Friday, July 29, 2011


I was eating with Lululemon when I saw UC.

Lululemon was my date.

I am 12 kilos lighter than the last time UC saw me. His expression was priceless, and I noticed it even when I was actually looking at him from the corner of my eye.

Yeap. Wank it dude. Wank it!


And... no... I am not going to rant about Lululemon. It is jinxed, this whole blogging about my love life shit.


Friday, July 22, 2011

I am in ...

The middle of proving to myself that I can really work under pressure.

I have two projects due on the 29th and an ongoing training and recruitment project due by mid August.

I am breathing and breathing out.

My weekends are going to be wrecked by this.

Diagrams, tables and thousands of data dating back to Jan 1st, 2010.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

The trouble with weekends is that there are never enough of them going around

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I am a weekender.

I am brought to life every weekends, I live life the way it is supposed to be lived on Saturdays and Sundays.

No C-SAT reports, no scheduling, no dumbass staff, no strategic quality planning, nothing that requires me to pull my hair and shout in my car.

All I do on weekends is to have fun.

If we are to narrow this down with numbers, it will look like this :

There are 105 weekends (Saturdays +Sundays) in a year. That equals to 2520 hours.

Assuming we spend 8 hours for sleep, that means we take out 840 hours and is left with only 1680 hours to do everything else.

1680 hours to live, technically. To live without mentioning work, or backstabbing work colleagues.

To live as life intend us to.

So, cherish your weekends, do something worthwhile. Do it while you can.

Sketch Courtesy of Godop

Last weekend, I spent time with the couple I am going to become a maid of honor for in September and also Krishna who is going to become their Best man. Not to mention spending time with The Scotsman.

On Sunday, I went with two of my good guy friends to Jalan TAR / Jalan Masjid India.

It was my first time after years. I used to love going there, taking in the hustle and bustle of your average Malaysian people. It's Bangsar/Damansara 10 times removed, and I loved it to bits!

In front of Sogo, where we stopped for 'Keropok Lekor' (Deep fried fish crackers) and LokLok (Street Steamboat). All the things that white people fear of are right here (Exposed raw food and handmade cordials)

The weekends were closed with our weekly rice session at Nirwana Maju in Bangsar. This time it was different because we did this for hours :

That bloody game was stressfull. And absolutely virtually painful. 

I hope that your weekend was just as full as mine.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The circus that is Malaysian Politics

Let me reiterate once more.

I am apolitical.

I see Malaysian politics as entertainment, amusement, CIRCUS. (Sarkas, orang melayu kata)

But I am not amused when the circus is going to ruin my weekend.

Wait... I don't even like the circus.

We don't know how things are going to be like this morning. The good thing about me, is that I live 5 minutes drive away from the office. I am not one who will be held up on LDP, NKVE or Penchala Link.

My colleague was stuck in a massive traffic jam on LDP from 9 pm - 12 am.

After that, she told me that her brother who was supposed to go and pick one of her sisters up from KL, were stopped, asked to produce a letter saying that that was his purpose. The police officer even said :

"You suruh je la adik awak jumpa you kat luar KL."

So the officer technically was asking the sister to 'walk' out of KL. At night. In that kind of situation.

Yes, it is... to be put simply... FUCKED UP.

So, I can't have my weekend breakfast session with my friends, because of Bersih, I can't go and have my weekly chocolate chip muffin and Moroccan mint latte at Bangsar, because of Bersih, I can't spend time with The Scotsman because of Fucking Bersih.

Or to be more accurate, because of the roadblocks set up by the police as instructed by the Government.

Malaysia is fucking pisshed!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Believe it or not, I still do not know what I have passion for until now.

Having blogger/twitter correspondence such as Ninie Ahmad the mini human pretzel and following awesome people like AnnaRina and Zuzie@Bodyrock on FB made me think about what do I have passion for.

And if I have passion for anything, at all.

When I was a kid, I used to bug my parents for sketchbooks and a set of pencils. I loved to sketch. Before Moleskins come to play, I used those standard school sketch books to draw on. Everything from people, cats, cars, and even my own hands.

The last time I sketched was when I was hanging out with The Scotsman for our Cappuccino gig. I sketched a guy who was sitting in front of me on the Starbucks serviette. And I scribbled The Scotsman's name in full blown Arabic calligraphy---- Yes I know how to read and write in 'Jawi' (Spellings using Arabic alphabets but in Malay / English).

Then there were books. While everyone else seemed to settle for magazines and Ladybird fairy tale books (This was when I was 9-10), I was already picking up Lord of the Rings and even, the original Hans Christian Andersen short stories. I read back to back pages of the Oxford Encyclopedia.

I loved it and I still do. Books are one of those things I can't do without.

Until recently, I took up physical training and Yoga to help with my being and my strength. No I still can't do more than 25 push ups and I still have difficulties pretzeling myself.

However, at 32, I am in my best form. I just wished I'd discovered these earlier on in my twenties. Instead I chose to waste away my youth doing and chasing things that don't matter.

But... I am trying to not have any regrets. It builds my character, those things. I have come to a realization that  things happened for a reason.

I also love writing. I was in communications for a reason, although I did not have any idea why I was inclined to take on a degree course that I have zero interest in whatsoever.

I am still writing, although not professionally, and not quite as passionate like I used to be, I am still able to come up with readable entries in this blog that nobody really read. ;)

I guess, my passion at the moment is living my life, doing all the things that I loved and still love. I may not be the loving daughter, an effective manager (Yet.), an awesome best friend, an inspirational writer or someone who anyone wants/can look up to.

But I am here, still, taking in all that life can give me, and just hoping that I have the strength to handle everything else that life is going to throw at me.

God Willing.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dressing up and loving it

The theme was Superheroes and Movie Characters.

Half of the company's population turned up as civilians.

The food was ... meh, the emcee was Ok. Ally Iskandar got his bearing maybe 1 hour into the show. We had some laughs.

But still I can't help but to feel that the night was wasted somehow spending time on mediocre 8 course Hotel Chinese food and the fact that I didn't win anything (Aside from the table lucky draw that is. At least we got movie passes).

However, we had fun fooling around in dresses and full make up.

I tweeted that gone are the days where annual dinners would be spent drinking our faces silly and making sure our colleagues got home safely. The company I am attached with has a strict no alcohol policy, which posed no issues to me whatsoever. I am allergic to most hard liquors anyway. It is God's way of saying that it is enough for me, when I turned 28 YO. 

A sober crowd is a pleasant change, although it took away the fun. 

And my bosses, were nowhere to be seen. They couldn't make it. So I was there mainly for my staff who wanted to come to the dinner.

Will I be there in the ballroom next year? Our door gifts were cheap plastic key chains and the food was not to my taste . I don't like formal Chinese dinners. By the time they got to the end, I would have lost interest in the food.

The braised baby octopus was nice though. 

I guess, I will just have to wait whether I DO want to come back next year. :P