Sunday, July 6, 2008

Akak no life?

I am a Starbucks regular.

Especially at the one in The Curve, the one at The Walk. My drink would be my usual Iced Mocha / Iced Caramel Macchiato (Low Fat Milk and less syrup and frikkin’ caramel but of course.), my accessory? My laptop and a content look with earphones. My music? Jill Scott, Adele, Maxwell, George Gershwin, Sade, The Fray, Coldplay, Miles Davis... ahhhh....

Now I would sit inside on one of those plush sofas, one leg on the sofa and being totally at home. I used to sit outside with a stick in one hand, but after surges of really bad tonsilitis, I decided, I have to cut down on smoking. I don't carry a pack anymore, I prefer to ‘pau’ my friends for a cig. And my nicotine intake as of now—Nada... Zero...


Anyway, Might sound silly, but one day I would like to have this kind of experience at home. I’ll buy one of those plush couches, have wireless, buy a cool coffeemaker machine and endless supply of ice cubes. I would just line up packs of Starbucks java on the kitchen shelf and loads of Hershey’s Chocolate sauce and caramel.

It will be my personal coffee nook. With a rackful of books at the back, a nice throw on the couch, a feet stool, everything.

I’d throw in a cat in the picture.

Or a Shihtzu... awww...

Oih... one could dream eh? I don't think I would be having my own apartment in less than a year. I am just starting out on my own again. Independence and singlehood needs ample planning! I don't have a face that would attract sugar daddies yea? So working hard is my only option.

I sinned on Friday when I went out with colleagues to a nearby bar (we took off earlier) and had beer! Woohoo... my first in weeks! (aside from coronas!). That was heaven...

I spent the weekend doing my laundry which was accumulated from the week before (you can just imagine how many clothes I have with me eh?) and chilling at home in front of the TV with the remote. Due to my dishevelled working schedule, I was hungry at 1 am and after that was wondering why do I have the sudden urge to drive out at about 5 am. I went to sleep aroud 7 am, and was unsure if it was a Sunday or a Saturday.

I didn’t go out on Saturday except to the nearest Jusco to get some food stuffs. I also treated myself to McD as I thought I had behaved myself through out the week with my diet and my exercise regiment. Later on that night, I must have watched two horror movies on Astro and Nickelodeon’s Fairly Odd Parents. I went to sleep, forcefully around 9am and woke up at 1 pm.

And today, I decided to go out and have my usual Caramel Macchiato. I had a write up to finish anyway. I am in one of my hobo mood, was in my long green crochet skirt, bright pink spaghetti straps and flats (would have gone for platforms but let’s keep the hippie in me to a minimal today k?). Called a few people who might want to catch up but I understand that they have their own agendas (like sleep) on a Sunday.

So that was how my weekends are going to be like for maybe the coming few weeks. I don't have time for my personal life... like I have one... ahahahaha.....


  1. Wow.. that's really irregular sleeping hours. And I thought mine was bad.

  2. hah! i know who's sleeping!!
    sorry beb... bantal busyuk so masyuk..

  3. Izso,

    you have no idea dude!

    adala orang tu kan?? hahahaha

  4. hehe ... I janji if I ever see you at Starbucks mana2 I will say hi .. and get myself a good old frappuccino .. I am so due for one :D

  5. i thought my sleeping patern was bad, kiter serupa beb..huhu