Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I do not comprehend...

There are a few things in the world that I would not be able to understand. A few being :


I haven't been in many long term relationships, but as far as men are concerned, this is what I can gather.

Most men are confused. They don't know what they want and they go for the first thing they find. Others wait it out until they lose out.

Others just go through any nook and cranny to lie, cheat and just be a plain fucking jerk.

The good ones, the ones who know what they want is either taken or... taken.

Apparently even my gay friend finds it hard to find a reliable gay man.

So the saying 'all the good ones are either married or gay' turned out to be totally unreliable.

They are married, but they are not quite gay.

I wish men could just be simpler. As a matter of fact, I think women are easier to understand, at least we are only looking for very stereotypical but straightforward love / soulmate.

People who resigned and made everyone else's life a living hell after they leave work

Once upon a time, there was a woman who decided to join in a division full of free spirited people.

She shouted at a work colleague in front of the team manager and even lodged a complaint against the seniors saying that the seniors dressed a bit too provocatively.

The seniors were wearing jeans and T-shirts... sometimes spaghetti straps but being in a cold freezing environment, always had a jacket on.

She also accused everyone to be against her and that everyone else is wrong and she is the only one who is right.

She prides herself on being a staunch christian, whatever that means.

If being a christian means that she would inadvertently act like a bitch, I don't know what is going to become of the world.

Even one of her 'posse' turned on her.

10 more of people like her, I swear the world would turn into a blithering hell.

Her parting note included a sentence that says, 'All the people who are trying to drag me down only make me stronger.'

Did she know that she was the one who was pulling the entire team down? That I wouldn't know. What I would like to find out is if she would actually feel guilty if she found out.

Somehow I doubt it.

What I do understand now, is that she is gone, but still there are implications on the team.

Why? That I wouldn't be able to understand.

People who fail their friends

I do not understand why people prefer to put on a fake front.

I am pretty simple. I am real, I am sarcastic, I try to be mature and I try to keep the good friends I have.

I don't have many good friends. Most of the friends I have are the ones I talk about here.

Just when I thought someone would be a friend for keeps, they fail me. They just do. And then I would feel disappointed.

I started having trust issues in high school. When I was growing up, I don't have many close friends.

Now that  I am 30, I am able to make out what I want in a friend.

Friends are those who stay true to their words and who sincerely hope for the best to happen to each and other.

Friends don't lie to each other, and would be as direct as to tell their friend that although we are friends, there are things I don't discuss with you, but hey, I love you anyway.

I would rather a friend told me to my face that they wouldn't want to be friends with me anymore rather than them talking behind my back and me feeling disappointed about them.

Disappointment is far more severe than anger.

Bad drivers

A van once followed me because I gave them the finger.

I gave them the finger because they are bad drivers and I almost collided with their vehicle.

Except for the finger, the whole thing was entirely their fault.

So no... I cannot comprehend foolish drivers. Although I do understand why they follow me.

They wanted to scare me, which they have done very successfully so.

Sometimes you do things on a whim. I am especially impulsive. So the whole entire thing, partly my fault.

A single woman living alone should know better than that.

Sumpah akak tak buat lagi.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

On what happened since the last post.. some random pictures and thoughts

Since the last post, a few things happened. The thing about being single is that I have a lot of time to spend with my friends. I love friends, don't you? They push you to do things, they pick you up when you are down and they cook things. (Well, my friend does anyway).

And these are my good friends, my best friends. I don't keep friends who are crap.

So enjoy these random pictures and mental notes.

The Herb roasted chicken from the dinner Joyce cooked and we helped out in during the dinner two weekends ago. It was gorgeous and the meat slid right off the bone.

My sauteed mixed vegies with Zucchini, asparagus and baby carrots in butter and rosemary.

The Mashed potato Joyce made. Goes great with the roasted chicken

The lemon Meringue pie, it was left a bit too long in the oven, hence the color, but we don't care, it was heaven!

Tadaa! The full picture of the meal we had!

After the meal, planning for thanksgiving dinner, definitely no turkey, can't fit into the tiny oven! In the background is the kitchen. We had all the things you can imagine... the kitchen is the most complete room in the house!

The cat from hell, 'Buttons'... with such a cute name you couldn't really imagine the damage she does innit?

My literary indulgence for the weeks to come. I splurged on books this month, which is okay

We had a Team Jersey Day on friday. Joyce borrowed this from her husband, Phoenix Suns Jersey

I am not rooting for any teams. I am sports apathetic. I am into working out but not any particular sports, per se. This courtesy of Joyce's hubby of course.

Bitch and Joyce

Our breakfast on Saturday morning at Ikea

Bitch with his Daim cake, as usual!

Drama shot, as usual, coming from the drama queen

Poster kids for Halloween 2009

On saturday night, I went out with Sue to a salsa club. She recently took up salsa and was taking the opportunity to practice her step. I was asked to dance by an old latina guy. He can really dance, I can give him that. He said:

"Salsa is not counting steps, it is to follow the rhythm, you know?"

Of course half of the time I couldn't understand a word he is saying, and I wished that he could wear more perfume, but the dance was awesome. I guess he was kind of ... well... mesmerized by my bad dance steps that he asked me to dance a few more times after that. I was twirled, dipped and lifted. It was fun.

I was actually more mesmerized by the Taye Diggs look-a-like at the DJ consul. Oh... that man is a godsend... Ai Carumba!!! Muchas Deliciosos!!!

After that we left the club and we went back to my pad for a late dinner. Joyce cooked Oxtail stew and brownies. No piccies, but it was great!
I have resolved that I am going to learn salsa. I will try to squeeze it in my schedule somehow. Mak jeles tengok orang salsa.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I so man

“I had this guy leave me a voice mail at work, so I called him at home, and then he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It’s exhausting.”
Mary, Drew Barrymore's characted in He's just not that into you.

I FINALLY watched He is just not that into you.

I have been told that it is a brilliant movie that depicts what is really going on in the X&Y terms of things.

And yes... it is a brilliant movie indeed. And most of the things that were talked about in the movie, especially the interviews in between was the naked truth about men and women and what goes on in our head, as far as relationships are concerned.

I discovered one thing about myself. I find that the most character that I have in common with was not with any of the women, but with a man... Justin Long's Alex, to be exact.

Alex is a guy who is not into commitment. He was Gigi's 'relationship counselor' and was kind of the person who pretty much screens most of the guys Gigi go out on dates with.

Until one day, Gigi 'read' all the 'signs' that was given by him and threw herself on him.

Eventually, Alex realized that he was indeed, into Gigi.

Anyway, I am Alex. I am the person who would tell her friends that a relationship is really nothing and that I wouldn't think twice about the guy who didn't call me back or who was giving me somewhat a lukewarm response to my interest.

There are a million men out there like the one who was not interested in me. And I am fine knowing that one of them have zilch interest in me whatsoever. I put on this barricade between me and the men I meet partly because, I am afraid of getting too close because I am afraid of getting burned.

The bad thing about this is that, I might never find love because I might write off one even if it's staring me in the face.

So that evening, I realized, in shock, that I was Alex, a single, attractive man who is just so damn realistic about this shit that he really actually doesn't really give a damn. Or at least, he is trying to make it seemed like he doesn't.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Since then...

Carpe Diem!

For the past few days, I have been getting difficulties writing an entry.

I envy people like Beskot (Juan) and The Goddess (Darlene). They just always have something to write.

Well, let's see shall we... what shall we write about.


Sue thought I should stop hanging on to someone who is never there and start moving on. I cut my hair, I freaked Joyce's husband one fine morning because he thought I was someone else (And it was because of the Japanese/Cantonese fringe thing).

Sue thinks that I should start by getting a 'Jantan' -->loosely translated... Male<-- She thinks that I am at my prime (Although I would beg to differ) because I look like an etirely different person with this bod and the hair. She said she would definitely dig me if she swings the other way.

I was approached by two women, homosexual women, to be politically correct.

So basically, I don't attract 'Jantans' but instead I attract women.

There must be something wrong with me. I look hotter (HAHA! NOT) and women are chasing my tail.

KTB is calling me his 'lesbian friend'. Like wtf.

I am sick of this, can't my life be simpler than it already is.