Monday, August 31, 2009

Raya and plastic flowers.

For the record my mother and I are both not really into plastic flowers.

I am the high maintenance type. I would rather spend more to get fresh ones. My Mum hates plastic flowers because it gathers dust like a vacuum cleaner. Both of us hate the process of cleaning them and both of us hate trying to figure out where to store them.

My Mum's practical, me... I am just fussy.

On the way back to KL, my Aunt, Mama Ji, who has incredible patience for these kinds of stuff and my uncle who also has the same type of patience, stopped at Ayer Hitam.

Ayer Hitam is famous for it's ceramic potteries and plastic flowers and all kinds of decorational stuff. I remembered tagging along with my Grandma, back when she was younger here. I loved the stuff they have. I got my first 'Tabung ayam' (The piggy bank in the shape of a cock, remember that one? The one that you will have to break to get whatever cash out from it) here.

Nostalgia aside, Ayer Hitam is the one place where you can get plastic flowers and all mother of house decoration items at a fraction of the price... a whole bouquet arranged on the spot will only cost you RM 20. Cute mugs (as in the thing you use to drink from) were going for 5 for RM 10.

It is your heaven if you are into these kinds of stuff (Which is evident that I am not...)

A snapshot at the flower shop I was at
One of the shots I managed to get from the shade. It was about 3 PM in the afternoon and it was HOT!

I bought some snacks to bring to work, namely some banana chips, keropoks (Fish crackers) and stuff. 6 big packs for 20 bucks!

The place will start to get busier one week before Raya I was told by Mama Ji.

*Sigh... Raya time moving too damn fast nowadays that it makes you look back everytime some festival is on???*

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Break fast galore... the second reason why I am freaked out by the coming Raya

I was back in JB for the weekend. Got an extra leave day (Thanks to KTB.. wurve you!) on Monday.

Aside from driving from KL to JB with me still not having any sleep for the past 12 hours, the homecoming since the last couple of months was somehow nostalgic.

A lot of things happened in JB, I will leave it at that.

I missed the whole Saturday as I was sleeping it off.

So on Sunday, we went to my Grandparents' for break fast. A trip to my Grandparents' on a Sunday would mean that we would walk through one of the coolest 'Pasar Malam' or literally translated as night market.
You will just have to step out of the house's driveway and you can buy whatever it was that decided to set stall in front of the house!

And I really mean whatever.
Another thing about going back to my grandparents' would be the food. My Grandpa reminded me when I asked one of my cousins to go for a walk in the night market was to NOT buy anything else. Our dining table was a full house!! 
The stars of the night were;

Taraa.... 'Sup Gear Box', otherwise known as Bone marrow soup. This one is mutton. The bone marrow soup is usually eaten with a straw, yes a straw, because the whole point of eating one is to slurp out the marrow and to eat it with the soup. And also, people would knock their bones on their plates just to get those gooey stuff out.

I don't eat this... I love the soup though.

And of course, Laksa Johor.

I think Laksa Johor is the best dish in the whole of Malaysia. Of course people would think that our version of the laksa is a bit too rich as ours not are as watery  as the other versions. Ours are made with ground fish (deboned, of course) and the gravy is thicken with coconut milk and for a bit more flavour, some dried tamarind pieces.

Aaand, we served ours with spaghetti, not rice noodles okay.. we are just a bit eksyen like that with our colonial roots.
Plus... we Johoreans eat our Laksa i.e Pasta with our fingers... yummm!!!!

I started my break fast with these babies.... mutton Murtabaks (pancakes stuffed with onions and pieces of spiced pieces of meat) and a bit of curried mutton.
This was how the whole familia looked like at the end of the feast.

After that I went to meet up with Kak Neesa. We drove everywhere to find a place we can chill at. (By the way, I only managed to meet her at 10,no thanks to my Dad driving at 60 KM/h on the highway).

We wanted to check out the bazaar at Danga Bay, but it was packed with people last night thanks to the Merdeka eve celebration. So we detoured and ended up at Burger King and we chill and bitched there.

I bought a Swarovski crystal handmade bracelet from Kak Neesa. It was cute seee.... (the bracelet not the grinning person wearing them.)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Since then...

Someone hit my car. Wiwa was parked at the main carpark at work, and the fucking idiot hit my baby. The signal light cover broke, but the signal light is ok.

My (I mean the car's) bumper is a bit askew... and I am fucking pissed off.

Apa, tak reti bawak kereta ke??

Bodo, fucker of a stupid shit of an idiot...



I am currently  in JB. Drove my uncle's ride for 2 hours and a half without stopping, and I'll only be back in KL this Monday.

I ate rice just now... no more no more... :(....
My mum asked me if I  would usually spend the whole of a Saturday sleeping.... yes... I slurred.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the first day of Puasa I went and do these stuff!

The first day of puasa was relaxing.
I was on leave or what my American counterparts would call on my 8 hours PTO a day before Puasa. I slept from 2 am EST to 2pm EST. When I woke up, I realized that I had to go and take my sahur. Called up KTB at work and checked when was his lunch break. Around 3.40 pm EST I drove to the office. Picked KTB up and went to Mamak to have food.
I was thinking of having something heavier than my usual food. I flicked open my purse and found out that I forgot to take out some money and is now left with RM 7. Heh...
So my first day sahur was a plate of Roti Banjir with Dhal and Iced tea.
I then went to the office... yeap... office. I didn't have anything to do at home anyway. I didn't do work but I was in the office. (Yup I am sad like that...)
We had team dinner later that night, so by 6.15, I picked up KTB and Sharan and was already on our way to Bangsar. The team was officially 1 year in operation and decided that we should celebrate it with the rest of the team members.

The team originally started with 13 different members. To date only 3 from the original group stayed behind, and that includes myself, Joyce and Thanes.

The rest either deserved the termination they got or just went MIA. Yeap I know... silly. People are looking for jobs and yet Malaysians are constantly looking for better opportunities just for a slight hike in dollar and cents.
Everyone made an effort to make an appearance and it turned out to be a fun night. We were camwhoring like nobody's business and I am just happy that I get to eat.
After dinner, KTB, Sharan, Joyce, Chris and myself decided to go and catch a movie. They talked about the movie during dinner and it sounded interesting. So we drove to Cineleisure and bought the tickets. The movie was a midnight screening and so we had about 1 hour to kill. Sharan spotted a gorgeous hunk so purposely sat around the gorheous hunk's table so that Sharan could get a chance. We then officially brought Sharan in the Chicken club, which existing members are known as Sarc and KTB.
Well now... on the movie... umm....
The movie's title is 'The Orphan'. The cast was unknown, and the movie on the whole... well...
Have you ever been in a movie where you will just be aching to leave... it would probably be because it was bad, but this movie... well it wasn't bad... in any sense.. well it was just... well... heavy. It was really disturbing and I was restless.
"Oh WTF?Can we just leave ... like now?? I can't see this anymore."
But really, I know that I wanted to stay on and check out the ending. I ended up with a migraine after that.
I have a feeling that everyone in the theatre was just glad that the bitch in the movie died in the end. And that the protagonist won. It was a disturbing yet.. well I have to admit, the twist was rather ok. So it was an OK movie provided that you are ok to be disturbed by most of the scenes in the movie.
And no, if you have kids and you wanted to bring your children to see this one, my suggestion (That I HOPE won't fall on deaf ears this time) is to DON'T bring them at all.
Owh.... having migraine again. 

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan lagi

Fasting month is here again.

As you guys would know, I am a gym freak. So a lot of my friends asked me if I am still going to work out during puasa month.

I guess they were shocked when I said,

"Of course la dude. Puasa is no reason for you to stop."

Yup... training will not be as vigorous, but I won't stop.


I don't really remember last year's ramadhan. I was busy with work and stuff, and I spend the day sleeping. I do remember the fantastic food at my auntie's house when I was staying there. It's either I ballooned up, or I slimmed down.

I think I put on weight, actually.

So this year, there will be no good food, only healthy food (Trust me... when they said that healthy food are mostly good ones... well they are lying... hehe).

I miss my Aunt's cooking.

I actually dread Ramadhan this year, because I promised my Grandma that I would somehow bring home a guy to the house this year. A guy as in a boyfriend. I think I will get a gay friend to act as one. :P

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Me taking on a brand new world...

Yesterday was my measurement day with my trainer.

I lost another 2 kilos, I have lost 5cms off my waist and my muscle mass increased by 1.5 kilo.

That means, I am on my way to hotness... total hotness... sizzling!

This is all of course for personal gratification. I do not have a love interest to keep myself hot for, I am above all that, well... I think...

I have this thing, on a guy who goes to the same gym, he'd usually be there everyday at 9.30 am. Last week, I said hi and we kind of talked briefly for about maybe 3 minutes. He was asking me about my training, I politely said it's going great (despite the fact that I was close to kicking my trainer on the groin for making me suffer so much that morning) and I asked him how was it that he finished a bit too early that day. So he was telling me about his injury and all...

Well... granted that he might be gay. Most guys in the gym seemed to be one. I have a walking talking 'Gay'-dar by my side (KTB that is) so everytime I fancied a guy, I will turn to him and ask "Bits (Panggilan manja and abbeviation for 'Bitch') ... he gay ah??" and crossing my fingers that the guy I like is not one.

So after finally saying hi to a guy I fancied who could be gay, my next mission is to take on wall climbing. This would have to be after Raya. I still have one whole month to work on my left weak arm.

I feel as if I can take on anything after losing pounds, looking hotter and feeling desirable (Okehlah...).

Of course I do feel depressed sometimes, I do cry in my sleep without knowing and I do feel ... well lonely... but I have good friends who are there for me, and bigger things to think about. Finding a soulmate, well... my soulmate for now is myself, but I welcome the notion that someone else might be one for me.

To my soulmate, tak taulah what's your name.... Abu, Ah Chong, Muthu, Shah Rukh Khan, Eric, John, whatever I am already digging you... dude...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of course you tend to write when you are up at 6 am in the morning...

--->Note about this Picture - Yes... that is Buttons, curling up comfortably in my Triumph bra, on my bed.

I am up at 6 am in the morning right now.

Mainly because, well I went to sleep at maybe 10 mins to 9 pm yesterday because I went out to Bangsar wanting to eat nasi daun pisang (Banana leaf rice) only to end up buying a piece of pretzel. The stupid woman gave me mango juice instead of the lemonade I wanted and the pretzel was so dry I can use it to defend myself against food sample supermarket people.

It was a Sunday, I was not in the right state of mind. Was contemplating on going to the gym, well... I never went, I blame it on the rain really, and the fact that today was my ultimate lazy day. I was a chronic lazy fucker. All I wanted to do was to lie in bed, with my laptop (Trash gave me her broadband access since her laptop went kaput. So I am grateful for that since the P1 person I wanted to go to to get one was involved in an accident. As you can see, there had been a lot of drama going on lately.) either playing RPG games or just googling for the origins of the word 'breakfast'.

I successfully fended off my urge to have Baskin's Maui Chocolate lowfat Yoghurt thingie. It's low fat, but it is still fat. I wanted to eat, but I didn't want to eat alone. Well... not because I am concerned about eating alone, I just didn't feel like eating alone. I drove back home and even though KTB said he was going out to Bangsar to get his pint of ice cream (He is a chocolate peppermint maniac) and said he would be coming over to pick me up because I was lazy to drive out, I said ;

"No. I am depressed and lazy. When I am depressed, I don't want to eat. I am tired for no reason. I am depressed."

Well, not that I am having a chronic case of depression, it's just that I was feeling down, totally rotten, and whiney. People have that sometimes, that is why I love being at work... there would always be someone you can shout to if you are about to feel rotten, i.e... you can shout at your IT fellows because your PC is giving you problems.

My real problem, I think was not getting to eat what I want... and also the fact that the house is becoming a cat poo sanctuary. Our new housemates brought along two persian cats, which bothered not only our cat but also our livelihood at the moment.

Persians are spoilt high maintenance cats. They were eating our cat's, Buttons', food and have been shitting all over the house despite having their big ass kitty litter. I didn't even feel like going out to cook anymore nowadays. Can't help but to feel as though I was drenched in cat poo the moment I stepped out to the living room.

I was telling Joyce that by this time next year, We have to go and find somewhere else to move. We need our own place, a proper couch, proper everything. Even a proper cat bed for Buttons, who we usually referred to as Ass, actually, because she can be an ass sometimes, climbing up on our laundry and destroying puny plastic plants that belongs to the landlord.

It is now officially almost 12 hours since my pretzel consumption, I think I need to cook something. I would have to brave that shit fest outside and go to the kitchen.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's time to get back to my cam whoring ways!!!

Anybody who knew me would know that I love photography. Once upon a time ago, I would devote my weekends to take pictures. Using my little digital camera, I would snap at everything that I can.

I was the ultimate shutter bug and subsequently, very fittingly... the ultimate camwhore.

I lost it when I started working in KL. I was too busy getting trained and now too busy training people to have time for professional camwhoring.

I am getting back on the wagon dammit! I will be fully functional after I get proper Photoshop apps installed in my new laptop.

Goofing in the office after 6.30 am (Shot by KTB)

My friends, Bitch and Trash, who I can, fittingly bitch and trash with.

Me (I am cute right.... I know... Hahahaha) with my gym buddy

My breakfast before I hit the gym. I have always love the signature kopitiam cups and saucers. Found out that they are frikkin' cheap too!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Randomly speaking...

Yesterday was one of those days that I had an urge on doing something quite... well... spontaneous.

The last time this happened, I joined a gym.

I had a broadband flyer for some time in my car. So I decided, heck... I am a grown up... all 30 years of it... maybe it is time I give up my extravagant and simply tiring habit of going to Starbucks to surf the net and have caffeinated drinks. So... I was thinking of taking up a wireless broadband connection. They are having quite good offers actually.

So I went to Border's where I actually took the flyer from... like maybe a week ago. I was in my gym clothes. I didn't feel like showering at the gym and decided before I go back to my tiny apartment to shower, I better get this nagging thought of doing something spontaneous off my head.

The paddock was closed, much to my disappointment. I glanced at my cellphone, it was about 11 am in the morning. I have not been sleeping for the past 13 hours, I am in my gym shorts, sports bra and damp underwear, holding on to my water bottle.

I walked over to the counter and asked the Border's guy who was standing there.

"Dik... counter ni bila bukak?"

"Hari ni takde kak. Dia eksiden."

Whoah... I wasn't expecting that. My expression must have prompted the Border's guy to instinctively give out a little laugh, one that was equivalent to a hamster choking.

"Oh... bila rasanya... I mean... takde orang ganti ke?"

"Tu kita tak tau kak."

I walked away, not before buying a copy of Newsweek. Hmm... the day my spontaneous plans got foiled by a broadband guy who met with an accident... interesting...

I then walked to get something to eat. When you work out, you need energy to replenish the ones you have used. I brisk walked for about 15 minutes and ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill before I went from one machine to another like a zombie. By the time I am finished, I am 200 calories burnt out and was as hungry as a horse... I could have eaten one... even.

Subconsciously, I walked to Subway and ordered a meatball sandwich with extra pickled jalapenos and vinegar and oil sauce on wheat bread.

I know it is only a sandwich... but I swear to God, it was the best thing I have ever had the entire week. Only a plate of rice with my mum's beef rendang could beat that. :P~... Strange how a frikkin' sandwich can make you feel. Heh.


While waiting for KTB, fresh from my shower, I sat at the lounge with a glass of iced lemon tea and a magazine.

Tell me exactly how many working class women in Malaysia could afford a bag worth 4Gs, another question that ran through my head was, how many of them... could actually buy a dress from Hermes worth around 6Gs?

Once upon a time ago, I had an ambition (a rather blonde one, actually...) to be the editor in chief for a glossy magazine. Now, my dream (which, considering my change of career paths, will always be a dream) would be to be a writer for Newsweek or Times.

EIC for Bazaar or Vogue kind of lost its' appeal. I don't see a need for me to oversee so called charity galas and fashion event, even if I am a vain person.

But that's just me...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My conversation with God.

Hi .... God...

I know what I have been asking from you all this while and I apologize. It can get lonely here. If I get it right, and if it's correct (Stop me if I'm not) everyone has someone for themselves.

That is ... except for me. That's kind of unfair innit?

I know what I want now. I want a better career and have more cash that I can earn on my own. I mean, it's not as if you are going to give me a partner in crime any time soon.

By the looks of it... I doubt that you will be even considering giving me that anyway. A man who would actually like me for who I am and not how good I am in bed? That does sound a litlle bit farfetched, now to think of it.

You want to know the one thing I regret letting happen in all my 30 years of life? It is that decision of mine to let in my ex into my life for the second time.

It only made me fall in love more with him, even though he pretty much treated me like crap. You know men, if a woman is too ambitious, it turns them off, if we are not, it turns them off too. That's mainly why I chose to be alone. I have been alone for a long time. Have never met anyone who could impress me.

So that said, I don't know what men want anymore. They are bullshit, men.

I think the world could have been a better place if the inhabitants are all women. We are smarter. How many women are actually serial rapists and murderers and idiotice politicians out there anyway?

You know what I think about religions? Well I believe that there is only one God, and that is You. I believe somehow, oddly, You might be the ultimate God that all religions pray to anyway... despite them telling people that that's not the case.

I also believe that You really don't expect us to ceremoniously show our belief and affection towards you. You are God. You are the most tolerant highest form of being in the universe. I don't even really know how big is the whole universe. There is talk about an alternate universe... You know anything about that? Of course you do... YOU ARE GOD!

I also know that I do think that I am a good human being, despite the fact that I don't dress /act the way the religion expects me to. In fact, I think I am much better, tolerant compared to any covered maniacs who judged everyone and go whipping women and not men who drink. I love animals, I recycle, I contribute to charity (No, not the people begging at Starbucks or anywhere for that matter, I think God, they are a part of a syndicate) I am responsible towards my family, I take care of my friends,although they sometimes fail me, I respect the elderly and all that in spite of my weakness for a lot of things. (Shoes included)

So I am hoping, yes... for a better life. At least for now, stopping me from subconsciously thinking of my frikkin' ex would be a huge start... Really.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I think I have mentioned before that I have an unfaltering belief in Karma.

Fine, I have been told by my friends that Karma is not really an Islamic concept and that I shouldn't believe in it.

But what part of 'Do unto others what you hope others would do to you' could possibly get lost in translation? Karma is a concept that you can believe in, regardless if you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu or Buddhist.

I found a gold band in the gym's shower. It is a simple gold band, that could have mean something to the owner.

To me, a stranger, it could either be a keep / or I could just sell it off for a sum that will not even cut a quarter of my salary.

I gave it to the gym's reception.

After that something got me thinking;

To me, it seemed like a righteous thing to do. Afterall, if any of my gold jewelry (Not that I would wear them to the gym that is) got lost in the shower or anywhere else, it would be nice if I can get it back.

Having lost my purse twice in the washroom, and not getting them back at all, kind of prompted me to live my life on the Karma basis. It's not a nice feeling to lose something of importance to you, like your ID, driving license, credit cards and everything else.

Don't tell me as a Muslim, you don't believe in doing good to others and expect the same?

So that said, I don't understand why is it that people can talk so much crap about a particular concept that is only noble and well... derived out of basic common sense and turn it around to be a sacrilegious act.

Well, I hope the gold band managed to find its' way to the owner. One thing about living your life according to Karma, it allows you to live what's left of your life without guilt.