Saturday, November 1, 2014


My last day at work was good.

For a moment, I was kind of choked up. If there is one thing that I know I would miss, would be my team.

I have always had the luck of having a good team. My previous team was as awesome as the team I have had with my recent job.

I do feel kind of guilty, somehow. But, I don't think my feeling miserable would contribute to their well being.

I feel a sense of release when I stepped out of the office. One of my long time ex staff followed me to the lift and we hugged before I left for the HR office.

A colleague of mine treated me to drinks and dinner right after and I joined the usual suspects after that for the obligatory Friday night.

I arrived home feeling unburdened, and went straight into doing my laundry that has been delayed for three weeks. I hardly have the time to have a proper life for the last 9 months. I never enjoyed Sundays. I dread Sundays, and Saturdays were too short.

Right after laundry, I replaced the sheets for my bed and mopped the floor. The chores made me happy. At last, I am able to do the things that I have not been able to do for the past 9 months.

I have always been moody, and withdrawn, and mostly tired on weekends. Mentally tired. I would be sitting and meditating, begging for peace. After that I would sit on the reading chair with a mug of coffee, trying to read, usually failing to do so. I would be thinking about Monday, on Saturday evening.

Yes, it was that bad. It's strange that I have never felt that way before.

Things will be better, I have always gone with the flow of things that the Universe decide for me.

I just hope my dilapidated self esteem will heal quickly.


N, a dear friend I have been seeing, told me that the mole on my back was growing.

'It also feels kind of, floppy.' He said. Concerned, he urged me to go to a skin clinic near my office.

So in that one hour appointment with the doctor, he told me that I shouldn't be alarmed.

Although he said, he will be sending it for a biopsy, as he can see some discoloration at the middle of the mole.

So this happened (Warning : This might be 'gross')

Procedure was fast. Almost no pain, except for the anaesthetist  jab. It was numb.

And so, my mark was gone, and if I am going to believe the superstition surrounding a back mole, I should be feeling unburdened.

This was two days before my last day... so I thought... Fair enough.


Last year's Halloween, my ex team did this --

This year, Halloween was my last day at work. And the office decided that they should be celebrating Diwali, on October 31st.

That said, I am pretty glad I am no longer affiliated to that organization.

And to celebrate the day after Halloween, I practiced my asanas, like this -

Happy Halloween Yogis. Namaste witches!