Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am browsing.

Am either going for a Palm or a phone. Either way, I am looking for one with 3G application.

For your information, Sarcy is still using prepaid, the one that I have been using eversince my college heydays. The reason being that was when I wanted to change to post paid, I was told that I could not retain my present number, even if I want to, I will have to change the 019 to 013.

So not coolness.

So I decided to hang on to this number until I get sick of it. I like my number and so many of my friends and network knows me by this number. The prepaid rate is expensive but at least for now, I’ll be able to draft out a monthly budget for my phone usage.

Anyway, about 3G, no one in my circle of friends are using 3G phones yet. A few has it but I noticed that they hardly got around to fully utilize the application.

My PDA, well, it has the habit of dying out on me every now and then. I like having one but I hate it when all of my info will be wiped out every time I change the battery pack and everytime that happened, I will have to synchronize the data again into the PDA.

It’s too much work. Leceh, Akak rasa. Besides, I am so tempted to go back to owning a Nokia, just have not made up my mind as to which yet.

And remember just a few posts ago I lamented on my professional working life? I have recently received an offer for another Customer Service position, this one with one of the big electronics manufacturer company, also handling good ol’ SAP program in its’ operation. Because I am still under my employment contract with this company and I always made it a point to stay with the employer for at least one year before moving on for good track record, I declined.

The pay was a 100% jump from my current salary. Too bad-la, wrong timing. If not, that new car could have been within reach.

I was also offered a managerial position on one of the island resorts somewhere in Pahang. The pay was also about the same, only it’s better because I get free accommodation and meals are provided. Plus, the other upside is being able to be so close to the beach.

I love beaches, I could just sit there and look at it for hours, while tanning my already tanned skin in the process. Killing two birds with one stone, although nobody else have no idea why I would want to be darker than I am right now.

I think slightly tanned skin is beautiful, I am not into the whole stereotypical concept of lightening skin with all sorts of globs and things. With the right make up, think Zoe Saldana or Vanessa Williams or Jessica Alba.

Bottom line is, I love beaches.

I read on one of the fellow bloggers’ site this morning about Karma. Ah yes, the ‘what goes around comes around’ thing. It’s what that gorgeous toyboy of mine, Justin Timberlake (Hey, one could wish!) keep singing about and it’s what inspired Earl Hickey to change.

On the mini scale, I applied the ideology when I am driving, I give way to cars that want to ‘potong’ (Overtake) my car in queue, somebody else will give me way when I want to ‘memotong dengan cara berhemah’ especially at the Senai Airport junction where my office is located at.

I always think before I act, I always think of the consequences it might bring and the Karma – tic effect that it might cause.

In my whole life, I have only truly hurt one man. That happened years ago. It was also the only occasion whereby I was in fact CHEATING on him when he was not.

Hey, nobody is an angel.

But he admitted that he was at fault too. He never told me that he was serious with me, I thought we were just having a casual fling and so I don’t see any harm in me going out with some other guy, and enjoying it.

It turned out that he WAS in love with me, just he never told it to my face.

Although the break up was on a friendly note and I still hung out with him after I left him, he stormed out of a café when he bumped into me with the guy I have been seeing behind his back.

So now, I think Karma bit me in the ass big time, and I will just have bear it and take it like a woman.

My main objective now is to have good Karma, recover from the bad ones.

Less I no longer want my butt cheeks anymore.

What? I said I would ramble.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Overcharged – post Numero Uno

I don’t go well with SMSes that mean nothing and was sent on ungodly hours.

Think horrendous spelling and those kiddy abbreviated form of messages, and think 4 AM in the morning.

I think one of the phone company actually made it looked really 'cool' to spell out words in abbreviated form a few years ago, to me it was crap held almighty. Call me old fashioned but I just don’t frikkin’ get it.

If you know me personally, you will know that I don’t text people much, and even when I do, my SMSes would be properly spelled out. For some reason, I could not stomach messages that are abbreviated so much that it will take me more than a minute to interpret.

Like my sister’s SMS to my mother yesterday, I managed to understand it but I still thought it was absolutely ridiculous for a graduate to send something like this;

‘Cni xde air, nk balik? Sok hntar mtab.’

My mom obviously didn’t understand a word she was saying, so she called back.

What use is SMS when no one could even come close to comprehending what you are trying to say?

I received an SMS that was sent to me on 6 AM. When I read it, I deleted it right away, because it made no sense and it made no sense!

It’s either he was drunk or he was just bored at 6 am in the morning (See, it does NOT make any sense!)

AnD ThEN ThErE Is tHIs CrAZe Of TyPInG THiS WaY In EMailS. IS It TEmpoRAry iNsAnItY FoR U pEoPLe uNdER 25 to Do ThIs Or dId I MiSS sOMethiNg DEtrimenTAL To tHe wEllBEinG Of HumAN cIvILIsaTION???

Adoi… Akak tired typing that way, for a sentence that should take me under 1 minute to type, I took a whole 3 minutes, possibly 4 but who’s counting. And yes, I do have friends who are under 25 of age. Do I really have to remind myself that I am not all that young anymore?


A friend called me up today for drinks later after work.

And for someone who used to couldn’t care less about the idiot box, I said;

“Cannot, today is Heroes day. Rain check?”

He tried to tempt me that all of his Navy friends are going to be there and it would be fun. I still gave him the rain check.

I am honestly gobsmacked!


I really do think that for today, the probability of me typing in more than 1 entry is possible. And i have a feeling that Heroes have something to do with it.

Signing off;

Sarcy the Magnetic One


“A lady who has a million words up her sleeve and would not just give up so easily.She has a heart as big as the world map and she has the guts of 10 thousand men army.Love her to bits...”

That was what one of my exes wrote to describe me.

It was flattering nevertheless, although he did lie to me about a lot of things.

A friend asked if all this lack of honesty was the reason why I shut down and why I have been pushing men away, even Trey sometimes.

*Sigh… meds cold turkey is just so hard to do alone.*


Babe, I am fine darl, thank you for the concern. You know me well enough to know that I am doing A-ok love… J

Gives everyone a huge hug.

Thanks for the support hun!! You know who you are!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monday Email

Dear Trey,

The thing about Mondays is that it never makes you feel like working.

The thing about working is that you can never have enough passion to do it, sincerely.


Unless, I am one of those Globe Trekker hosts who gets to travel all the time or maybe Anthony Bourdain.

I have a new Travel & Living Channel favorite, and that is Bobby Chin.

Anyways… the thing about having a job is that it makes you feel like you deserve more.

More than just staring at the monitor doing mundane things and attending to sickly customers who seemed to enjoy shouting into the ear piece because of some fuck ups by the reps.

The thing about thinking that you deserve more is the later fact that you really don’t know what you actually deserve.

So this morning, there I was thinking that I so deserve to be doing greater things, only to be stumped on exactly what greater things do I actually deserve to be doing?

Lately I have been thinking of changing jobs. I have barely been here a year and already I am itching to do something else. I seemed to have lost my logic. Changing jobs while still doing my degree is so a no – no.

But I can’t help to think that there might be something, greater out there for me.

Maybe someday I will get to do what I really want to do, of course working for the UNHCR/UNICEF now seemed impossible, but hey, who knows right?

Signing off on Awful Monday,

You Are Trinity

"Touch me and that hand will never touch anything again."

Thursday, March 22, 2007


What would you do if you have the power to turn back time?

Okayla, it is something like Hiro’s power in Heroes… if you could bend time, what would you want to do?

Well, a few of us were tagged by Ice to spill the beans on what we would change if let’s say we wake up one day, with the ability / chance to reverse our past actions.

I have quite a list but let me just narrow it down to a few which does not include any past lovers of mine (When I said lovers, I meant that. I have been down with too many of them arses, figuratively speaking)

The first thing that came to my mind would be to reject the offer to study Economics. My passion then was actually Law. It was not so much the profession nor was it Ally McBeal that I found intriguing, but it was more to the judicial theories that attracted me in the first place.

Instead, I was offered to do something that I majored in, which I also achieved exceptional grades for in my STPM (Which IS still baffling) and something that I desperately want to get out of. I hate numbers, and yet I had to endure 2 hours of Calculus for a whole semester.

Alongside that, I would also like to change my attitude towards Trey. I was, well, pretty much me, even with him. I was aloof, unemotional and a control freak. He told me he loves me everyday, to which I replied with a stoic, “Yeah… Okay.” I was the one who said no when he said he wanted to go on with ‘us’ when he had to leave for UK and was asking me to consider following him.

If given the chance to relive those happy days with him, I would swallow my pride and tell him I love him, because I am not able to say that now to him. And I would try to make ‘us’ work, and that is by saying ‘yes’ to ‘the question’.

I think I did tell some of my friends or mentioned in my old lambandmutton blog that I used to study ‘Silat’ when I was younger. I had to quit because I was told that I am too short tempered for the discipline and that the ‘ilmu’ would consume me if I chose to go on with it.

But I did have a choice, and I was intimidated by the whole thing, and I quit.

Now, the only thing I could use is some of those basic moves, together with my pepper spray.

I am officially a wuss. Had I went on with it, I could have been an Olympic Silat medalist (Hey, one could dream!)

I also would make my parents send me to the Chinese school like my other siblings. I was already enrolled in ‘Sekolah Kebangsaan’ before we moved to the residential area.

Well, that’s my list of wishful thinkings. What’s yours?

The plan was for a few of us to be in the forest, camping.

That was the plan, that is as of now, in the middle of coordinating.

Eh… wait, it IS a plan.

Endau Rompin, ‘berkhemah’ and leeches.

We want to be like the bunch of high schoolers that we were, during the Jurassic period.

Want to go ‘Kemping’ (camping) and possibly to make one of our friend cry, like that woman in Blair Witch Project

That is the plan.

The last time I went camping was when I was 16 years old.

“Ewwwww… DOWAN!”

Come on now Anna, it’ll be fun.

A couple of guys will be running around naked because I dare them to, I am elected as the camera man (Woman?), Anna would discover that there are NO house roaches in the forest.

Only real big bugs. REAL BIG BUGS.

Fun… fun… now let’s see this through shall we?
I thought I was Elmo...

Eh! do I really have crazy eyes???

You Are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Synopsis…

St. Pat’s Saturday

A thought from Suz after listening to the radio in my car about St. Patrick’s Day bash in SG. We were on our way to our very own drinking session in Banyan Bar;

“How come they are celebrating St. Patrick’s day when they are not even IRISH?!”

*Growl… growl…Fibber…*

Well, Asians love emulating any festivals where the main celebration evolves around alcohol, I figured. Like Oktoberfest… for frikkin’ sakes, we are not Germans! Yet we still enjoy paying about RM 100+ each to celebrate it in hotels.

The non – German, RM 100+ paying Malaysian includes yours truly.

It’s conditional insanity. It’s enjoyable.

Suz was just bitter knowing that her Irish ex was possibly having a good time and she was just pissed of with the whole him not able to get over his own ego.

There’s a reason for everything Suz, maybe, he is meant for someone else who is just as boring. Afterall, beautiful men have always been uninteresting ieà boring…

Reality Crap

I was obliterated by the AF suck-fest.

It was a rerun, and there was nothing good on TV, and my brother was holding the remote. So I blame my Brother for turning me into a blithering idiot for one whole hour!

I got to know that there was no prelude concert, like how they used to do in the past few years, and that the ‘guru besau’ is now Roslan Aziz, the Simon Cowell of Malaysia for the Idol franchise.

I have to admit, AF did produce a few (Verrry few) potentially good singers. I DO like Marsha, Felix and Farhan from the past instalments because they were genuinely good, nevermind that they never won because us Malaysians are not into acknowledging people with real talent. I mean look at that poser, Mawi for frikkin’ sakes! A broken down juke box sounds better than that bugger.

Watching it yesterday was horrific, it felt like one of those really bad chick flicks, like watching nothing but Hillary Duff and Jessica Simpson 24-7. Bad TV magnified.

Like how Nazrul @ Cucuk Langit would put it;


Kari Ayam weekend

Phil was trying to impress me when he cooked chicken curry last weekend.

He undercooked the rice, and burnt the pappadam.

I was supposed to not lift a finger, according to him, but I am the practical type. So I fixed the rice, and fried some more papadams, edible non – burnt ones.

I taught him how to eat with hands, also fed him, which was rather enjoyable, in a kinky sort of way (Don’t ask.)

By the end of the day, both of us smelt of curry powder.

Men who cook are just such a turn on. Men who tried all out to impress me by cooking something beyond his culinary comfort zone is an even bigger turn on.

Grrrr… :P--> GROWL MIANG!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Cuti – Cuti Malaysia 2007 – Malaysia, land of jobless women bloggers?


"From my understanding, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women."

"Bloggers like to spread rumours; they do not like national unity.”


And then when asked by a foreign press about his remarks, all he can say is no further comment?


Shed some light here, if most bloggers who are women, are generally liars, then are male ministers generally idiotic crappers?

Peh… the statistics are unbelievable. Was a survey actually carried out or was it purely his ’understanding’?

This made me cringe.

Somehow, at the same time, it made me want to laugh as well. So much so, that I’d be peeing, standing.

Oh, note that at this very moment, I am ACTUALLY not ‘working’, hence I wonder why do I have to wear this stupid headphones the whole day and handle complaints from moronic people from 8.30 AM till 5.30 PM. And the money I draw from the ATM every month, ntahlaaa… magic kot??? Or just that I have a generous but stingy Sugar Daddy who has not been paying me enough? I don’t know who, but sure is no minister I tell you.

Yelah kan, out of the many bloggers, 10,000 are unemployed and 8,000 of them are women.

So in short, women bloggers are jobless people who has nothing but time on their hands.

Sorry for not being born a ‘male Tengku’ that seemed to have had their political careers carved out of thin air la kan.

This is wayyyyy worst than that Nik Aziz fella who kept yabbing about our Aurat and that Samy ‘hike the toll, plant my hair’ Vellu!

Come on Tengku, get a grip on your head (The other one on your shoulders and not between them flabby thighs) and come up with something smart. Try not to speak through the hole in your arse dear sir.

When oh when will our ministers FINALLY have something good to say? Something that will make ME nod thoughtfully while going, ‘Hmm… that makes sense.’

Never? Malaysia’s future looks so bleak now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Trying To Breath a Change


It’s as if the air was stripped from all the O2. I felt terrible, my heart rates rising, my pulse heightening and my adrenaline’s rushing like no one’s business.

I hate this.

I shouldn’t have picked up that call.


Yesterday, I drove all the way to Coffee Trap, for my beer. Did I mention someone took my money? What was left of it anyway. Now, I am broke. At least a beer here cost me about 11 bucks. Trying to survive on 50 bucks for the whole month… thank god for my credit card me say, at least the petrol will always be filled.

It’s almost 8 pm and somehow, sitting there alone made me think about what the new year of 2007 has brought me thus far.

A failed relationship, a renewed friendship with another ex, a fling who actually likes spending time with me (And someone whom I am still trying to avoid) a realization that I give less credit than I should to my friends around me, a discovery that I could indeed survive on my own without my family, the homecoming of a best friend, a new lease on life, a new spirit… most of all.

I am expecting more things to come. I have drive now. everyday I would go to the more sophisticated area in my housing estate, where all the bungalows are at, asking myself how did they do it, and thinking of how to get it. I believe I should dream, bigger than I have had. I am starting small, and that’s by changing my habits, trying to stay positive.

Men could wait, honestly. I will just have them as side dishes now (Not that I am trying to make you guys sound like mashed potatoes, but you guys are. :P)

So it’s just going to be single horny me for the rest of the year then. I’ll drink to that.

‘Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.’
(Albert Schweitzer – 1875 – 1965)

Monday, March 12, 2007

A moment to ponder...

I have not seen Phil since last Thursday.

When I picked him up from the airport, the first thing I did when he came into the car was to hand him the T&Co cuff links I bought sometime ago. It was intended for BF(ex). Now I don’t think it is relevant anymore to be handed over to him.

I was so excited when I got my hands on the cuffs. I wanted so much to make the then love of my life happy, to make him feel important and appreciated.

But jinxed January and February did not permit that to happen, I guess.

That night I got up from his bed in a hurry to go home. I freaked out when he hugged me from behind and started kissing my ears and my neck, softly, affectionately.

I threw on my cardie and said goodbye without giving him a chance to kiss me.

I don’t intend to let go of the chance for me to turn my life around. Getting involved with a man has never been good to me. It has almost always scar me for life. I am determined to stop being vulnerable.

I just want to be happy, and I could get that when I am alone, worrying only for myself and nothing else.

The next time I am going to T&Co, it is to buy myself something, and never for anybody else.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Tag! A Tag!

I have been tagged by Juan. Well, I have seen this one going around a few blogs actually. I haven’t been tagged for quite sometime now, so here goes;

6 weird things about Sarcy

1) I am allergic to hard liquor even though I love to drink it. Too much of it will get me breaking out in itchy rashes ONLY on the top half of my body and it will be on for at least a week.

2) I love to stay at home alone when no one is around. People in the house are excuses for me to stay out of the house.

3) I do my laundry and chores at night because the weather is colder.

4) Unless I work out, I don’t sweat, even if I am exposed fully under the sun.

5) I am anal about my laundry. All of my good clothes are washed by hands because I don’t trust other people even the dry cleaners.

6) I tend to talk to myself when I am cooking, pretending as if I am in my own cook show, plus I would speak with an accent, like Kylie Kwong or Nigella Lawson.

Who would I like to tag? Well no one in particular except those who would want to pick it up themselves.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mommy you likey???

-- Babe... this is for you.. hehe

Kak Freddie / Freddy (?) day dreaming looking out to Jalan Dhoby.

Freddie / Freddy? Came over to JB and even though it was just for a short time Ie- 1 day, I think in succeeding to taint her for her whole life with a surreally absurd animation character kind of made my weekend a whole lot sweeter… *Wink*

We had a night spent having the famous It Roo Chicken chop at Dhoby Street and just a conversation of one topic to another. Later, went back to my pad and surfed the net together watching some mean Happy Tree Friends. Toldcha to never be fooled dear... hehe.

And pictures... yes pictures of us having lunch at It Roo the next day. (You wouldn't think of us taking pictures in our boxers without 'mekap' do you? Scandalous I tell you.)

Monday, March 5, 2007

KL anyone?

The weekend was a blast.

Being in the company of sexy fabulous babes was a godsend. The next time we are gonna do this girls, let’s do it after midnight, and you guys know why…

Our night out’s pictures are hoards of … umm… indecent poses … None of it could be displayed here... heh!

The next day was a stay in Saturday for me and Sheryl, being ‘morning people’, we woke up around 9 am. I made ice and yes dears, you will have to thank me for that… hehe...

And I finally got my kambing! Thank you Dude!

Thanks for the hospitality, the party, the comfy couch, the belated birthday pressie and the long talks babe… *Hugs*… I needed that.

I hope you enjoy the book Darl.


Babe, you retro ‘Like a Virgin’ queen you… thank you for coming down for the clubbing night, Glad you had fun… *Kiss*

The two anonymous babes (You guys would prefer to be known??? Hehe),

You guys are fun… we don’t get to talk much (In that noise…how???) but I hope to catch up with you guys again o my next trip…


It’s a shame that we were not able to catch up properly, but there will always be other trips, you can be sure of that… Love you!

Chillin' out in our PJs

The horny devils.. :P

This is definitely my favorite picture, our version of the Simple Life's advert... Haha!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


I am still up… when I should be sleeping for the KL trip tomorrow…


Dudes and dudettes! See you tomorrow comprende???