Sunday, June 21, 2015

Judgmental overtone of how 'SOME' Malaysians act

I live in my own cocoon. But once in a while I fall into the social trap and starts to pay attention to what everyone around me is talking about.

Like how some holier than thou Malay Muslims 'disapproved' of a national gymnast's outfit for showing 'the shape of the woman's genitals.'

I am not going to say vagina because it's anatomically incorrect. I believe that the real name for it was 'Vulva'.

It's the little minds that discusses little shit things like this that I am annoyed... nay... irritated with.

I think it's more of the double standardization of men and women in the eyes of the 'religious freaks' that matters in Malaysia.

Which is kind of sad.

On the international front, all 'real Muslims' come forth in defense of the gold medalist, the Malay Muslims refused to back down.

There is nothing heavenly about that behavior.

I shudder to think how their hell would be like.

But then again, I am not supposed to judge.