Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The day I blog about my cottage cheese thunder thighs, my mission and my resolution list at the ungodly hour of 8 am when I should be sleeping

Sometimes you just do things better at certain hours of the day. Sometimes you write better, that is given.

I am actually writing this at 8 in the morning, I haven’t had any sleep yet as I got back from work around 6 am and was tossing around in bed trying to do it. I gave up, obviously and decided to read.

And then I decided, to write some stuff that I have been thinking about while tossing around on my bed.

My colleagues who are also some of my dearest friends have planned to take time out at the end of this month. We are planning to do something out of KL and it would be something that I would love, because we would be somewhere on a beach.

One word... woohoo... if you would even consider that as a word, heh.

So I decided, just for the fun of it, to try on the bikini that I have always brought with me anywhere I go whenever I was on a holiday. I have two sets altogether (very limited, I know.). the one I love are the black ones, mainly because they are lightweight, easy to pack and could double up as bras whenever I am in the mood for transparent tops.

As you guys would know, I am on a mission to bust the flab, which is no easy feat considering the only ones who have had the honor, per se, to see my cottage cheese thunder thighs had been my close (VERY CLOSE) friends.

So I have decided against wearing the bottom of my string bikinis during the short getaway at the end of this month. Not until I have achieve my Bust the Flab objective, not until it is anywhere near 50% of the goal, will I wear a pair of string bikinis. That said, I would be wearing beach shorts with my string bikinis tops.

That said, the next time you will be seeing me in one would be during the personally planned solo trip to Pulau Perhentian next year.

I took some pictures and realized that my thunderous thighs are in no shape to be exposed, like NO WAY!

I love my top portion of my body though. I thought, the push ups had really made my arms more toned up, and my shoulders, better looking. No comment on the crunches as I think I would have to push it just a bit more and my thighs? Enough said... suffice to say that for now, unless I am in a really flattering pair of pants, I would not be photographed unless it’s waist up.

Operation code name Bust The Flab went great for the second week and third week. I have managed to go sans rice and have cut down almost to 20 % of my carb intake. My body is getting used to it and I have been getting my energy from food that is full of protein like soy and meat.

Although I miss the taste of a nice bowl of fluffy rice (Yumm...), it is a sacrifice that’s worth taking. I mean, if it means that I would be rid of the cottage cheese thunderous thighs (hey... this could be a tongue twister!), why not?

My aunt was worried about my food intake. She said I might get so skinny that the wind would blow me away. I told her, not in my wildest dreams I would not. I have always had a bit of meat on me. I have never been ‘skinny’ skinny. I guess it’s in the genes.

One must always blame the genes because knowing that it’s not you alone that has been facing the problem kind of makes you feel a bit better about everything.


I have not had the time to concentrate on my work out, but just by sticking to my diet,I have managed to get rid of 3 KGs. Oh well, I try to do the usual 100 crunches and 50 push ups anyway.

P/Sà The candies my trainer brought from the US is not helping me at all... Demmit!

I was going over my resolution list, the one I have so dutifully blogged about in late January.

I found out that I have fulfilled two of it. It might not be impressive, but I guess it is a start. For one, I did make a major move to take up the job offer that not only got me out of JB but have offered me a better pay and a better career development, I have now live in peace because I decided, I could be happy and inspired alone and not with anyone else hanging around my back.

It has been rocky, between wanting to have someone and trying to figure out which risk to take. But in the end, I came to a decision where I would not be happy if I am with someone who does not respect me and who doesn’t give a damn about what I am doing anyway.

That, in itself, makes me feel better about the direction my life is going. I am not hung up about getting a guy. I gave second, third and fourth chances. By the fourth, I realized that I have been giving too much of a good thing that it has become stale.

Again, it is not about how many blings or how much money you can give, it all boils down to whether or not you are able to be that someone I could depend on for support, emotional, never material.

What’s important is that I am happy, where I am and being who I am right now.

Corny eh? Never mind, I am entitled to the occasional corny-ness...

A gedik pose at ungodly hours taken by yours truly.


  1. finally finish reading all the previous entries

    - good job on the progress bust the flab - 3kg! wuhoooo!
    - and on crossing out 2 things from the new year reso list
    - what a nice coincidence to bump into old friend :)

    and I so love your latest entry. sums up things nicely.

  2. Try Clarins total body lift to help you

  3. I don't understand what you do. What job requires you to come in so late and sleep so.. early? American hours ke?

  4. Sarcy,
    for shaping the thighs, you have to do some cycling; either stationary or the real one.
    The best I think is to join RPM classes at the gyms such as Fitness First. A lot of cycling and calories burning.

  5. wow 3 kgs, your program is really working for you :) good job!

  6. Inn,

    Thanks darl...we really should catch up for coffee one of these days la... ;p


    you got that right babe. i am working according to American hours... terbalik totally.... hahaha

  7. Madam curi,

    thanks for the tip, now i am using dead sea salt to tone up certain parts of my body and to also smoothen my skin... it workssss!!! i love ittt!


    i dah inquire at Fitness first... i might just join. i would have to cancel my Clarke Hatch membership though...


    Thanks babe. i have been reading your progress too... welll, to me babe, i dont think you are pudgy at all... i am sure you will be a gorjes bride... :D