Monday, November 26, 2007

Abang dilemma and Sonyku sayang....

I only use the word ‘Abang’ on two occasions.

First, if I am ever pulled over by the MIUs for speeding or any other varied offenses. Second would be at stalls or roadside stalls where if you don’t call the menfolk there ‘Abang’, you will be ignored.

If you expect to hook up with me and to have me call you Abang, let me lay it out on the table and be frank. The possibility of me calling you ‘Abang’ would be an absolute resolute 0.

Let me just put it this way, growing up with looking at what my parents have as somewhat an inspiration for an ideal relationship, calling my other supposedly better half ‘Abang’ is never going to happen, simply because, my mother never called my father ‘Abang’.

And my mother is the only one in the whole entire extended family of several other Aunties on my father’s side who doesn't call her husband ‘Abang’.

My mother calls my father, ‘Yang’, short for ‘sayang’. And that, compared to the uber used ‘Abang’ is much more acceptable by my standards.

You see, to me, calling someone Abang would be almost weird. For one, literally translated, ‘Abang’ means ‘brother’ and it is meant to be used only when you indeed have a relationship, to be more accurate, a genetic relationship with the respective ‘Abang’ mentioned.

That just doesn’t sound affectionate to me.

Does it to you?

I mean, I could be wrong. Afterall, what I thought of the whole thing could spark off a debate accusing me of not remembering what I really am (A half malay and all that jazz).

But really… like can’t we Malays (Or half Malays for that matter) come up with something more creative than ‘Abang’?

Think about it.


I bought my first Sony Ericsson last weekend, which was also my first clamshell phone. Okeh… so I used a Sony Ericsson before, for about two and a half weeks before I switched to using the 02 pda.

Now akak can ‘kelepak kelepuk’ like everyone in my circle who uses clamshells.

One of my besties also bought a Sony, Fahrin (definitely not nama sebenar) bought the latest thin Sony model and it seemed a few of my other friends after seeing us using Sony (all are ‘staunch’ Nokia users) are actually considering buying one as well.

That said,,. Sony Ericsson rawks occay? Hihi…

P/S- I have been really busy lately, and I don’t know why, aside from the house moving end of this month just one day after my cousin’s wedding, in which I would be the official ‘Anak Dagho bawak dulang hantaran’ , I still think it’s hard to believe that I am actually ‘busy’ like to the max.

And I am not even doing event management!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Of being a single who dates

I am giving myself a chance by giving other people a chance to get close to me.

That said, I am beginning to make some effort in probably initiating a ‘something something’ rather with an acquaintance (Let me just put him down as The Acquaintance) I was introduced to a few months earlier. We found out that we really did enjoy each other’s company, although everything is still pretty much vague.

Plus he is in KL.

So the occasional phone calls are a norm now. We even confided in each other on certain issues and make plans for our next rendezvous. I promised The Acquaintance that I would go up to KL one of these days, if I finally could get away from my hectic life at the moment.

Of course, with a cousin’s wedding on the 1st, house moving on the 3rd and annual company convention on the 21st – 23rd, December looks bleak.

My mother happened to be hovering around when I received a phone call from The Acquaintance one night. She asked me, rather suspiciously, who was it who called, to which I replied a friend.

“To you everyone is a friend. Even if that person did like you more than a friend.” She said.

“Tak salah wot. I didn’t ask them to like me like that.”

I even introduced Anna to the The Acquaintance. We went for a movie and since he was in town, I thought why not. Anna gave the thumbs up.

But hold it now, there will be no direct indication whatsoever of us being an item (Why do we use that word anyway?). After all, we don’t believe in long distance relationship / romance or anything like that. No harm in knowing someone who would first and foremostly be a friend more than anything else.

We just enjoy each other’s company, that is it.

Meanwhile, I have my eyes on the ‘Movies under the Stars’ event happening in December. I might be getting the tics, and I have a good idea on who to bring. A late night picnic sounds good eh? Been some time since I planned out a date anyway… you reckon?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pub talk

I went drinking with Anna and two of her friends last weekend, and the topic of conversation came to women and their, emotional hang ups if could put it as that.

S launched a lengthy explanation on why women have this tendency to expect men to read their mind. I told him that men are just clueless and that we women could not really blame them for being that. I for one, never even wanted men to read my mind. To me that’s just freaky. Whoever have tried failed miserably, for both the women expecting the dudes to know exactly what was on their mind or the dudes trying to make out what was on the women’s head.

And on relationships, S (obviously by now, you would have make out that S is a man) said that a woman is always afraid of the guy leaving her that she will withstand every bullshit that the guy brings.

Anna on the other hand said;

“No. Sarcy is not like that. She doesn’t like you, she leaves you.”

Actually, both I and Anna are similar, as in the way we handle these ‘men issues’. Sure we do feel like crying at times but when things are not going our way and when it has become so obvious that whatever we had with a guy is not going to be anything more than a sex frenzy, we pumped the brakes and get out of it.

No point hanging on to someone who doesn’t feel the same. Besides, we are doing fine on our own. We have freedom and we could focus on everything else.

People tend to think that I am married because I always had on this diamond ring which was a treat I decided to get for myself after a year of hard work. Some of the friends I have thought why buy jewelry for yourself when you can get somebody else to buy it for you.

It’s unfortunate I guess but I don’t think like that. I would be psyched if someone really did get me something but I want it to come from the heart. (I am all corny and shit like that-la)

The point of the matter is, while I do kind of (trying to) believe in this whole prospect of love, I also believe that a woman doesn’t need a man to complete her. We need a man to love us just the way we are, because on our own, we are complete. (Damn… this is one corny shit of a line! But true wot!)

*Sigh… the things you talk about on a Saturday night at your friendly neighbourhood (though it was not MY neighbourhood) pub.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Jubilation...


Okay, firstly, I forgot my PDA today, so I am in a state of shock and confusion. Second, I went to sleep 10 minutes to 1 am, scrambled up at about 0715 hrs, swearing, repetitively saying that I am totally late. Thirdly, when I was driving, a stupid Kembara overtook me in a most idiotic way, being that, I frikkin’ tailgated the guy until the ‘Simpang’ to the airport. And then I got to know that I have to train two reps today, despite also having to follow up on a gazillion more things.

And we are shorthanded somemore.

But, it is a happy Friday for me because you know what?

Akak lost 3 KGs last week alone… woohoo… gumbira rasa di hati.


I didn’t take dinner if I take breakfast and lunch. Owh, and do not forget the bleeding hard ab crunches aaand the tasteless protein drink I take every night… aaaaaaaaand the frikkin yucky fibre drink.

Now I only have to think about tomorrow’s persiapan pengantin (my cousin-la) and Sunday’s moving all small and movable by car items to t he new house.

Schedule’s filled up people!

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deepa surprise

Phil, an ex fling of mine called on Deepavali, which kind of cracks me up.

We have not been in contact for a few months. I have been preoccupied with my soul searching and what nots.

Of all days, he had to call me on Deepavali, which was my pig out day. I spent the whole entire morning watching DVDs and the whole entire afternoon spring cleaning, more like packing as we will be moving houses end of this month. The evening was spent surfing the net and downloading por… I mean… stuff.

“You didn’t call me on Raya, what gives?”

“I did. Did you get a weird missed call number on your phone?”


“Yeah… that was me. I was in Dubai.”

“Owh… you should’ve just called me again.”

“Nahh. It’s your family time. I shouldn’t. How was it?”

*Yak yak… too much food… tired… no money… broke… tired…*

“It sounds great. Wish I could be there.”

It was at that moment of time I thought, everything happens for a reason, and there must be one hell of a good reason for me to pull myself away from Phil once upon a time ago.

I forgot.

I have no exes in the past who would tell me that they wished they could be with me. My ExBF was someone who would rather stay at home watching DVDs of TV series in his ‘cave’, TheDude has his own family to think of and he would never actually say he wished he was there with me anywhere. This goes to everybody else that I have dated, with the exception of Trey of course, the true love of my life that I couldn’t be with.

And then, the only other dude who said so, was Phil, of all people.

And that was weird. I started to have that tingly almost painful feeling all over my spine. Did I miss out on something? Have I turned a blind eye on something that could have been the greatest thing I could have ever done?

Well I could have, and there is no more looking back now. I let him go, and so he went. I wished him well, and I meant it.

Now that must have happened for a reason. Just that I forgot the reason.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

There is a lot of things about sarcy

Overtime, I have met a lot of people. Some nice and some, not so nice.

Some are just nice at first, and then as time went by, you realized that they are not that nice. They talk behind your backs and say bad stuff about people.

So I stop talking to them.

My way of dropping so called friends are always like that, I stop talking to them.

There are occasions whereby I just don’t feel like talking, for a loooong time. This does not mean I am in the process of dropping people from my friends list, just that I don’t feel like talking. This could be due to some issues I am facing at the time, of which I could only share with close friends, read; ‘close’.

Recently, I did that. I stopped talking. I talked more on the phone with my close friends.

I am reconsidering my options, I am figuring out what to do next, I am trying to get a firm grip on my life that is slipping.

In the process, I was misunderstood by a few not so close friends. I took action in mending the slightly cracked relationship I have with these people.

But some, I just don’t have the power to fix anymore. To each his own, that is my motto. If it’s going to stay that way, then be it!

I do wonder if I did actually care, but then I thought, it must be that I couldn’t be bothered to.

And I have no frikkin’ idea why.

I am nice, though not like ‘nice’ nice. I pick my friends carefully and I judge people, heck I am no saint, though I try not to do so. Try is the keyword.

So, to all the not so close friends who misunderstood me, I apologize for my weird behavior. And to my close friends, all the power to you dudes. I love you guys for being there for me, through thick and thin. Susah tu nak dapat friends like you lot!

I guess I am blessed la. Muachh!

One of my closest friends, thing is (And many people find this odd) she was my ex boss, and I actually like working for her.

I am broke and I am woman enough to admit it!

This is my first post in Bahasa campuran.

I still don’t understand why do makwes or pakwes bagi pinjam duit beribu-ribu to their so called other half. What, the other half don’t have any other means ke in getting what they want aside from borrowing from the kononnya ‘love of your life’ (at the subjected period of time) ke? Kalau pinjam 50 ringgit ke or 20 ke untuk buat belanja makan di warung Fatimah tuh understood-la. But to fork out RM 18K for a frikkin’ car when it is not even confirmed that they are going to end up together? It is beyond me!

Another friend of mine decided to open up a joint account with her ex boy friend (Get this eh, not even engaged occay?) and the bastard found another more interesting meat and splurge the whole RM 20k on the other woman.

Menangis sungguh sebakla my friend tu. Kasihan dia!

As for myself, Akak tak mintak, even though I am starving at the end of the month pun, sanggup makan lunch nasi dengan kuah sahaja. But I have the luck of my so called ‘other half’ to give me money for no reason.

All of the sudden, Baby, here is RM 500 for your belanja this week. Even if I said no, my so called partners will still stuff the notes into my handbag. Awkward yes, but tak ke gumbira dapat duit sekelepuk like that. Terasa lah pulak loved kan? (Come on nooowww… everyone is materialistic kannn!!!!).

But joint accounts and mintak pinjam beribu-ribu (or even beratus-ratus) for anything? Nope, not my style, my ego won’t allow that.

Hey, if I could find someone with money and is able to give me money, fine, but not as if it is important. I could pay for myself. Even if I have to ikat perut for the whole bloody month just to clear the monthly variables.

Of course, I do have my own personal Ah – Long la, and this Ah – Long I could trust, and the Ah – Long trusts me too. So the feeling is mutual.

Moral of the story, Janganla sesekali meminjam dan meminjamkan uang kamu kepada mereka yang tak ada talian rasmi whatsoever.