Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Of work...

Have you ever thought to yourself what is it that you have always wanted to do? And why is it that you are doing what you are doing now? 

And so, with me, it has always been on happiness.. What makes me happy, whether it's the pursuit of it, or the attainment of happiness. Whether it's relative or material. 

I know I want to do something that is worth doing.. Not entirely sure if adding on a to corporate CEO bonus is what I want to contribute towards. 

How can we justify our importance, by doing something important? What are the things that we will have to sacrifice in order for us to go forth and achiever that possibility? 

I have too many questions that are in need of an answer now, I have no answers for any of those. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On civility

Today, I am going to touch on the way things are. 

Right now, around me, things are not going so hot. 

I live in a place that's comparable to a ghetto. I started carrying a pepper spray when I moved here. My mum and my aunts worry about me all the time. As a single woman, I am vulnerable to every bad thing that can ever happen to one. 

But the thing is, it shouldn't be that way, should it? 

When I was in Hong Kong, a few things caught my eye. I am someone who is so paranoid, that I will never put my handbag on the table or the seat beside me, unless I am in a closed area. But the women over there are free to do so. And chances are, it will be ok. 

It's not that I am saying snatch cases don't happen in that part of the world, it's just that, it rarely happens, and it is something out of the ordinary. They don't have street signs warning pedestrians of purse snatchers. It is not a norm. 

The thing is, it shouldn't be. 

I have read about a few very disturbing stories about gang rapes and child murders these past couple of weeks. The 15 yo who was gang raped by 30 men, some blood related, in a state where the government are run by 'Islamists', for an example. 

There is an uproar on the case, from the NGOs, from politicians, from human and women rights advocates, but NONE from the governing 'Islamists'. 

The only noise I heard from one of them, is that this case is the reason why Hudud, is all the more justified. 

I say... Fuck that shit. Women's position in any religion is put on a lower threshold. We must have 4 witnesses to claim to being rape, what the hell kind of rule is that? Why is it that the 4 witnesses witnessing to an act of crime without doing anything about it? And how often can any kind of sexual assault be committed in public? 

Brainless. Pure stupidity and idiocy. One that I can't comprehend coming from grown men!

I got angrier when it comes to the children murders. The decapitated homeless girl took the cake. How is it, that a bunch of adults, who one claimed to be friends, lost sight of a 2 yo? I dont have kids but I will never let my nephew or niece alone anywhere! 

I was once told that we shouldn't say anything about things that happened, there are maybe circumstances that we can't understand. For an example, the leaving kids in the car to be discovered dead. I can't bloody fathom how a parent, whose heart and soul goes into loving and caring for a child you gave birth to, can actually let that happen? Maybe there are a few offs along the way... But even when you know things like these happened? To have more of these incidents happen within a span of two- three months? 

I don't understand. I guess they have never heard of the 'once bitten, twice shy' philosophy. 

If there is any one politician who is going all the way to fix this, without involving religious bullshit in their policies, I can tell you this, we, the observers and who believe in secular rights, will give our support to the cause. For now, that chance is slim. Very slim. And I will continue to sit on the fence with my pepper spray.