that if I wasn't in love with him, I would have been a totally different person right now.

5) Wiwa. My ride rocks.

6) My sense and sensibility.

7) My strength as a woman.

8) Terry Pratchett.

9) High heels. I look 100% hotter wearing them?

10) A certain gentleman by the initials of EA. He reminded me that I am lovable and I am gorgeous just the way I am.

11) Gym. I won't be as hot (Eceh) as I am without the gruelling two hours daily routine.

12) My boss in NY. He makes fun of me being 30 and all (He is 28) but I can't think of a better Boss then him. He is also cool because out of the office, he is a friend I can depend on. Also, my boss in KL. I can be as honest as I can with him, somehow I know he's got my back.

13) Multi tiered shoe racks. A god send for a shoe freak like me.

14) Dorothy Perkins and Debenhams for having the only jeans that would flatter my gedoink gedoink.

15) Nike, for making my cute running shoes and my cute gym outfits.

16) Musiq SoulChild, for making songs that moves me to tears.

17) The smell of rain, for reminding me of the simple things that make me happy.

18) Perfume and shower gel. Imagine a world without one... Eww.

19) My ear for rhythm. I wouldn't be able to recognize the super cool sounds of Marvin Gaye, Coltrane, Shirley Bassey and the likes if I don't. I'd die if I am to be stuck in teeny boppy bimbo music land.

20) Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia... yummm...

21) Bottomless drinks at Chilli's. Heh...

22) Hip Hop and R&B. What would I do without them? (I'd probably be stuck humming Barbie Girl or anything from Abba over and OVER again.

23) The Sims and RPG games. I'd be one boring mamita if these are not around.

24) Boh original honey flavored tea. I swear the best thing since ... beer.

25) The fact that we can have fresh produce all year round. What would I do without vegies?

26) Valium (No I am not a druggie... Just an insomniac.)

27) Starbucks. I am now not a daily caffeine hogger anymore... more like once every two weeks.

28) Maggi. For those days where I would be waking up super late and there is no time for me to cook anything.

29) My broadband, without it I wouldn't be able to post this in my peejays on my bed.

30) My books. I have read Pratchett's Mort for maybe 10 times since I got it.

31) My abnormal working hours. I am able to cruise to work without traffic jam everyday.

32) Hair conditioners. Imagine having my hair without one. Not a pretty picture.

33) My Notebook, I cannot imagine going through one day without it.

34) Nasi daun pisang. My monthly carb load gets as authentic as it can get.

35) Dresses. They are pretty, hence, make me pretty.

36) Skype. To keep in touch with friends who are worth keeping in touch with.

37) Leather messenger bags. I am always on the go. take off the straps and you get a nice handbag. Versatile!

38) Push up bra. Never thought I will actually list it in. Recently, I discovered there is a hollow space on my chest, and I don't mean emotionally!

39) Eye candy at the gym. Hey, they are gay, I am straight so I am allowed!

40) Brad Pitt, Maxwell, Taye Diggs, Keanu Reeves and Johnny Depp. Whaaat???

41) Angelina Jolie, Giselle Bundchen, Liv Tyler, Keri Hilson and Monica Bellucci. WHAAAT???

42) Saturday Night Live. Remind me that there is nothing like a dose of sartorical humor.

43) My cute digital camera. Fits in my bag and looks chic as hell.

44) Pasta. The simplest thing in the world to cook!

45) Hand sanitizers, for those messy dinner nights.

46) Jeans! They flatter my bum and at the moment reminds me that I am shrinking as I type. Heh.

47) My two companion who shares my boudoir, my Russ teddy and Ikea soft toy (Seriously... deliriously cuddly!)

48) Ikea huge blue shopping bag. I use this for grocery shopping. Very useful except that now I think I better think about buying a trolley because my arms are about to tercabut!

49) My foundation. Covers whatever pores that I have.

50) Ikea Cappuccino, Meatballs and potatoes, cheese cake and egg tart. Yumm!!!

51) My clamshell handphone. With my 2 GB memory card, I am able to run on the treadmill to Sergio Mendes. :)

52) My pink hairband, secure flyaways successfully!

53) Shape magazine. Gives me an idea on what to eat and what not to stuff my face with!

54) E! channel. My dosage of Hollywood gossip and trends.

55) 24 hour Mamak joints. Only in Malaysia would we be able to laugh out loud over glasses of iced tea and thosai at 3 am in the morning.

56) Tip Top Ikan Bakar in JB. No life is worth living without at least trying the grilled fish here!

57) The sun, the sea and the sand. Waaaah!

58) My nail salon at BU. I love wearing open toe heels. Nails... must... look... good. Plus, I am pretty much hopeless on doing it myself. Looks like I did it in the dark even though it was daylight when I did it.

59) RM 2.00 Eye brow liner. I am low maintenance. I tried MAC's, but I like this one better.

60) Raya. Although, the 'duit Raya' part is a bit of a bummer.

61) Liquid eyeliners. Is sooo not into eyeshadows so this makes a statement.

62) Palmer's Cocoa butter lotion and Nivea body lotion. They are cheap but I swear to GOD they work!

63) All the machines in the gym. Without these, I wouldn't have my awesome toned arms.

64) Xixili, La Senza and Triumph, reasons for me to buy things other people would never know I am wearing.

65) Laksa Johor, and the fact that the most involvement I have in making it is to cut the cukes for condiments and eating them. Heh.

66) FOS. For the under RM 20 colorful tank tops and cheap stuff I can buy anytime, regardless of being broke or not as it is so frikkin' cheap anyways.

67) My dimples. And the fact that I don't know I have them. :)

68) My teeth. Never gave me problems.

69) My super flexible limbs. Making yoga easier to do on Mondays.

70) McDonalds. Making junk food edible. Heh

71) My Eye-Mo drops. I would be squinting in the office all night if I don't have it/

72) The night market in front of my Grandpa's house. The coolest thing ever.

73) The kopitiam I went to with my friends every saturday morning at Aman Suria. The best 'Teh susu' I ever tasted.

74) Malacca. Always the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. I never get bored of it.

75) Singaporeans. To remind me if there is one thing I should NEVER be, it is them.

76) The house I am living in right now. Even though it is smelling of cat shit. (Announcement, for all you people who are into persian cats, they are on sale for RM 3000 and 2000 per pop. Help me! buy them!)

77) My car MP3 player. I don't have to listen to crap on the radio and instead can hum to The Roots and Jill Scott instead.

78) This blog. I have met a few people who came to be my confidante now.

79) Gorgeous black men and women. Seriously, wouldn't you get turned on by their bods. Hehehe...

80) The fact that I am still alive.

81) Sleep

82) My health

83) My heritage. I am part Malay part Chinese. I value and respect both cultures. Making me not susceptible for any racial prejudice.

84) My genes. I am, again, part Malay and part Chinese. I hardly have any hair on my legs, I am not too fair, but I am not too tanned either.

84) Boy short panties. I am anti VPL. G-strings make me feel like I am wearing a permanent wedgie. So boy shorts are the perfect solution. The most comfortable thing in the world!

85) Electric fan. I hate turning on the AC. My throat gets scratchy, my skin dehydrated and I won't be able to get to sleep.

86) Kao Attack detergent. I wash my clothes using my hands because I am fussy  particular about my clothes. The detergent is gentle on the hands.

87) Karma. I like to think that everyone deserve what's coming to them because of what they do to people. I am witnessing a few facing their karma and have to admit, I am enjoying it.

88) Independence. It took me a lot to be here. I am proud of myself, every bit of myself.

89) Sunglasses. I can't stand driving or walking under the sun without one.

90) Hipsters. A world without one, can't imagine.

91) Bonus. Heh.

92) Newsweek magazine.

93) Working elevators. I live on the 13th floor and work on the 16th. You think?

94) The one hour after work I have in the office spent talking with someone. It's fun and informative.

95) Thumbdrives. It contains things that is essential to my sanity especially during the long drive back to JB.

96) Shoes... need I say more?

97) I have never been jailed (But I have argued with a traffic policemen, and I was sarcastic as hell to them too. I have a very quick temper.)

98) All of the fucked up exes I had. Without them, I wouldn't know what I want in a man. Trial and error you see?

99) Muay Thai sessions. I am grateful for this because it gives me a whole hour dedicated for me to imagine punching the life out of someone I hate.

100) Me being me.

Phew... It takes me two days to complete this (Saved it in draft hence the date)... frikkin' hell... Found out that I have a lot to be grateful about and somehow these stand out.

Oh well... It did make me think about the things that I take for granted at times.

So what's your 100 things you are most grateful for?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Very complicated predicament

What would you do when you discover that you click with someone, he might just be the soulmate you are looking for and that someone is hundreds and thousands of miles away?

I never believed in long distance relationship. It sits right next to love at first sight. I just don't have much faith in things that sounds a bit... far fetched. Long distance is far fetched.

I have many times tried to dabble in long distance relationship. When the last of it kind of just, went down like that, I decided that this theory was tried and tested as something that would never work.

I wouldn't think twice about moving to another country because of work. However when it comes to moving to another country because of someone or to put it in an even cornier way, because of 'love', I have my reservations.

I mean, I couldn't even make a relationship that I am involved in physically here work, how in the fucking hell can I make something work without me physically being there? Regardless if the two of us really are gung - ho about making it work, I still think that it is a bit too far fetched. It is something that I am not willing to try, subconsciously.

There's this what if thing reeling over and over again in my head about this.

What if I decided one day to leave everything I have here to move to a strange country to be with someone and then found out that things are not going to work out and somehow, I wake up alone and miserable and regretting my decision and having to live with that decision now that it didn't work?

I am not the kind of person who would sacrifice my wellbeing just to go berserk and romantic. There was always an underlying reason why I do certain things. I moved to KL in the first place because of the career opportunity. Along with that, I was in a so called relationship with a bastard (well now I know he is one) and was at the same time trying to make 'that' work.

Strangest thing about that was that, I decided to call that shit off because it seemed we drifted away from each other more now that I was physically at the same location. I took it in my stride when I discovered that the thing we thought we had was really a big sodding joke and I was wasting my time trying to make it work.

At the end of it all, I never regretted moving up to KL. My career jumped off, I made some personal decision and is physically changing myself and I have a more open approach to things in general. I found out who are my friends and who are not and I am glad I did.

But then, loneliness makes one do very, unpredictable actions. I don't know. I will just leave it to fate for this one. *Shrugs*

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shoe story and my take on being frugal in a divaesque kind of way

Did I mention that I have a weakness for these things?

a) Shoes
b) Bags
c) Dresses
d) Umm... shoes?

Yes... my ultimate weakness are shoes. The nice sleek shoe rack at Ikea won't be able to accommodate my endless need for more shoes.

Pretty shoes.

Check this out, for RM 89 (Or was it RM 79? Can't remember, wasn't really concerned about the price tag.) I bought these beauties.

Lihatla kakiku yang sangat comel, here pictured with someone's not so comel feet. (Wurve you!!! Heh)

Yeap, I might have maybe close to 30 pair of shoes. This pair was picked out by KTB. I was hesitating to get it because it was satin. I don't really prefer satin shoes, it is extremely fragile. However I love the color.

And it is a little bit slutty innit with all those straps?

So because KTB keep on bugging asking me to blog about the gorgeous shoes, I am doing it right now. So bear with my cam whoring shots taken with the shoes.

I love the height... see...

Yes yes... I am working on my jiggly bits... wait la...

The shoes were priced at less than RM 100, I thought that was a steal. I bought another pair for Raya (thought that this pair was too complicated for beraya) at less than RM 100 also.

I know I should be 'frugal' and be more careful with my cash, but hey... it's shoes!! Gagagagagagaaaaa....

I said that I might come up with a follow up to The Goddess' entry on frugality. Well... I have too many weaknesses for materialistic stuff to talk about frugality.

But if you do NOT have a Sugar Daddy and has to pay for almost everything themselves (Ie... single), do you even have a choice?

For a start, let's talk about Baju Kurung, because it will be Raya soon.

When I was working in PR, I used to be super fussy about my baju kurung Johor. Reason being that in PR, looking presentable is EVERYTHING. If you don't look the part, you are not doing it right.

Now, I don't really have the need to be particular about it. The trick to buying baju kurung is to identify the perfect fit. You don't want to be looking pregnant, or have people thought that you bought your suit at the same place you bought your curtains at. It must fit well, not too tight making you look like you are wearing 'sarung nangka' and not too loose like you are wearing your mother's bed sheets.

Guess what, you can buy a decent pair that will make you look like a demure Perempuan Melayu Terakhir at RM 50 bucks at Johor. 

Of course you can get better ones at a higher price tag. My 'baju Raya' last year was bought at RM 150 and it was of fine chiffon. It looks gorgeous, but you know what, if you know that you are only going to be wearing it 1-4 times a year, no point splurging. Me, again, I am just fussy. 

But you will not catch me buying one suit at RM 400 and above, that's for sure. Hello, Ramadhan and Syawal is a month of humility is it not, ish? 

I noticed that I spend a lot on food. If you want to know why it is because healthy food tastes bleagh but costs slightly higher than your average food.

So yes... that's why I cook my own food ladies and gents. Jimat cermat. You don't have service tax for your own cooked food. And you can even eat naked in your room, with your cat sitting obediently beside you.

Good thing for me is that I don't believe in wearing too much make up. I only wear foundation, eye brow liner, liquid eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Used to wear MAC but stopped after I found out that you can get a mini compact from Silkygirl for RM 26 ish, an eyeliner for RM 30 ish from ZA, you can double up your lipstick as your blusher, and when I found out that LipIce sheer color that you can buy from Watson's works like a miracle for my dry chapped lips, and it is only RM 11 ish, I have been using that eversince.

Nothing is more attractive like lips that looked like you have just sucked on a juicy strawberry. I swear!!!! 

Everything is RM - ish because it is soooo ridiculously cheap that I don't even have to remember the price. Heh...  Of course right now I am trying to scrimp on my MAC compact la kan. Ahahahaha... hello I am only woman. Once in a while, I surrender and it is just IRRESISTABLE.

Well... now let me just try to make my point:

a) Women has more than 10 1 pair of shoes because our feet looks good in more than one pair.
b) Frugality is not equal to Frumpy
c) LipIce rocks...
d) I still have not found my second raya outfit... so much for trying to be frugal. My Mum is asking me when am I going to wear the other Raya outfits hanging in the closet.


Monday, September 7, 2009


I have been sitting in front of my laptop for maybe 20 minutes trying to figure out what to write.

Well... I was also fending off the crazy cat who kept on wanting to sit on my lap, which she eventually succeeded for about 5 minutes, before she does her crazy again and started clawing at my thighs.

Kucing gila!

Anyway, I was sick for the last couple of days. Irony of a long weekend.

I am looking for a second outfit for Raya. I seriously don't know what to buy. The thing about me is that it has to 'call' out to me! At the moment, nothing is calling out to me. I even asked my Mum to buy me my Baju Kurung Johor. I confuse myself.


Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was looking forward to the weekends.

One of the reason being, things had been crazy at work. between thinking about escalations, quality and staffing issues, a long break is what I need.

There is always something constantly changing in my work. I don't like it, but it's work, in the end. it's my responsibility. And I love what I do... so I'll leave it at that.

On Saturday, after sleeping for at least 4 hours in the morning and waking up at 2 pm in the afternoon, I was feeling... well... like that lah...

Made an Iftar plan with my good friend Sue and of course KTB wanted to tag along. So got ready and drove to The Curve.

When Italiannies first opened, I remembered the service was fantabulous, the food was glorious and I was impressed.

I wonder what actually happened to that fuck of a restaurant now. We had a reservation, our food came late when others who arrived later than us got their food first. Thank God we ordered soup, or else, mati kebuloq agaknya. Sue was making a fuss, rightfully.

She ordered Milanese Chicken. (or something like that) and me, Salmon Fetuccine.

The chicken was dry, my salmon was dry. But the Chicken came with the most glorious white cheese sauce. No pictures here because by the time our food arrived, we just want to eat, no time to cam whore.

KTB got the 'lunch portion' Roast Chicken something something. We loved the spicy and hot gravy, the chicken was again, dry.

The chef tu like dried pieces of chicken kot!

I took pictures of his meal though.

That's a lunch portion... good for two people actually.

But good company compensated for the bad food. I love sitting down for a good meal with friends. The conversation was, to die for.

The next time though, our Iftar would be at the Banana Rice place or TGI or Chilli's. I loved the Seared Salmon pasta over at TGI. Now THAT's salmon la kan, bukan like stoopid so called Salmon fetuccine at Italiannies tu.

Nak tengok muka orang kenyang??? Sila...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Ramadhan, Sarcy cooks... and she cooks a lot.

Today, I couldn't sleep.

I think I should change my curtains and make my room as dark as possible.

So rather than attempting in very futile measures to sleep,  I decided to wake up and do something productive.

I tell you, it's hard to do so when you share a house with two incompetent twits who has two persian cats who stink from hell to back. My house ain't pretty and that's not just a figure of speech. Joyce and I battle fucking cat shit everyday.

The two idiots don't work, wake up 2 hours before buka and didn't change their kitty litter for the two most annoying persian cats.

I am a cat lover, I have had more than one cat in  my house, but our cats are clean, we are clean... so this never happened in my family.

Anyway... productively speaking, I woke up, feeling like having pasta with white sauce for buka. So I decided to make one, from scratch.

Originally, alfredo sauce is creamy and full of calories. I found a recipe online with the healthy version. Theirs used skimmed milk, but I only have low fat milk at home. Anyway, to make it you would need:

- 1 tbsp unsalted butter
- 1 1/2 cups of skimmed / low fat milk
- 1 tbsp flour
- About 3/4 grated Parmesan cheese (I used Kraft single cheddar slices... well I don't keep parmesan for kicks you know.)
- Salt
- Herbs (optional)

Well, it's pretty easy to make Alfredo sauce actually.

1) Heat a sauce pan on low heat and heat up the milk and butter together. I would recommend using a whisk as it is easier doing so.

2) After about 3 minutes of constant whisking, slowly add in the flour. Do it slowly so the flour won't clump.

3) Whisk the mixture on low heat for 1-2 minutes.

4) Add in the cheese, parmesan / cheddar, whichever you prefer and keep on whisking for additional 1 minute. If you want to use cheddar, it will be slightly creamier. Don't attempt adding in Feta cheese though. I find feta doesn't contribute to the taste much.

4) Turn off the heat and add in the salt and herbs. Herbs are optional by the way. You can add in either fresh Basil or dried italian herbs you get from the store.

And Tadaaaa! you get alfredo sauce!! You can have it with pasta or boil potatoes, mix it with herbs and you get instant potato salad, best eaten with roast chicken. (Roast chickens I don't do... I don't have the expertise to do that... yet)

Yes... I cook stuff when I get frustrated from lack of sleep. That is why I must get curtains!!!

End result, ready for storage in the fridge.