Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sarcy's weekend

So my weekends were not at all the kind of weekend I was expecting.

Last Saturday was spent sleeping until 6.30 PM. I made a call to a friend and decided to go out for dinner and a couple of drinks.

You can say that when I was driving, I was still maybe, half asleep. The traffic was okay for a Saturday evening I guess.

I picked D up near KLCC and drove to Delicious near Ascot. We planned to have drinks over at 7 Ate 9 after dinner.

The dinner should have been a quiet dinner, where you could speak to each other without shouting to each other, but it so happened that there was a birthday dinner right next to our table and boy… were they noisy! I was actually caught in between feeling irritated or that I should just be tolerant of their screaming and shouting about.

Granted it was a birthday, but was that really necessary? Somehow, I don’t want to make any kind remarks… I honestly don’t know how I would be if I happened to be a part of a large group (do you consider 5 people a large group anyway?). but I hope I would not irritate people ‘that’ much.
I couldn’t finish my food although it was good. So holding my Delicious doggy bag (which is just adorable!) we headed to the bar for some booze.

It was my first time going to 7 ate 9 and the verdict, I like it. It’s posh but comfortable, not like Passion where you couldn’t help but to feel pretentious.

I enjoyed the company, the drinks, the performance and the place. Not including the flu I ended up getting and also the allergy that popped up all over my top half of my body.

Oh well, I am looking forward to the beach trip this weekend for sure… woohoo…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dating Me Badly

I have recently went on a couple of blind dates.

I don't know if it was just me or if I have become increasingly difficult to please, but I didn’t like neither of the two I went out with. It was a blind date because I was set up by friends and they swore that there was no way that I would not like them.

Well, I guess they have to eat their words now. I told them prior to that that I am not the Sarcy they knew before. I guess bad experiences make for a really hard to convince me. I have also told them before that I really don't feel like going on a date. I have too many on my plate, okay maybe that wasn't the case but I do have my work, which is on irregular hours and my weekends are now spent with sleeping at home.

And guess what? I am content with that.

But they insisted, so being a good friend, I agreed.

Blind date numero uno was a guy who is working with an O&G company. The date was set in the late afternoon which was, frankly, not my cup of tea because that would be the hours I would usually just decide to wake up from my slumber. But, I went anyway because I don't expect people to work weird hours like I do.

We met at OU. I was in a pink flowery dress. Usually I would go for jeans and knitted tops as I would have to work at night but I decided, heck, why not... just for the heck of it. I was as gurly as you could ever imagine. Decked up in a pair of white heels too. I parked my car and walked to Italiannies, which to be honest, a lame choice if you want to impress your date.

All those things they say in adverts about falling in love over spaghetti meat balls in Italiannies... cerita dongeng tu semua!

But hey, I am good with anything. Afterall, I was hoping for quality conversation to substitute for the lame food they serve there.

He was tall, okay looking and was in his work shirt and confessed that he just got back from work, which was understandable. Just within the first hour, in between ciabatta dipped in olive oil and vinegar, I found out that he drives a beemer, he lives in a bungalow in Damansara area and that his friends are mostly local celebrities.

I didn’t ask about his ride, I didn’t ask about what house he lives in, though I did ask him where he was staying at, and I certainly never asked him about his celebrity friends. I just asked him what he does in his free time.

And besides, I couldn't care jack about local celebs. I wouldn’t be able to know who’s who even if you have a label stuck on their forehead.

A tip I would like to extend to guys, when you go out on dates, NEVER EVER order food / drinks for your date.

He ordered for me a glass of white wine, which I didn’t drink because I had to work afterwards, and also because I am more of a red fan. He ordered me a chicken dish with which I have had a bad brush with because the last time I went to Italiannies, I was served a very bad meal of the exact thing that he ordered for me.

Regardless to say, I didn’t finish the food and I didn’t touch the drink. Instead, I asked for a glass of iced water. I love the bread and the olive oil though.

I didn’t have a good impression of homme numero uno. I felt that he was bragging about what he owns to cover up something that he doesn’t have, which is, I think, a personality.

He SMS telling me that he loved my company, and was hoping for us to do it again. I lied saying that I will not be free and I will be extremely busy for the coming 4 weeks with work.

I have no doubt that he will find someone who would just be as blank a person as he is. Afterall, he is not too bad looking.

Blind date numero dos is another story.

The date was also set in the late afternoons. This time I didn’t bother to dress up. I was in a pair of hipster jeans and a white tank top layered over a green tank with a hippie scarf around my neck. I was decked for a long night of work afterwards.

He was a power suit kind of guy, which kind of freaked me out a bit as I was just the hippie nut I have always been. He was also a tall guy, okay looking and came straight from work.

He was a lawyer.

Now, the love of my life is a lawyer, and I have to admit,my interest was peaked for a while. We met at MidValley’s Chilli’s. He didn’t make the grave mistake of ordering for me, and he didn’t talk about what he has.

But he did talk about his past relationships. He had 4 serious ones and he ended all four of them.

What did I end up talking about?

My work, my dead cat in JB and my tendency to be emotionless and less than empathic at failed relationships. I also said that talking about the past deters people from moving on. Didn’t know if he caught what I was trying to hint at.

I found out that he drives a Benz because his was parked by the valet. He seemed to have thought that all women found him irresistable because of his money.

And because I am a woman, he assumed that I am one of those women too. He didn’t say that out loud, but you just kind of get the drift, nawhatimean?

So after two – ish hours, and a charade of his past relationships, we said our goodbyes and split.

He tried to call me afterwards. I didn’t pick up because I was working and I only ‘returned’ his call after two days saying that I was swamped and I didn’t have the time to get back to him. He ceased calling after a few days, because I didn’t pick up because I was working and was not bothered to return hiscall.

This puts an end to anymore blind dates, I told my two friends. I am okay with being introduced to a man during a party and stuff but no more blind dates.

Come what may, friends, if I am destined to find someone, then I will.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sarcy the shopper??? ummm...

Would you believe me if I am to say that my last purchase was a dress worth RM 50 at a Flea Market and that was like close to a month ago?

Yeah… I couldn’t believe it myself. For one, I am someone who could end up buying three pairs of shoes and 3 dresses at one go. Oh… and I love bags… well, once I start shopping, I SHOP!

I am quite a contradiction when it comes to shopping. For huge splurges, like designer handbags and watches, I would usually think about it while ‘accumulating’ the cash, but for other things especially, shoes and clothes that are priced under 200, GOD… I could not stop.

An ex actually told me that I should watch on my spending now that I am single and nobody’s going to help me out financially (frikkin’ hell, even when I was in a relationship pun, bukannya depa depa ni tolong pun kan?) anymore. I took heed of that. Why do you think I ended up with only a single purchase of a dress from a flea market? I am postponing my plan to buy a pair of boots to next month even.

For one, I wondered how is it that some women are capable of ending up with an impulsive buy of anything that they never actually will wear anyway. For myself, I will wear everything that I bought. Hell man, I did buy it with my own money. That’s why I end up with a leather bag with a broken strap and a favorite shoe which heels had been repaired so many times, my Mum told me to go and buy a new shoe already!-> if this happens than you know you are way over the line of being careful about your spending.

Bukan kedekut, berjimat. I am not hoping to score on someone who would give me a platinum card.

Of course, being your typical woman, I do want everything I saw, that Cole Hahn handbag worth RM 1969, that Nine West kick ass heels, RM329 and a gorjes dress I saw in warehouse worth around RM 450.

Yea yea… cekik dalah haliga sumua. I will be coming up with a no nonsense entry one day when I managed to buy all of those. I will also post them pictures online… hahaha!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The day I blog about my cottage cheese thunder thighs, my mission and my resolution list at the ungodly hour of 8 am when I should be sleeping

Sometimes you just do things better at certain hours of the day. Sometimes you write better, that is given.

I am actually writing this at 8 in the morning, I haven’t had any sleep yet as I got back from work around 6 am and was tossing around in bed trying to do it. I gave up, obviously and decided to read.

And then I decided, to write some stuff that I have been thinking about while tossing around on my bed.

My colleagues who are also some of my dearest friends have planned to take time out at the end of this month. We are planning to do something out of KL and it would be something that I would love, because we would be somewhere on a beach.

One word... woohoo... if you would even consider that as a word, heh.

So I decided, just for the fun of it, to try on the bikini that I have always brought with me anywhere I go whenever I was on a holiday. I have two sets altogether (very limited, I know.). the one I love are the black ones, mainly because they are lightweight, easy to pack and could double up as bras whenever I am in the mood for transparent tops.

As you guys would know, I am on a mission to bust the flab, which is no easy feat considering the only ones who have had the honor, per se, to see my cottage cheese thunder thighs had been my close (VERY CLOSE) friends.

So I have decided against wearing the bottom of my string bikinis during the short getaway at the end of this month. Not until I have achieve my Bust the Flab objective, not until it is anywhere near 50% of the goal, will I wear a pair of string bikinis. That said, I would be wearing beach shorts with my string bikinis tops.

That said, the next time you will be seeing me in one would be during the personally planned solo trip to Pulau Perhentian next year.

I took some pictures and realized that my thunderous thighs are in no shape to be exposed, like NO WAY!

I love my top portion of my body though. I thought, the push ups had really made my arms more toned up, and my shoulders, better looking. No comment on the crunches as I think I would have to push it just a bit more and my thighs? Enough said... suffice to say that for now, unless I am in a really flattering pair of pants, I would not be photographed unless it’s waist up.

Operation code name Bust The Flab went great for the second week and third week. I have managed to go sans rice and have cut down almost to 20 % of my carb intake. My body is getting used to it and I have been getting my energy from food that is full of protein like soy and meat.

Although I miss the taste of a nice bowl of fluffy rice (Yumm...), it is a sacrifice that’s worth taking. I mean, if it means that I would be rid of the cottage cheese thunderous thighs (hey... this could be a tongue twister!), why not?

My aunt was worried about my food intake. She said I might get so skinny that the wind would blow me away. I told her, not in my wildest dreams I would not. I have always had a bit of meat on me. I have never been ‘skinny’ skinny. I guess it’s in the genes.

One must always blame the genes because knowing that it’s not you alone that has been facing the problem kind of makes you feel a bit better about everything.


I have not had the time to concentrate on my work out, but just by sticking to my diet,I have managed to get rid of 3 KGs. Oh well, I try to do the usual 100 crunches and 50 push ups anyway.

P/Sà The candies my trainer brought from the US is not helping me at all... Demmit!

I was going over my resolution list, the one I have so dutifully blogged about in late January.

I found out that I have fulfilled two of it. It might not be impressive, but I guess it is a start. For one, I did make a major move to take up the job offer that not only got me out of JB but have offered me a better pay and a better career development, I have now live in peace because I decided, I could be happy and inspired alone and not with anyone else hanging around my back.

It has been rocky, between wanting to have someone and trying to figure out which risk to take. But in the end, I came to a decision where I would not be happy if I am with someone who does not respect me and who doesn’t give a damn about what I am doing anyway.

That, in itself, makes me feel better about the direction my life is going. I am not hung up about getting a guy. I gave second, third and fourth chances. By the fourth, I realized that I have been giving too much of a good thing that it has become stale.

Again, it is not about how many blings or how much money you can give, it all boils down to whether or not you are able to be that someone I could depend on for support, emotional, never material.

What’s important is that I am happy, where I am and being who I am right now.

Corny eh? Never mind, I am entitled to the occasional corny-ness...

A gedik pose at ungodly hours taken by yours truly.

Monday, July 14, 2008

That's a shocker... :P

I had two women who came over to me to find out if I am gay.

Gay = happy? Maybe, but gay as in ‘gay’... hmm let me think... the last time I checked... no.

Another thing that surprised me was also the type of women who approached me. We are talking about extremely cute women who have jobs and a car that is more expensive than my Wiwa... (alaa... everybody’s car seemed to be more expensive than mine nowadays... Hah!)

I am not about to change my sexual orientation and I have always thought that for some reason, I appeal more to women than I do to men, but it’s now became more apparent in KL.

I feel flattered and stuff but at the end of the day, I am still straight (a bit bent but let’s not go there shall we?).

But, I really have to commend both of the women who approached me. They don't use lame pick up lines like men do and I guess they were also expecting me to totally freak out, but I shocked them by being totally oblivious.

I have to admit, if I was ever 'gay' gay, I would definitely go for them, without a doubt. One of the two was a lawyer and it shows in the way she was talking to me. Her accent totally turned me on and there is something about her that fascinated me. Its’ her curled lips, it’s her gorgeous long flowing hair, it’s her smooth skin and the way she pronounced simple words like ‘go’ and how her ‘What do you do?’ sentence flow perfectly.

Yeah I am a sucker for people who talks good. Shoot me.

And then I saw the tattoo, it was a quaint tat of a dolphin, on her lower back.

I swear if I am a man and she is straight, I would definfitely ask for her number and I swear if I am gay (as in ‘gay’ gay.), I could definitely see her as my life partner.Yeah... I have a thing about tattoos.

But I thought, she would probably hate me for not having enough time for her, as I would be working most of the time.

Come to think of it, I never did think about having a particularly serious relationship as of now, ‘gay’ or straight.

I have too much baggage, I think too much, expect too much, gives up too easily and all that jazz.

PS; how come even the geekiest people get dates, and I can’t? Owh I forgot, geeks are sexy now. Heh! (Now where are my glasses, oh yeah... been told that I look like a pornstar with glasses on and my hair up in a bun... damn!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It’s a small world afterall

(Ya’ll remember the song tak? The last time I sang it was in Standard 3, in a short sketch during weekly assembly –uihh… I hated those assemblies!)

My first date was at a McDonald’s joint in Plaza Pelangi.

I was about 16 years old (I started late but who cares ay?), I was clad in my Stussy skate pants, cropped hair and a Metallica T-Shirt (still could not believe that I paid RM 100 bucks for the damn T-shirt…) and a pair of Airwalks. I was smelling of the only perfume I could afford at that time on my school allowance, Bodyshop’s juba perfume oil.

My date was a fifth former. He was a student in one of the ‘prestigious Malay colleges’ (Guess la which… hehe…) and we met on one of our fathers’ gatherings.

Somehow, I fell to his sweet nothings and gave him my house’s phone number.

The date was awkward. For one, I remembered that I wasn’t at all hungry and he took the liberty of ordering for me. Occay.

And then we took to talking like penyus taking to water. I was impressed by his English (he stayed in the UK for some time) and he was impressed by the fact that I don’t bother to impress him.

Took us 2 more dates to get used to each other. We went out ‘dating’ whenever he was back in JB and whenever I got out from the ‘prison’ (I was also in a boarding school.) I made out with him, but he was not my first… ehem… I called him dude… we never quite graduated to the ‘sayang’ or ‘honey’ phase.

I am a late bloomer.

Dates back then was innocent and unassuming. You get the uncontrollable heart beats, like drums during a lion dance.

And I stuttered… swear to god. I did that. He was not at all that cute, though I thought his body was incredible… for an innocent chickadee I was back then, who was adamant on preserving my … ‘sunti’-ness… ehem…

We were hot for each other like any teenagers would at that time. Both of our families are equally reserved on things like these. We lasted a year. We just kind of drifted away.

So when we accidentally met last month, it was not so much awkward, but it’s more to… clueless.

I and a friend was eating our dinner at TGIF in JB when I last went back and a couple of guys walked in and sat at the table next to ours. He was with another friend. My friend was checking them out and she told me that they’re quite cute. I turned and noticed that they were checking us out too.

It took us quite some time to identify each other. Afterall, it has been more than 10 years ago. I just ate my dinner and drank my beer.
I was told by my friend that the cuter one is checking me out. I didn’t think much about it. I was concentrating more on my shrimp and steak.

And then he broke the ice (that I thought wasn’t even there.)

"Uhmm… you are S****** right? Teknik JB? Boarding school? Remember the Haji’s kenduri?"

It took a while for it to register. And then he told me his name;

"I’m Tengku Amar* la. Remember?"

Huh! And then I remembered, the whole thing, our first ‘date’, our first make out session even which was purely accidental but we knew that the both of us just wanted too badly back then.

It was surreal. He looked better now, he put on a bit of weight and still retains his goatee.

"You look different."

Well… considering the last pair of pants that I wore when I was with him was twice my size, yeah… of course. I am way over the baggy pants stage and was as a matter of fact in a pink halter sundress.

"That’s good right?"

He nodded and said a short yeah.

He told me that he is working in Dubai and was back for about two weeks for a vacation.

He also told me that he is single.

And I felt my friend’s feet nudging me under the table.

We exchanged numbers and have been keeping in touch ever since.

The whole thing makes me realize one thing. The world is small and funny unexpected things bound to happen.

Of course Tengku Amar * is one those unexpected things to happen.And I call him by his name now.

*Bukan Nama Sebenar , people.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Akak no life?

I am a Starbucks regular.

Especially at the one in The Curve, the one at The Walk. My drink would be my usual Iced Mocha / Iced Caramel Macchiato (Low Fat Milk and less syrup and frikkin’ caramel but of course.), my accessory? My laptop and a content look with earphones. My music? Jill Scott, Adele, Maxwell, George Gershwin, Sade, The Fray, Coldplay, Miles Davis... ahhhh....

Now I would sit inside on one of those plush sofas, one leg on the sofa and being totally at home. I used to sit outside with a stick in one hand, but after surges of really bad tonsilitis, I decided, I have to cut down on smoking. I don't carry a pack anymore, I prefer to ‘pau’ my friends for a cig. And my nicotine intake as of now—Nada... Zero...


Anyway, Might sound silly, but one day I would like to have this kind of experience at home. I’ll buy one of those plush couches, have wireless, buy a cool coffeemaker machine and endless supply of ice cubes. I would just line up packs of Starbucks java on the kitchen shelf and loads of Hershey’s Chocolate sauce and caramel.

It will be my personal coffee nook. With a rackful of books at the back, a nice throw on the couch, a feet stool, everything.

I’d throw in a cat in the picture.

Or a Shihtzu... awww...

Oih... one could dream eh? I don't think I would be having my own apartment in less than a year. I am just starting out on my own again. Independence and singlehood needs ample planning! I don't have a face that would attract sugar daddies yea? So working hard is my only option.

I sinned on Friday when I went out with colleagues to a nearby bar (we took off earlier) and had beer! Woohoo... my first in weeks! (aside from coronas!). That was heaven...

I spent the weekend doing my laundry which was accumulated from the week before (you can just imagine how many clothes I have with me eh?) and chilling at home in front of the TV with the remote. Due to my dishevelled working schedule, I was hungry at 1 am and after that was wondering why do I have the sudden urge to drive out at about 5 am. I went to sleep aroud 7 am, and was unsure if it was a Sunday or a Saturday.

I didn’t go out on Saturday except to the nearest Jusco to get some food stuffs. I also treated myself to McD as I thought I had behaved myself through out the week with my diet and my exercise regiment. Later on that night, I must have watched two horror movies on Astro and Nickelodeon’s Fairly Odd Parents. I went to sleep, forcefully around 9am and woke up at 1 pm.

And today, I decided to go out and have my usual Caramel Macchiato. I had a write up to finish anyway. I am in one of my hobo mood, was in my long green crochet skirt, bright pink spaghetti straps and flats (would have gone for platforms but let’s keep the hippie in me to a minimal today k?). Called a few people who might want to catch up but I understand that they have their own agendas (like sleep) on a Sunday.

So that was how my weekends are going to be like for maybe the coming few weeks. I don't have time for my personal life... like I have one... ahahahaha.....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In the 'blogging mood' - Dear journal... today I stepped on a pile of turd...

A red velvet covered journal book in Border’s caught my eye last few days.

The last time I had a diary was when I was a kid, 10 years old to be exact. I hid it under my pillow and when I was sharing a room with my kid sister and when she was old enough to read, I started to lug it around with me like precious gold because I was scared that she might read about my crushes, my dissatisfactions that I was always the only one who got blamed for everything that both of my siblings did in the household and of course on my parents.

The term privacy never really existed when I was a kid. Rules were enforced by a thin long piece of ‘rotan’. I had to do my chores which included ironing all of our school uniforms and as I grew older, to cook for both of my kid sister and brother.

I still remembered those days when I would actually write in my diary, sobbing and crying after a bashing from my parents. What I knew at that time was that I have been totally wronged and that I am better off never to be born!

I was not a happy kid la, senang citer.

But as time went by, I found my footing and my individuality. I was sent off to a boarding school (my mum was not happy with that) and I was grateful for the upbringing my parents had given me. I can’t believe how some people could be so spoilt that even I cringed.

When I finished school and have started my form 6, I went through all the junk that was accumulated in the store room and came across two of my journals, written when I was 12 and the other at 13.

Den golak togolek atas lantai baco!

The things you write (grammatically berterabur!) when you are a kid.

And then it also reminded me of my crushes called Khairul Nizan and Zulkifli…

Oh My God!

Hoping that they never found out about that, really.

The last time I heard was that both of them got married and is now your typical Malay couple.

I could never see myself being that ya’ll.

Now, I have a blog, but thankfully, it was not as corny as those journals I had when I was a kid.

Sure I whine in it… occasionally… but these entries at least make sense (if not a lot!).

I think I am gonna get the velvet covered journal book. The red is too cool to pass, and maybe I am going to get a girly pen with feathers at the end and put it under my pillow.

No promises I would be able to update it though!... Hahahaha

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Operation code name; Bust The Flab – first week (21/06/08 – 28/06/08)

Isn’t it ironic really that most dishes were invented by women but in the end it is also women who will have to refrain themselves from eating them?

It’s like tasteless dark humor. It’s like history laughing at our face. Why can’t we just embrace our curvaceous fate/nature (call em whatever you like)?

Heh... I wish that I could stand by my answer, I couldn't and that is why I am not going to say anything about it.


So my first week went by very tastelessly ... bland. While everyone else is having Caramel Macchiato and Mocha, I had chamomile tea. Daaahling... it takes away the joy of surfing at Starbucks. It kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gourmet coffee place to have a posh little pot of teh o perisa bunga. (Which I am so not doing right now because I think I deserve a little reward of a nice ice cold Caramel Macchiato.)

It is a constant battle to not eat anything heavy at my Aunt’s home. What makes it harder is that my Aunt is a great cook and I’d knock myself silly to miss out on that genuine Asam Pedas Johor for lunch. (which I just did... ...)

I might have blue black bruises all over as a result of knocking myself silly at the kitchen sink for eating clear vegie soup instead of the sinful Lemak Cili Padi, which is one of my favorite dishes.

Aahh... for once in my life I actually can’t wait to go to work. Not that I am dreading it, just that do you know how the traffic’s like at 6.30 pm on the NKVE? But it does give me an opportunity to miss dinner. I don't mind not eating supper at 1 am in the morning. Number one; it’s because I don't like Mamak and fried food gives me swollen tonsils. Number two; I am just sick of Mamak food.

Nasi Kandar and all that... grease... sweat... EEEEW!

I keep thinking of all that to put me off eating.

And owh... I can’t jog in the early morning as it is unsafe. So I do push ups, crunches, yoga and a bit of resistance exercises at home for about two hours. I hate lunges, I hate the way it makes my butt muscles and my calf hurt. For the life of Jane Fonda... oiii...

But you know what... for the sake of the 10 KG target I am eyeing by the end of August, pain is nothing. I don't want to struggle like mad while putting on my hipsters.

I have a couple of friends who are skinny and they can eat everything and they won’t put on weight.

Darn you high metabolisme women!

(But eh... you know who you are, I love you as friends, really, I just hate the fact that your butt is not expandable even when you gorge yourself with three megamacs and three Banana Milkshakes.)

And oh by the way, Sarc thinks that she really ought to get herself a frikkin’ scale. Less she wants to go to the nearby Jusco every week just to weigh herself. Eargh...

In the meanwhile... oh... I am just missing those yummy Olio Pasta, Tony Romas Bleu Cheese burger, Starbucks coffees (with full cream milk!), pretzels and... beer!!! (I had to opt for frikkin’ corona... why don't they have one those light bud’s ay??)


P/S--> The picture is my fat mug shot... will take one wearing a bootiful dress once I achieved the weight I want!...