Monday, November 26, 2007

Abang dilemma and Sonyku sayang....

I only use the word ‘Abang’ on two occasions.

First, if I am ever pulled over by the MIUs for speeding or any other varied offenses. Second would be at stalls or roadside stalls where if you don’t call the menfolk there ‘Abang’, you will be ignored.

If you expect to hook up with me and to have me call you Abang, let me lay it out on the table and be frank. The possibility of me calling you ‘Abang’ would be an absolute resolute 0.

Let me just put it this way, growing up with looking at what my parents have as somewhat an inspiration for an ideal relationship, calling my other supposedly better half ‘Abang’ is never going to happen, simply because, my mother never called my father ‘Abang’.

And my mother is the only one in the whole entire extended family of several other Aunties on my father’s side who doesn't call her husband ‘Abang’.

My mother calls my father, ‘Yang’, short for ‘sayang’. And that, compared to the uber used ‘Abang’ is much more acceptable by my standards.

You see, to me, calling someone Abang would be almost weird. For one, literally translated, ‘Abang’ means ‘brother’ and it is meant to be used only when you indeed have a relationship, to be more accurate, a genetic relationship with the respective ‘Abang’ mentioned.

That just doesn’t sound affectionate to me.

Does it to you?

I mean, I could be wrong. Afterall, what I thought of the whole thing could spark off a debate accusing me of not remembering what I really am (A half malay and all that jazz).

But really… like can’t we Malays (Or half Malays for that matter) come up with something more creative than ‘Abang’?

Think about it.


I bought my first Sony Ericsson last weekend, which was also my first clamshell phone. Okeh… so I used a Sony Ericsson before, for about two and a half weeks before I switched to using the 02 pda.

Now akak can ‘kelepak kelepuk’ like everyone in my circle who uses clamshells.

One of my besties also bought a Sony, Fahrin (definitely not nama sebenar) bought the latest thin Sony model and it seemed a few of my other friends after seeing us using Sony (all are ‘staunch’ Nokia users) are actually considering buying one as well.

That said,,. Sony Ericsson rawks occay? Hihi…

P/S- I have been really busy lately, and I don’t know why, aside from the house moving end of this month just one day after my cousin’s wedding, in which I would be the official ‘Anak Dagho bawak dulang hantaran’ , I still think it’s hard to believe that I am actually ‘busy’ like to the max.

And I am not even doing event management!


  1. huhuhu.. new phone.. which model?

    i too find the term 'abang' weird when it comes to a romantic relationship. incest ke apa?

  2. sama ler kita. oden pun goli kalau kena panggil abang...ish tak kuasa!

  3. Pernah dulu masa kat Uni ada bebudak lelaki nak menggatal suruh I panggil diorang abang. Selamba je i cakap, 'Bila masa pulak mak aku kawin dengan bapak kau.'
    I don't even call my own brothers abang. I call my hubby 'You'. Agak kelakar lah.
    'You.... you nak makan....?'
    'You.... kereta you ada minyak tak..?'

  4. I buat event mgmt tu... hehe... best ok!


    Hahaaa... no wayyy am gonna call my FHTB (future hubby to be) abang..

    Boleh muntah keluar oink oink...

  5. Sony Ericsson should pay you royalty for this particular endorsement :-)

  6. abang? tak koser k..huhu
    i called him 'sayang' i know geli telinga mendgrnyer, but i think it's better than abang, (abang tu super gelilaaa) hahaahh

  7. Des,

    its the Z610i. i love it. hehehe.. yelah at last i bought a new phone...

    on the incest thingy, you took the words out of my mouth babeh.

    MS. D,

    abih you panggil your hubby apa?

  8. DNAS,

    hihi... seriously..?

    ihihi.. funny la...


    ye ke, skali after kawin je dah berabang2 la pulak... hahahahaha...

  9. Pugs,

    they totally should...


    hualah... manjanya... hehehe... got a sayang already eh??