Monday, July 26, 2010

I am just going to chill this week... I think

Oh yes.. my short term one week resolution for this week since this is going to be the first long off from work I am going to have for this year. (Second one is going to be for Raya in September.)

Well.. actually, I would regard this as my work from home period also... today I would still be online checking  /replying to emails and do my last few call evals that I am due with.

Tomorrow, I am going to replace my third brake lights at the workshop (Together with Krishna and another friend, maybe), send my car for a wash and get ready to drive to JB.

My youngest brother is getting solemnized this Friday. It will be in a mosque so I am still stumped as to which baju kurung Johor am I going to wear since my old ones look like tents now.

And I will also be wearing a veil.. pretty cool to freak people out with that.. Hahahaha....

Hopefully, next year, my vacation plans with Krishna is going to be realized.

Our friends are asking us along on a trip to Osaka, Japan, which I am still contemplating... and then the Bali trip... I have been wanting to wear my bikinis since last year.. it never happened because of work.. hopefully I will be able to take my vacations as planned next year.. :(

Hopefully.. really I can actually do this...

I can pack my vacation stuff in peace.... like the cat in the picture.. Wahahahaha...

Busy week for me this one.. and I thought it is going to be a peaceful one... ;P

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change is good...No?

From pudgy...

... to toned...

From depressed, to contented. (No pictures available.. fortunately...)

From Long  :

To short!

Yeap... Will change some more... ;)... everyone should change once in a while!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

On friendship and changes...

I once had a friend.

Well... he was not really a close friend but we meet up whenever we want to.

And then something happened.

And we are no longer friends... well we still meet and talk... but it's different.

And I miss those days when he would just call to say hi or to share some excellently lame jokes he heard from his friends.

Now the agenda is different... and I can't turn it back.

Krishna told me that I still have other close friends to rely on.

"Yeah... but I still miss those days anyway..."

Krishna also told me that people make mistakes... if not... then how the hell are we suppose to grow?

Yes... People make mistakes... learn from it... and move on.

Unfortunately, the regret lingers on.

Time to put on a smile and 'put myself out there'.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I wonder if I will get arrested if I actually do this while queuing up in a line while waiting for my Moroccan mint latte or whatever...

I always do this, sometimes without me realizing it while waiting in line.

So what with all this bullshit on Yoga...I wonder if standing on one leg is now a crime?


This is possibly the best pose to relieve my hamstring muscle strain after working out... I work out 6 days a week (Welll... not now la since I have been sick and infecting my staff with my virus and also been ousted out of my own office and having to work from home since Monday....) so muscle strains are a norm.

Whatever they say, I still love yoga. It gives me my one minute of calm while being on my back and stretching my legs over my head...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Itching for a change.... in everything

Every once in a while I go through a phase where changes are all I seek.

I hate being on a plateau. This is I think, one of the reasons why I have not been in a relationship in a very long time.

Count it... almost 3 years, no relationship... Nada!

I tried. I saw... and I backed out.

And I feel like a fucking hypocrite whenever I thought to myself that I want a boyfriend.

Because seriously... I don't have the strength nor the patience to.

My vibe doesn't say that about me too. I can sit or go anywhere on my own without being hit on.

I do however check cute guys out and tell my gay bff to act more 'gay' so that we don't look like we are 'together'.

Like that honest to God cute black guy at Bangsar Village Coffee Bean.

I look at 'em, but never came close to wanting to know them.

Reason : Extreme laziness.

Maybe I should get someone to do this to me. Shake me vigorously and scream "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT, WOMAN?!!!!"

And also, the fact that most people who are in relationships always seemed to be in eternal misery puts me off too. 

Having someone is supposed to make people happier and not go to anger management therapies, no?

I don't know if it's related to any of this 'wanting changes' shit, but I was down with flu, Laryngitis, fever and migraine for the past several days. 

I tried to keep myself occupied, not eating anything spicy and down gallons of water over the weekends. 

At Midvalley last Saturday, bitching over tea and divine desserts

After getting a cheap RM 18 manicure at the Maybank Treats Fair upstairs. Bitching slightly with my Bestie and his sister.

On Sunday, I was feeling a bit better so I went to the gym and had the best workout in a long time since last week. 

After meeting up with Jade and hubs after gym, zoomed off to pick my bestie up and went to Bangsar for my weekly banana rice meal. 

There was a World Cup street party going on and unlike other Sundays, the area was quite happening. 

Balloons- Spain and Netherlands

I didn't have any idea what they are doing but the balloon was pulled down for a while

My dress. I felt gurly... and flowery...

Once upon a time there was this 'nigga' wannabe who seemed to have this thing about calling every other menfolk 'bro' and coming up with stupid made up stories. 

Like how he own a Porsch Cayenne and having to take LRT and walk from KJ station to the office because he wants to be 'normal'. 

Like how he receive 5 grand allowance every month but then still not able to pay 18 bucks for the beers he took during one of our outings because he had 'limited' cash.


I have an Audi TT (I think... this is a TT.. no? See, I have too much cash that I can't even bothered to check what model of expensive cars I bought.)

And my bestie drive it around for fun because I couldn't be bothered with steering it. 

I figured, if I get an allowance of 5 Gs every month, I wouldn't WANT to work. Even if I do, I wouldn't tell every single person around me that I am doing it because I want to be like ... normal.

Found out that he worked as a valet at Bangsar Village once. That's about the closest he had been to owning a Porsche.

BS la. 

By this morning, I was hit yet again with a bad flu, phlegmy cough and terrible headache. 

Complained about a certain recent development in my insignificant life to an ex, took an extra strong flu meds and went to sleep. 

One of my staff called to say that she couldn't make it to work because her best friend who's been battling cancer passed away in the morning and she had to attend her 'Tahlil'. 

It dawned to me that I was not  good manager when I said ok and didn't actually say that I was sorry to hear that. 

But then again, I was high with kilos of meds and I do not have the decency to do / say anything worth remembering. 

This is 'High Strength' meds Bloody hell!!

Enough bitching... Time to hit the office. ;)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Depressant le tresses and my personal opinion on plastic bags ....

This was the shortest haircut I had :

This was back in 2006/2007... I think?

Never realized that this made my face rounder than it was.

Ah well, who am I kidding, I was 'round'.

Eversince then, I have always kept my long hair.

Now, being that I am easily bored, I want a fresh new look... I would love to have this hairstyle :

But unfortunately, my round shaped face is not fit for it. 

I love that tousled, grungy look, and plus... it's short. maintaining my hair right now is kind of... expensive. 

So... Ideas?? Anyone?


Izso, my blogger buddy wrote something about the myths of plastic bags.

If you know me well enough, you would know that I am not a plastic bags fan.

As a matter of fact, I am not a fan of anything else that contributes to the possible degradation of our environment.

I was not  an environmentally conscious person. Until I have started to see the big picture.

Now, I declined the offer to install an AC unit because I believe despite those claims saying that there are new technologies that can decrease the effect to the ozone layer, it pays to just be a little bit skeptical.

One should not have more than 12 hours of AC time. I am already frozen everyday in my office, and to do that in my bedroom would be stupidity.

As far as plastic bags are concerned, I never liked using it.

I think, anyone who buys less than two items can just go and carry those two things home. I don't care if it's spinach they are buying. Using a plastic bag for one item is just one of those stupid human behaviors that do not work for me. I am known as this lady who would carry two cartons of milk and a loaf of bread with my bare hands whenever I forget to bring my enviro bag.

I also intend to eat more vegetables and less meat, to reduce my carbon footprint. Of course, we can do that if we manage to educate Malaysian farmers to start rearing their livestock the environmentally friendly way, but I don't see that happening anytime soon, unfortunately.

At the same time, I don't have enough cash to buy meat that claimed all their livestocks were reared the way that it should be.

Which is... bullshit... pardon the pun... sucks for me because I LOVE red meat!

So even though I think that what was presented by my blogger buddy make sense, I still don't think that everyone should stop following the inadequate 'No Plastic Bags On Saturdays' rule. It's less harmful than bio-degradable paper bags, but still... the operative word here being----> less 'HARMFUL'.

Harmful... nevertheless.

Invest in a good shopping bag made to last. Reduce your carbon footprint. Even the smallest act counts.

Really... if you think it's unMalaysian of you to do that... (Malaysians usually are not able to understand this whole thing about taking care of the environment. Case in point--->My Dad who used to enjoy burning his trash in the backyard<---.... at least... be human to do something for the earth.

We are not exactly one of the lucky rich bastards who would have the money to move to another planet should earth changes to a wasteland. Why not take care of our planet when we can.

Hey... just an opinion. ;)... Take it or spit it.

It's your planet too.