Monday, July 30, 2012

This is a post without a specific title...


After 10 sun salutations a day followed by a 45 minutes practice every day....

I should be at peace... No?

The truth is, there are just too many things that are racing through my mind now.

This year would be my 5th year spending Raya alone. I dread going back for the holidays because I know people would be asking :

1) Who's The Scotsman?
2) Don't you ever want to get married ever?
3) Bila lagi turn kau???? (When is your turn????)


I would be having my annual long holiday of about 8 (Business) days and to be totally honest, I would prefer spending it next to a pool under the sun in my bikini, with a beer and a good book!

Rather than waking up at 6 am to cook, driving in convoy for the whole day, drinking cordials and stuffing my face with biscuits and cakes all day.

Not to mention the pre-Eid family drama that would happen just because it will.

*Pulls hair*

And then, I am in the middle of a big PBX location shift project and with the whole extension list revamped, I would now have a different set of systems to implement and maintain.

Oh yeah, all this when I have to complete the monthly bonus and also the incentive payout...

And of course, the monthly team award as well.

Oh, and the Reward and Recognition program too.


You know what, I am taking off. Heck.. I am on standby almost 24 hours anyway. I deserve an early departure!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Reluctant Vegetarian

To be honest, I have no problem whatsoever on being vegetarian.

If there are no meat, I have no issues on eating vegies. I grew up eating a lot of them. I don't understand those who have an ongoing enmity with broccolis and spinach.

I am vegie friendly, although I do love meat.

Recently I have contracted a mild form of eczema affecting only my left ear. Yeah! My left ear!! ONLY!

So because of this, I decided to not eat too much of eggs, seafood and poultry. The outcome was almost instantaneous. I itch less, and my eczema condition improved.

And because I don't eat red meat too often, this renders my meat intake to almost zero.

How do I feel about it? I feel strangely, for now, restricted. I feel that I have imposed this needless limitations on myself.

And I have always been pro Anthony Bourdain when it comes to vegetarianism. He does not believe that one should be one unless your religion calls for it. He also said that vegetarians make terrible travellers.

Now I have seen this first hand. When I was in Bali, a couple of backpackers were making the waiter's life hell asking for vegetarian options, when the restaurant is clearly more of a barbecued meat place.

The woman was making a fuss over her grilled vegies which she said "Tastes of beef." and insisted for it to be replaced. The guy was grumbling "Jeez how hard is it to have vegetables here!"

I could only shake my head in disbelief, like COME THE FUCK ON! The whole world does not share your belief.

Isn't it a fact that if you want someone to respect your beliefm you should respect theirs?

Well anyways, the rudeness was totally expected from the two German backpackers.

If you have been around, you would know that they are the worst.

Back to me, the reluctant vegetarian Yoga practicing person (I don't call myself a Yogi unless I can do a decent headstand)... I do believe that being a vegetarian is a choice. Being one should not mean being a pain to everyone else who are not.

That said, Happy Saturday everyone! EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I walk the thin line of being adventurous, a glutton for punishment and laziness...

Other people do stuff that we would usually tell ourselves 'We can do that, we just don't have enough time and do not want to publicize it'.

Seriously, let me tell you guys right now that we are all narcissists.

We love to tell people that we do stuff, what we think, how we think and how we would act. It's the consequences of being humans. Humans are shamelessly... showy.

I flicked through my past posts and found that I was an attention whore. I talked crap and I wrote shit.

It wasn't until the hiatus in 2010 that my posts become, much relaxed... and in a way, less pretentious.

I admit to the fact that I was pretentious. I might even still be pretentious. I don't know.

What I was, and what I am not now would be that I just can't be bothered to care anymore. The attention whore retired.

I consider myself to be considerably adventurous, slightly deranged when it comes to adrenaline packed stuff and the only reason why I love circuit training would be that I LOVE pushing myself over and over and over again.

But I get lazy at times. When my laundry basket is too full, or I can't be bothered to make my bed, then I would know that I am lazy.

That happens every two months or so.

If I am the person I was years ago, I might just take pictures of the things that I do / did and post it on this blog. I gues the other reason why I have not been doing that is simply because I have FB to entertain my endless need to camwhore or be showy.

Now, I do things not to tell people that I did it and I am showing it, I do things because I want to do. I am going to lay off advertising these things to people in my blog.

But then again, with readership of less than 20 in a week, who the hell cares anyway.

Have a great Thursday everyone!

*Listening to Major Minor by Coldplay, on repeat.*

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So. I am right now in the middle of a conference call.

We are discussing VDNs and PBX routing for a transition to another location and our transition to Verint system within the next 3 months or so.

To my surprise, our onshore counterparts are not using the latest VOIPs required to accommodate the system.

Maybe it is just an Asian mindset to think that our system might be lagging behind in terms of technology.

On another note, who would have known that a few years down the road from 2008, I would have been familiar with all these telecoms acronyms and terminologies.

We are dropping it like it's hot on all kinds of acronyms possible, other people would think we are people from another planet.

Call's over, changing mode to payroll trainer now. Toodles!

Monday, July 16, 2012


There are some people out there who think that you won't live your life, unless you do the following :

1) Marry someone
2) Have a kid
3) Be a grandparent

I have people who don't like me, telling people in a sarcastic tone that one should not be single and live with cats. One must get married and have kids, not cats.

Seriously, I guess one will be living their life if :

a) They have kids and will have to scrimp on stuff because they have kids.
b) They ended up having a divorce after 10-15 years.
c) They have dumb ass kids because they inherited their dumb ass genes.

SO I have 5 cats. I love all of them dearly.

I have always been a loner since I was a kid. Being the eldest, a lot of things were put on my shoulders.

So much so, that I didn't want another person to go through what I have.

It taught me character, which was fair enough. But I don't want anyone else to go through that.

I am in my 30s and I have only had 1 serious relationship. I am with The Scotsman in an open relationship, but is struggling to decide whether I want more or not. It doesn't matter because he can't and would not give me what I want should I want it anyway.

I will just live the remainings of my life and let my stubbornness and my opinions die with me. 

Not that it is a bad thing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I am a prolifically bad texter.

To be more specific, I am really bad in texting abbreviation.

I just can't text abbreviations.

Apparently you don't have to have a sense of grammar when you text. The Scotsman is older than me, but he texts like a teenager. It's weird because when he speaks and writes, it is all good. He said texting bad grammar is great. It's like you don't have a care in the world.

"So how do you text your clients?"

"Hon, I don't text my clients. Unprofessional."

I tried, once in a while, to text, badly. The thing is, when you have a qwerty phone, it is really hard to be grammatically incompetent. Plus, I use the phone to also email my bosses when I am not in the office. My phone is my mobile office!

So my excuse for not texting badly? It's unprofessional and not so smart when you are using a smartphone.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yoga - ta attempt this...

To know if you are going anywhere with your practice...

I am, to be honest... still not able to do this properly.

My form still needs work and I still do not want to be photographed attempting the stance.

But I am getting there.

Ugh... Wednesday... Hating it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inner Peace Pt. 2

I am looking for another way to achieve inner peace.

Found out that my type of inner peace comes in a form of a bag, a pair of shoes and clothes.

I am good with those things but I was told that 'inner peace' is more than Coach bags and Zara sale.

But... is it really?

The last time I felt totally in peace with myself was during my Penang vacation.

It was fun and I had a new found respect for 'vacations'. I have never thought that I can actually get away from work for more than 12 hours and be totally ok with it. 

Also the fact that I have never felt more liberated, prancing in bikinis on the beach with no care in the world. 

And the sea helped as well, although I was waddling more than I was swimming.

But THAT was inner peace.

Let's now find other possible inner peace... and let's help her! :)

Happy Monday everyone.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Rockstar

Now... I am no Perez Hilton. I am bad at gossips and frankly speaking, I don't really give a damn.

I was just thinking that my blog would be much more interesting if I had a different profession...

Say... a bikini waxer.

I can actually start my daily entry with something along the lines of :

"... Today I waxed a woman who is slightly pudgy and smells like roses."


"... who really doesn't really have a lot to wax off, to be honest. The woman is into yoga and has NO boobs..."

Umm... Yeah...

So... instead of blogging about people drama and management dead ends, I can bitch about people's hair and pain tolerance, in-grown hair... and the likes...

Maybe... not.

but hey, that's something to think about.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


People would usually ask me why did I not get an I-Pad instead of a Samsung.

I have never really been much of a Apple fan. The only thing that I like about it would be the design.

But the function, not so much.

I believe in function first before brand. :-) (and of course the price).

And if I can get the same function with a lesser ridiculous price...

Why the hell not then?

I am simple person in the end. I am content with what I have right now, something that is not extended to my many bags and shoes, but with everything else, I am very much contented.

So far I have no complain with my samsung 8.9 tab. I get all the function of a tablet, at a fraction of a price. So why the fuck not?

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all friends who are Americans, a great 4th of July celebration.

God Bless.

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