Monday, November 19, 2007

Pub talk

I went drinking with Anna and two of her friends last weekend, and the topic of conversation came to women and their, emotional hang ups if could put it as that.

S launched a lengthy explanation on why women have this tendency to expect men to read their mind. I told him that men are just clueless and that we women could not really blame them for being that. I for one, never even wanted men to read my mind. To me that’s just freaky. Whoever have tried failed miserably, for both the women expecting the dudes to know exactly what was on their mind or the dudes trying to make out what was on the women’s head.

And on relationships, S (obviously by now, you would have make out that S is a man) said that a woman is always afraid of the guy leaving her that she will withstand every bullshit that the guy brings.

Anna on the other hand said;

“No. Sarcy is not like that. She doesn’t like you, she leaves you.”

Actually, both I and Anna are similar, as in the way we handle these ‘men issues’. Sure we do feel like crying at times but when things are not going our way and when it has become so obvious that whatever we had with a guy is not going to be anything more than a sex frenzy, we pumped the brakes and get out of it.

No point hanging on to someone who doesn’t feel the same. Besides, we are doing fine on our own. We have freedom and we could focus on everything else.

People tend to think that I am married because I always had on this diamond ring which was a treat I decided to get for myself after a year of hard work. Some of the friends I have thought why buy jewelry for yourself when you can get somebody else to buy it for you.

It’s unfortunate I guess but I don’t think like that. I would be psyched if someone really did get me something but I want it to come from the heart. (I am all corny and shit like that-la)

The point of the matter is, while I do kind of (trying to) believe in this whole prospect of love, I also believe that a woman doesn’t need a man to complete her. We need a man to love us just the way we are, because on our own, we are complete. (Damn… this is one corny shit of a line! But true wot!)

*Sigh… the things you talk about on a Saturday night at your friendly neighbourhood (though it was not MY neighbourhood) pub.

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