Friday, January 17, 2014

You either do, or you don't

I feel that I must apologize for my lack of commitment to updating this blog.

Things had been, different. I guess it comes with the new job and role that I am taking over.


Because of the ridiculous KL traffic that puts me in a tricky situation when it comes to going home after work, I have decided to join the gym located in my new office's building.

My first workout was yesterday. I was not really surprised to find that it was... Crap.

I had no stamina and I was weak. I was thinking and running at the same time and it was not great.

My left leg had a mild cramp and I was floored after 45 minutes.

Mind you that before this, I would usually work out for more than 2 hours... Daily.

On the way home, I was doing an RCA (Root Cause Analysis.. ;p) on my crappy workout.

First thing's first, my diet was absolutely irregular. Since I started work, lunch was non - existent. I am very new in the office. I have no friends, and everybody seemed to work on lunch. I was.. well... lost. which is quite normal if you are new.

So, obviously, I didn't have anything for lunch. I had a grande size mocha for breakfast and for my lunch (-ish) I had a grande size mocha and a piece of bread.

The rest of the day was spent in one meeting after another.

So by 6 pm, I was spent. My energy was depleted. But I soldiered on to gym.

OBVIOUSLY, I had a crappy workout.

Okay, so, my Goal plan for now is to...

Eat more, have a better workout.

And oh. Happy January everyone.

With Love, Namaste.

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014!!! *Waves*

So, January so far had been full of things.

Good things mostly, but it is tiring me out. Right now I am just glad for my coffee and my me time, that seemed to still be undisturbed, at the moment.

On the job front, let's say.. I am on the right track. I am blessed.. truly.

Happy New Year everyone!

With Love, Namaste.