Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sarcy's weekend

So my weekends were not at all the kind of weekend I was expecting.

Last Saturday was spent sleeping until 6.30 PM. I made a call to a friend and decided to go out for dinner and a couple of drinks.

You can say that when I was driving, I was still maybe, half asleep. The traffic was okay for a Saturday evening I guess.

I picked D up near KLCC and drove to Delicious near Ascot. We planned to have drinks over at 7 Ate 9 after dinner.

The dinner should have been a quiet dinner, where you could speak to each other without shouting to each other, but it so happened that there was a birthday dinner right next to our table and boy… were they noisy! I was actually caught in between feeling irritated or that I should just be tolerant of their screaming and shouting about.

Granted it was a birthday, but was that really necessary? Somehow, I don’t want to make any kind remarks… I honestly don’t know how I would be if I happened to be a part of a large group (do you consider 5 people a large group anyway?). but I hope I would not irritate people ‘that’ much.
I couldn’t finish my food although it was good. So holding my Delicious doggy bag (which is just adorable!) we headed to the bar for some booze.

It was my first time going to 7 ate 9 and the verdict, I like it. It’s posh but comfortable, not like Passion where you couldn’t help but to feel pretentious.

I enjoyed the company, the drinks, the performance and the place. Not including the flu I ended up getting and also the allergy that popped up all over my top half of my body.

Oh well, I am looking forward to the beach trip this weekend for sure… woohoo…


  1. Dang.. I didn't know there was a delicious in KLCC area. Where??

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  3. oitt......gi klcc xnak singgah jumpe aku pon ek?? xper xper... :( btw mak buyong dah bersalin... :)