Monday, January 30, 2012

February is when I...



I was having capuccino with The Partner when he asked me, Wtf was wrong with me all weekend.

He offended me previously by something he did. Now that I think about it, I am soooooo a woman.


I was fiddling with my spoon... and was going through the newspaper, which TP thought was amusing because I NEVER read a  newspaper in front of him before.

And then I went :

"You know I am about to be 33 soon."

He shrugged.

"Yeah. Still very young, pet..."

He calls me 'Pet'... designation of affection.

I guess.

"I have achieved nothing." I said... eyes almost tearing. I looked away. WILL NOT BE A WUSS IN FRIKKIN' PAVILION... IN PUBLIC.

"Wait... Remember what you said to me back in July last year... when it was my birthday?"

FYI... I never knew his birthday. I know the month but I never knew and I refrained myself from asking about the date.

Although I did give him a birthday present, on the fly.

"You said, age is just a number, and that things will be fine, soon."

He reached over and gave me a kiss on my cheeks.

I.. Umm... WE did a PDA... huh....

After that we walked to KLCC taking the new elevated pedestrian walkway... Kind of cool...

And then again, when we were back in Pavilion, we displayed a PDA... he flung his arms around my neck, trying to clamp me.

Oi... and it's not even February yet.

*Smacks self*

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I had on many masks.

Well, at least, that was what I have been told.

One of my relatives. whom my family had a fall out with (And I personally, never try to recover the crack) thought that I am lazy. I am not the typical woman who would go and help out with the cooking or whatever else when I go back to my Grandparent's house.

With over 6 people in the kitchen, I think they would not be missing my absence.

She also thinks that I am a loser, just because I am still yet to be married. And did say that I will never choose anyone of my kind.

Well, I am pulling a good salary and is in a good position right now. And yes, I will NEVER choose anyone who is a Malaysian, especially Malays.

Hey, I tried. Malays are just stupid ignorant chauvinistic bunch. At 33, I have my standards and lowering it now is kind of redundant.

Another ex colleague recently told the new QA I hired that I am a party animal.

That might be me before I hit 26.

Now, I am a self professed, boring 33 year old.

(I will only turn 33 in February, but I figured... what's the effing difference anyway, you will be 33 no matter what, unless I am dead)

I don't go out to clubs or pubs. Even if I do, it would be with my bosses and my fellow colleagues.

The only thing exciting about me would be my shoes, dresses and bags collection. And my growing book collection.

(I am a traditionalist. I still buy paperbacks and refuse to use the Kindle that was given to me as a present a year ago. Unless I decided to go travel a lot, then I might just load all of Pratchett's and Dickens and stuff the tablet into my hand luggage)

I used to think that one of my best friends was an arrogant ass.

After sometime, little did we expect that we would be best friends.

The thing is, whatever kind of perspective that we decided to portray on a certain individual, 95% of it turned out to be wrong.

Ok maybe 80%. I am choosy when it comes to friends. And I am vain.

Well... Happy Chinese New Year from the Earth Goat!

*Bleats and signing out*


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happiness is how you perceived it to be...

Do you ever get annoyed when reading the lives of the people who seemed to have it all?

Come on... admit it. Somehow, there is that tinge of envy hanging at the back of your head.

Like the fact that the other person can now live comfortably without slogging off in the office, like how that other person has someone else to go home to when you have to go home to an empty apartment.

And then you will quietly kind of talk to God... telling Him...

"Seriously, I don't kill, I don't backstab. I AM A GOOD PERSON... so what the hell? And you give screwed up people the things that I want???"

Not that I am saying that I love reading people who screws up 70% of their lives. I focus on people who do not.

A friend told me this, well, it was taken out from some lame quotation site :

"God is saving the best for those whom He likes the most."

And I can't help it but to say :


Seriously, I don't do lame bookstore quotation. It might work for people who has a sarcasm level of a tea cozy, but not me.

Unfortunately,  mine is of the broader range.

I don't like it. I would prefer to have no emotions and no concern. No envy and no need to fuss myself about all this crap.

I am not fussing about it now. I hardly want to go out on dates anymore even. It is so tiring and disappointing.

But I have yoga, I have my job, my friends and my own priority.

At this point... I don't care anymore.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love your curves

I am not saying that we should all be a size 10 and above. 

I am just saying, love your curves. 

I am trying to remind my size 10 bottom, my S size top and my size 6 dress self that it is ok to be just...

... a little bit soft... fluffy... womanly. 

It doesn't help that I am a health freak as well. 

To me, it's not your frame of body that makes the woman... it is the frame of mind. 

This is my body. I am never stick thin.. always have that extra flesh on  me... although most of the time, I would just love to have hard toned body... 

I know somehow, I would be happy to just have ... a body I feel comfortable in. 

I am not quite there yet, of course. 

So all my fellow women... love your curves, and pray that I would. ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


What is it about New Years that prompted people to come up with new resolutions.

Every time.

Every year.

My number 1 resolution for this year is different.

As a matter of fact, most of my 10 resolutions of mine is different from those in the past years.

My number 1 resolution is to have a different work environment, in the same company of course.

I have build a reputation already in the current company. I am not the kind of person who would get up and leave just because I can. Changing jobs are not exactly something that I look forward to.

And just to remind myself that I am human, I am also trying to do my best to learn how to swim and also to perfect my Chaturanga Dandasana and Uttanasana (four limbed staff pose and Forward fold).

Wish me luck on both, as I am scared of being submerged under water and I am born with stubborn limbs that won't be straight the way I want them to.

One of my other resolution is to cleanse my karma, which could mean that I might be even more boring this year.

Here's to a brand new year. May you achieve all of your resolutions. We have 12 months to do so. *Smile*

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I can't sleep

Yes I can't, been trying to, and still can't.

So I am retiring to my bedroom now and try to snooze.

Maybe I slept too much yesterday.

And I should stop watching South Park on Comedy Central.

Good snoozing!!