Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A jab in the butt... again, and other stories

I was down with a bout of high fever (VERY high fever, according to the doctor) and toncilitis.

Which is apparently a big deal because the doctor gave me two days sick leave and a jab in the butt.

I think it is a trend to just jab a patient in the butt, no matter what the problem is... eh?

This time it was a guy, and I had to strip and I actually blushed.

“Is this your first time getting a jab?”

“Ehehe... no... the first time was with a lady doctor.”

“It’s just gonna take a second.” I swear he said that with an evil smile plastered across his smug little face.

Honestly, I was glad he gave me that jab. I went back home, took my meds, and was out for a few hours. By the time I woke up, the fever had subsided considerably.

I am still having a slight fever, but I had something important to do at the bank, so I dragged my sort of sore jabbed butt out of bed and drove to the bank to do some cash deposits.

My boss made a joke that I was hit in bad way by the Maggi Goreng extra pedas that I had at the Mamak the day before. I insisted that it was not because of that and that I would be fit as a fiddle in time for work.

I don't do fake MCs, unless I hate my employer, which I don't.


My new favorite coffee hang out for now? Starbucks in Bangsar Village. It’s quiet and it has plenty of eye candy, like that dude in the suit just now. Yummy.

If you want to get a glimpse of Sarcy, come to Bangsar Village, usually after 6pm, every two days. She would be the one with the invisible ‘Fuck off’ sign on her forehead.

Again, approach with care... hahahaha!

Anywhoo, a friend asked me if I would be interested to take up a degree in law for working professionals.

“You could take CLP afterwards to practice and proceed to your LLB later. What say you?”

I believe I have talked about how I was crushed because I was offered a course that I didn’t want when I was in Uni. Law was what I want to do. I was planning to take up journalism, until my friend suggested that I could always take another degree in journalism, after law.

“People don't take masters nowadays. We’ll only pay more for the same subject, things that we already know if we have been working in the industry. Better broaden our perspectives, and not be cocooned in our own field.”

Those were her exact words, twice removed from the ‘dude... like... I don't geddit?’ combo she was famous for years back. Since the both of us had gone past the 24 YO marker, I guess it ‘enriches’ the way we speak as well.

Like... Duhh eh??

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sarcy speaks

I have the luck of being in a team that is full of bright young things.

I don't know if I am one... maybe I am just one of em’ bright things, not so young.

Went for the our first night out on Friday after a day of gruelling training, and we had real fun.

Statistically, you do spend most of your time with your colleagues, and your colleagues do end up being your friends in time.

I am just glad that I have these people as my colleagues.

Maybe it’s too early for me to say anything just yet, but I have decided to go on a hunch.


Anyway... my first few weeks in KL did not give me enough time to go around and meet new people. Training was heavy and energy consuming and at the end of the day all I have energy for is to drive back home, shower, MTV and sleep.

My uncle who insisted that I should live with them instead of moving out to my own pad have again told me that since its just the two of them, I am more than welcomed to stay.

I might just take that offer up, and planned to pay them rent instead of paying to someone else.

Lodging and food, plus with them around, I can keep myself grounded, have my two feet firmly on earth and perhaps be a better person. I know how being on my own had nearly destroyed my life, in a way.

I was on this self destructive habit 8 years ago, and though it taught me independence in a big way, I know had I stayed, I would have swerved more from the life that I actually want.

I have done all the partying, all the over dosing and all the things that most people defined it as a phase. Now, I am just glad that I am still alive, and well, with a good head on my shoulders, who enjoys hanging out with my family just as much as I do enjoy occasional nights out.

Boyfriends? Relationships? Maybe, but to be honest, I want someone who is more grounded, unassuming, who is family oriented, who is balanced and who makes an effort to be in a relationship instead of the other way around.

Independence does not mean you lose your faith and gain your freedom. I am not brought up that way. I drink, I have fun but I do have my principles to go with it.

And that is not something I will compromise on.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Kenapakan everytime you rethink the mess that you are in, it almost always have something to do with your relationship?

Don't we have anything else to be thinking about?

I enjoy thinking about my recurring cigarette habits at the moment. Occay, so it's not really enjoyable.


Okeh... turn right here... oh shit! I should have turned left (U-turn.... bloody hell.. jauhnya!)

Oahhhhh! So THAT’S how!

Me trying to figure out the shortcut from Tropicana to Mutiara Damansara.

Once I drove to KLCC (I was feeling brave). I was getting down from my car, saw a girl carrying a coach bag and I recognize it as the original one.

From the corner of my eye, she rushed to her Kancil and drove off.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt, she might be a girl whose parents are filthy rich but insisted on their daughter driving a common mini car like everybody else so as to not contract the ‘Besar kepala’ syndrome.

But really, first impression, she could most likely be a working executive earning less than 4000 blowing out her credit card limit on something that cost her half her pay.

Who am I the Wira driving Vincci wearing so called yuppie to say anything eh?

I am extremely fond of my Wiwa.

“Dulu you selalu write about the guys you went out with eh?”


“Sekarang, dah memang tak go out with anybody anymore ke?”

I go out. Just don't want to talk about it on the blog.

“Kenapa? You givap on them ke?”

Partially, the other reason is for me not to hang on false expectations. When you don't talk about it, you tend to believe that you’re not committed to anything.


My conversation with one of my friends who is also an avid reader of my blog; sorry dawg, you will have to read mostly crappy stuff here but at least it has nothing to do with my lovelife.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Reluctant KL-lite

Me likey loike this picture

The AJK Mamam at their best

Step one to be a KL-lite; speak with a twang.

Any one of it will do; American seemed to be a favorite, followed by a confusing mix of British and Australian.

It shouldn’t be a problem for me actually. I will just call on Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street posse I had been a follower of since preschool and start talking like I have lived in the US of A for more than 5 years yo.


I touched down in KL last Wednesday and had been busy figuring out the roads to my work place, calculating fuel consumption etc... have to get my monthly budget fixed to fit my new life.

No more excessive shopping that could seriously damage my pocket, no more home cooked food which is okay by me because it makes it easier for me to lose the two KGs I have gained from doing nothing for close to a week.

Have only called the rest of my friends last Friday. Didn’t actually make any plans with them. For one, I don't really know what do KL yuppies do on the weekends because I figured one should not be going to clubs and consume more than a quarter of Tequila every week (Occay so I might be wrong).

So I bummed out at home, throughout the weekend, promising a few of my good friends to that DimSum hitea thingie, keeping the day, venue and time open, because I am not sure when I would actually want to brace the odds and get lost in KL again.

I am crippled without internet. I am right now writing this entry at a Starbucks in front of KBU waiting for the terrible traffic to ease down. Thankfully, Starbucks is less than 5 minutes drive from my workplace and thankfully, I think I have someone to rely on here in KL, although he seemed to be here on an on and off basis.

How is life now in KL all alone and ... uhh... alone? (well... actually not exactly.) It’s occay lah...

But I am missing my friends in JB as I type. They have been a great bunch of people, supportive, adorable and reliable. Good news? I was not terrorised with eggs and flour. The absence of the AJK mamam’s president made that possible (whew! Btw... Nana oii... len kali if cannot make it, call me and tell me can or not? Cehh..)

Sarcy is in KL now... no biggie... enjoying it extremely... but missing that sense of familiarity and security I have had for the past 6 years in JB.

Never thought I would say this, but heck... I miss JB... and can’t wait to go back.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ditchoo mish me? Ditchoo? Ditchoo?

I was away for the whole weekend. It was a tiring weekend, but fun, nonetheless. It something that both of us, Me and Suz had been wanting to do, a road trip.

So these things were what happened to me and what I discovered on the weekends;

1) If your car’s cable fuse is shot, the car will have the as if the ‘gear tak masuk’ kind of sound. Being the idiot that I am, I actually drove to and fro KL without knowing that my car got a shot cable fuse. Wiwa acted like it had a flu. Cost me RM63 to change the cable. So I am 63 bucks poorer. (Nasib baik only one cable rosak..)

2) I gained 2 KGs since last month. Blame it on mum’s cooking especially after the Sentosa trip. Demmit!

3) Pavilion is a good place to go, if you have lotsa moolah.

4) Sg. Wang is a good place to shop, especially if you have a liking for canto-pop-ish jersey material bubble dresses.. like what the hell?

5) I have a nice cleavage, that is why my friends usually bought me dresses and tops with plunging necklines. They even photographed it for fun.

6) Walking along Bukit Bintang in a dress with a really low neckline and in 3 inches high heel is NOT a good idea (Suz, first and the last babeh! If there is ever a next time, we’d be driving!)

7) Grand Milennium’s Pulse club is not my favorite place. If you want me to go, you better pay the stupid RM50 cover charge because I am not gonna pay to get my ass in a place like that!

8) Twenty – One lounge at Changkat is the place to go with good company for good conversation.

9) Tony Roma’s my new favorite restaurant in KL!

10)Jalan Alor has a lot of ultra confused backpackers and gewd Char Koay Tiaw!

11)I love to drive in KL if it’s 7+ am in the morning.

12)Suz go crazy for a while after a shot of Tequila.

13)Fashion police should ‘serbu’ Pulse because there’s a lot of fashion mishaps in there I would like to fix.

14)I melalut and ask for my favorite Starbucks Mocha in Coffee Bean if I am too tired.

15)Everyone in KL speaks with a TWANG!!—Should have known that eh?

16)Long distance driving worsen my hearing. Example – Cop = Cock.

17)I am so going to max my Visa in Ikea.

18)I am living in denial, but I wish him all the best.

19)I would jump whenever I received a phone call from a certain someone.

20)I thought I saw a fellow blogger but tak berapa ingat her name in Uptown PJ around 9 something AM.

And now... Pikches!! Hot pikches!What to do, we are camwhores in nature... ahahaha!

Stuffing face session @ Tip Top Ikan Bakar

Atuk's turned 86

KL trip, dinner at Tony Roma's, KL skyline from Pavilion

Jalan Alor

Second day @Twenty-One and Pulse

Monday straight from work to JIT's with Anna and Wira

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kebowsanan... lalalalalala

I decided to do this tag to please my bored self. AKak Bowsan… shoot me lah kalau tak pueh hati.

Two names you go by,
1. A**
2. Sarc

Two songs you love listening at the moment,
1. Sometimes by Erykah Badu
2. Don’t stop the music by Rihanna

Two things you are wearing right now,
1. Red long sleeved knitted top
2. Dark brown pants (I am at work la ya’ll)

Two things that happened this week,
1. Received an unexpected request (cannot be disclosed, pewsornal stuff)
2. Double twisted my wrist (somehow) when I was doing the cobra pose in my room. But tak teruk la.

Two things you did last night,
1. Celebrated my Grandpa’s 86th birthday. Rock on Tok!
2. Chatted with Nurul Latif on YM.

Two things you wish more people know about you,
1. That it’s not that I don’t have emotions and all that, I just feel awkward showing it.
2. I don’t like needy people…

Two things you want in a relationship,
1. Someone who loves me just as much as I love him (if not more… ihik)
2. A lot of Trust and patience, because I am not the kind of person who would change everything just because I am ‘attached’.

Two of your favourite things to do,
1. Snapping pictures
2. Knitting (serious.. no joke)

Two things you want badly at the moment,
2. Someone to pay off my plastic bills

Two pets you had/have,
1. Two cats, satu perasan lawo, one loves hide and seek
2. Hamsters, both went to hamster heaven already

Two things you ate today,
1. Biscuits
2. Nothing else… belum lunch

Two people you last talked to,
1. Client
2. Colleague

Two things you'll be doing tomorrow,
1. Rahsia…
2. Stuffing my face with Fasta Pasta & Chilli’s kambing ├áHint to first thing I will be doing tomorrow.

Two places you want to go,
1. Egypt
2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Two things you want to do before you die,
1. Get married
2. Travel the world


And what do we call you?
UH? Sarclover la.

And how old might you be?
29 YO

Who sleeps in the same house as you?
My WHOLE entire family

Suppose you see your crush/boy/girlfriend kissing another person, what do you do?
If have red wine in hand, pour it on the bitch and then kick his balls

Yay, you got a free holiday, South America or North Korea?
South America

What are you wearing?
Eh? Kan dah jawab.

Are you doing this just because you're bored?

What is bothering you right now?

Was last year enjoyable?

Do you miss anything right now?
Mocha & Trey & I

And he/she would be where?
The Mocha in Starbucks & Trey in the UK & I at his rumah.

If you were given RM100, would you spend it, or save it?
Spend it on food

Would you ever become a vegetarian or even vegan?
Probably not fully vegan…

Where are you right now?
Opis saya at an Industrial park which covers my car with dust everyday

Do you shop for clothes?
Not this month. Have other things to think about.

Where do you think your ex is right now?
I don’t frikkin’ know and I don’t frikkin’ care

And what are they doing?

How about Melbourne or Rome?
Melbourne, a friend of mine is moving there.

Are you listening to music right now?

Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
And then there are those other things that I don’t understand;

- What in the frikkin’ world is sooooooooo interesting about a bunch of attention seekers who is living in confinement and are monitored by a bunch of cameras? People waste money to vote for them s’more.. hell?

- What has my blog got to do with anything? If it bothers you that much.. jangan baca ahhhh!

- Kenapa orang heboh sangat ada buaya dalam terowong?

- Why do people like to compare themselves with other people? I don’t care if you have a pair of Gucci shoes, so I don’t, who the hell fucking cares anyway?

- Why do people seemed to think that I go for men I dated because of their money? Sure it’s a nice bonus, but I don’t do that occay? I have been a sugar mami before to some guy who is two years younger than me.

- Why do women (me included) have questionable sense of direction?

Majulah sukan untuk Negara..

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Of besties, stingrays, booze and nostalgia

For the last few days, work had been kind of.. manageable, no drama from sales person, no drama from manager busuk, nothing.

Or maybe it is just because I couldn’t be bothered anymore now that I have only 1 week left with the company. Ahaks! (Minah rempit mode kejap).

Had the pleasure of going out with my bestie, Suz last night to have Tip Top ikan bakar. We had barbecued stingray, tauhu and char koay bakar. We were about to order some crabs when we both reminded ourselves that we are just lousy at eating shellfish.

So we throw in 10 sticks of satay (which reminded me of Phil) and had a grand time stufiing our faces with carbs.

Our conversation revolved around, sex, men, people and weird things that we have had the bad luck of experiencing. Both of us went way back from ‘Sekolah rendah’ and we were ebsties eversince we were 11 YO.

After a satisfyingly bloating dinner, we went to a pub to have some booze.

I was reminded about the ‘pact’ / manifesto kononnya that we made when we were kids.

We DIDN’T want to drink, smoke, club and have pre – marital sex.

But here I am, aeons later, loving my beer (I am a beer person.) and hoping for my long impending probable marriage to whoever to bring me loads of sex (dirty, kinky, sexy... dirty.. kinky sex). I am off smoking, so that I could be proud of.

Yeah.. obviously the manifesto was beaten by our desire to live life as normal human beings. We’ve done em’ all. We are not proud of any of it, but that’s the path that we have chosen to tread on.

At the pub, the conversation once again went along the lines of men Ie bastards/jerks, sex and weird people.

She was in the UK for a few years and when she came back, she packed her bags and worked in KL. She recently quit her job and will be in JB until she could figure out what to do.

Alahai, it’ll be great if I could have that kind of luxury eh?

So because I am about to pack MY bags for work in KL, we decided to spend whatever available time together. Next rendezvous will be at one of the seafood joint along Lido famous for it’s nice prawns and Mihun goreng.

Maybe then I will take more pictures of us both being gluttons because yesterday, my camera went out of battery.

And then I remembered telling her that even though I am excited about KL, I know once I get there, I will miss JB.