Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The not so interesting life of moi

I find people's observation interesting.

Mainly because they thought my life is uber cool and interesting. Some of them even thought that my life is allll about non stop parties and dating one guy after another.

The truth is, my life is rather plain and... uninteresting.

Of course they would beg to differ. They think that just because I have a set of beliefs that is not relatable to religion, the fact that I believe in God more than I believe in the man made notion of religion, my life MUST be interesting.

After all... I am a rebel, no?

I work almost 24 hours every day (which sounds rather ... sad) and I am never apologetic about it. I spend my money on Yoga magazines, books and stuff (shoes, bags, dresses, tops, bottoms, Antipodean coffee... you know, s t u f f) and I have two adult cats, 4 kittens and eat boring healthy food.

I am into low fat yoghurt veg curries, quinoa and wholemeal breads.

Mayo makes me puke and too much meat makes me an instant grouch.

The only thing that I guess I am making waves with is the fact that I love bikinis, the sun, the beach and I am dating (until further notice) a Scottish guy who will not buy me anything in fear of insulting me.

I am actually proud to announce that I have a boring life... at least I am on top of my game and is still able to rock life the way God intended.

Rock life people!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thinking Thursday

I have to admit that I don't have a specific topic in mind when I was typing this.

I just felt like writing an entry.

I just felt like thanking God for my blessed life.

And hoping that I will be given more strength to live my life, to try to turn lemon to apple cider.

Sounds impossible but hey, someone has to try.

Happy Thursday everyone. One more day before Friday.

We should be ... jubilant.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I should feel grateful and thankful...

... That my challenges are not like the ones I have read or was informed on.

I am thankful that the only things I am griping about are things like how I can't practice Yoga for two weeks because of a swollen ligament and my snatched Iconia tablet.

Yes... last week was bad. But it's not the worst thing I have experienced.

As a matter of fact, apart from a harrowing personal shit that I have gotten myself into many many years ago, this snatch case might be the worst since then.

So I shall forget the minor stuff, like coming back to an empty apartment, broken hearts and disappointments.

The truth is, I have been blessed, so far, and I will continue to take care of my karma from now onwards.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

2 androids, 1 month

In 1 month, I bought 2 android tablets. Yes you heard that right.

The first one I bought was an Acer Iconia. It was snatched at Bangsar one night, while I was using it... in public.

It happened so swiftly, that even the public was not able to help me out because they were also beside themselves that something like that was happening ... like there... like at that public place.

I was shocked, but I was accepting of it. I felt stupid, dumb... but I can't be in denial that it happened.

I am now the owner of a Samsung Galaxy tab, I have crossed over to the dark side... yes I have.

Although, it is lighter than my iconia, I miss it. It is my first tablet.

Oh well... shit happens... we can only move on and stop thinking about it.

I have done my due diligence in reporting and making sure that the management of the complex are aware of such bad bad people doing those bad, bad things.

That said, ladies who cherish your independence and love your alone time. Take care when you are out and is using hour android gadge in public. You can never be too careful.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yoga-ta be kidding when you say feel your anus.. right

I practice Yoga.


It is a practice that's close to my heart and there is a reason that Yoga plays such an important part in my life, now.

For one, I am in operations. There are times when I get... frustrated.

And when I am frustrated, I would be stressed.

And when I am stressed, it would ruin my whole entire day. Sometimes... week.

I  like the physical challenges of Yoga.

But, being the smart ass that I am and a complete spiritual moron, I still find it hard to swallow some of the Yoga jargons.

I mean.. it is interesting to see how westerners are just so... over the top in instilling a yogi way of life.

I know Australians call us 'Angry Vegetarians', for a reason I could not comprehend.

And no, I am not a vegetarian, although I love eating them (Vegetables, not Vegetarians). And I try to have a meat free week in a month.

I am not one of those very dedicated Yogis who turned Vegetarian / Vegan (yes there is a difference) and I don't know squat about Macro/Micro diets as well. I don't mind eating organic or inorganic produce although I try to be selective whenever I have the chance. It doesn't help that organic produce are just too damn expensive.

I am just.. in the middle. I love my meat, but I try not to eat too much of them, I love vegetables but the thought of never again having meat is daunting to me.

In short I do everything in moderation. It's good actually because truthfully, I really have no self control whatsofrikkinever.

So I was in the Yoga class I join in the gym and I actually broke a smile and chuckled when the instructor said :

'... Yes... feeeeel your ANUS...'

I can't help it... I mean yes I know what it means, but... seriously, if you are a beginner you would suddenly have the need to...


Which can be offending to other more serious Yogis.

Me.. I can see the humor in everything.. well except for maybe incompetence.

On a serious note though... Yoga helps.

... and it helps that HUGH JACKMAN is a budding Yogi too.

Niiice Chaturanga Mr. Jackman.

*Tabik Spring*

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Positivity part 2

So lately, well actually, during the beginning of the year... well, actually way before that... (yeah... bear with me) I have been doing a lot of thinking.

I have to admit... I am sort of ticked off by.. umm.. positive people.

Yes... things will work out despite the fact that the world is somehow going to end and that all living thing will die... someday and I can't help but to think that we will all end up as specks in the universe.

Tiiiiiiiiny dots of invincible ..... s p e c k.

Totally insignificant.

But that's the thing though isn't it? The whole purpose of life is to be recognized that we are h e r e.... and in our own world... we are ... significant....

One way or the other.

To someone else that is... I doubt a speck is ever going to be able to feel the sense of significance.

So .... I guess what I am trying to say here is that no matter how low we feel... or we think we are... someone else might be thinking of you... good thoughts la.

No I am not feeling low because it kind of takes a lot to make me feel low or for me to care too much nowadays. I care about people who matter of course... but can't be bothered to have an opinion on people I can't be bothered with.

But I know that I am not supposed to do that of course... because all of us contribute to life itself... no?

*slurping post workout latte .... temporary... BLISS...

To be continued... somewhat...

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Karmic realization

I had a long and meaningful talk with The Scotsman earlier today. I spent the remaining of my last non-working weekend with him at the pool and on our walk to our usual coffee spot.

We talked about stuff, cars, work, played angry bird :P on my Iconia, relationships and Karma.

He is going through a sticky situation right now and none of it was his fault to begin with. Well, I have no reason to elaborate further but suffice to say, I hope the people involved is going to be on the receiving end of something not so good for the rest of the year, provided it happen after The Scotsman has severed all involvement with the group of people.

I read something on Karma in this month's Yoga Journal, and so during our weekly coffee session, I turned to him and told him this :

"Sweetie, whatever bad things that you are facing right now, just take it as negative karma being taken away from you. just know that positive karma is coming your way, soon."

I know he is frustrated, I know he is tired, and not a day went by without me trying to pray for him that things will get better. It will... WILL. He is demotivated and he is feeling as if the world has turned its' back on him.

Which is somewhat the way I am feeling right now. I am on that level where I am feeling as if my efforts don't matter, as if everything that I am struggling to do, is not working. I trusted the wrong people, and I am pretty much feeling... obsolete... sometimes. Unappreciated.

But, I told myself to just keep on doing what I am doing... keep on having that sincerity... although it's fast depleting. My patience running thin too.

At the moment, I am helping The Scotsman with whatever I can help with. I would like to think, if I am ever going to be in that situation, I would like someone to be there to help me.

Karma, in its' simplest definition is ... the Golden Rule.

So... he shall prevail... and I shall too.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yoga for curvy people

Curvy is the politically correct term for fat.

Or, pudgy, or.. oh what the hell.. fat.

So I used to be fat. Really fat... like 75 kilos fat.

I am still kind of fat... but I guess I am less fat than before.

The question that was plaguing me before I decided to dabble in and practice Yoga before losing all these pounds were :

Do fat people do Yoga?

I have to admit, as a fat person, I used to be intimidated by the slim and fit physique of the people in my old Yoga studio.

I am still intimidated now even. I have been wanting to go to the Yoga studio ran by fellow blogger Ninie Ahmad for some time now but had been using 'the distance' excuse to not go.

Truth is, I was scared that I might feel intimidated by all the other bendier, slimmer and definitely more positive sun shiny people doing the salutations there.

I was bloghopping yesterday during lunch on my Iconia and decided to click on the links on Yogadork's link list and stumbled on a blog on yoga for curvy people.

I will add the link in soon here. I was blown away by the articles in the blog, on how positive and how the writer was looking at life... and Yoga, from a curvy perspective.

Now, I don't know if I will ever perfect my Chaturanga, hanumanasana or ever manage to do a simple arm balance pose in this lifetime but there is so much more to Yoga than bending yourself over to see your own bum.

Yoga is a practice for you to discover yourself and to see things in a new light.

The bending over to see your bum is of course... a bonus.


This little thing I would like to call.. my life

Okay.. first attempt in blogging via android.

Being the old fashioned hippie that I have always been, I have to say that I would prefer the old fashioned tapoing away on the keyboard as opposed to the silent touch of this tablet PC.

*Missing my laptop...* -facepalm.

Aaanyway... yesterday was an interesting day, one of it being that I was, for some reason extremely irritated with the current going ons in the political front...

Or rather... the religious front....

Or.. wait... isu semasa... oh wait ... Erykah Badu was involved.

And as usual, I'll be fucked to make that out... really.

Seriously... my confusion is that of a laughable one. While I am trying my best to look the other way... I ... c a n ' t HELP it.

I guess it is really not a good thing that I am here blogging in my favorite capuccino / detox joint.

OK OK.... I am going to walk off the oh so yummy pumpkin, sage and feta pasta dish I had for lunch( I just spelled lunch as 'kunch')...

Hmmm... damn you touch screen!

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Thursday, March 1, 2012