Monday, June 30, 2008

Save Sarcy, marry her...

By now, everyone should already be getting their pay.

It’s the end of the month, the boys will be out partying and the girls would be out shopping.

The thing about me is, and I guess other people could also relate to this, I would want to buy a lot of things before the pay comes out, but when it does, I found out that I really don’t want to buy them afterall.

Take for an example, the black top that I have been eyeing for a long time in Naf Naf. I was so in love with the top that I would go to the shop every frikkin’ day since it went on sale.

I have just gotten my salary not too long ago. So I went there with a wad of cash with me and realized that, I really don’t need anymore tops, black knitted tops anyway.

Just like when I thought I really wanted to buy a watch that I have been eyeing for a month, when I finally had the cash to do so, I thought I am better off buying other things with the money.

Just… I do actually need a watch. And right now, what I actually need is a good leather bag, something that will last me a long time like the leather bag I have used for almost 2 years now. I had to pin the bag’s handles in order for me to use the frikkin’ bag.

I might have to set up a fund for my bag. Save Sarcy, buy her a bag.

And a watch, because eversince I started working in irregular shifts, I have been disoriented. I don’t know what day was it today, or yesterday, or the day before yesterday. It’s just rather disturbing, as a matter of fact.

I think what I really need to buy is a plunging neckline dress and stilettos, to hitch myself a baller who could buy me both without me asking… a weekly allowance sounds nice… just give me a chance to be needy and not independent… for once.

I am tired la wey… someone just marry me already!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Operation code name ; bust the flab

I have decided to dedicate myself to a pupose, a mission.

I want to bust the flab.

When I started work in KL, I have had a lot of stress thrown at me. The stress contributes to my now very unhealthy eating style. I have been eating double servings of carbs and my lunch had been the typical Malaysian lunch.

Rice, meat, vegies and more rice.

... and oh by the way, not to forget, my teh ais.

Together with the smoking and the alcohol drinks, my body (bum, in particular!) expanded.

Needless to say, when I found out that I had to struggle to get into my favorite pair of pants and the buttons failing me when I tried on my ELLE jacket, I freaked, big time.

So now I am going back to my cardio work out, although I had to do those in odd times because of my irregular shift hours now. And my resistance exercise, that’s another story. I have failed to do my usual 300 crunches and due to my abandoning it, I could only do less than 50 now.

Yeah... I know, it is bad.

So my Nike running shoes are out from the box.

That’s the thing about women. We would usually be concerned about our appearances but once stressed, we forget everything and then we made the discovery and it goes on the cartwheel and it spins yet again towards that direction.

Lose it, gain it, lose it and yes... gain it.

And we go out shopping to buy new exercise outfits. Nike women are absolutely adorable. Pricey but adorable.

But now, my situation is that of beggars can’t choose. I have downgraded myself to tracks, tank tops and sport bras from Schwarzenbach and other sports brands that won’t break my bank. I still wear Nikes for my foot though.

For men, this might sound ridiculous, some could even see this as a sign of women’s inability to stay focused.

As for myself, I am a multitasker, I could surf the web in the office while participating in a tele conference with our US trainers and making jokes with my colleagues while actively taking part in the first two things.

So using myself as a case study, women CAN multitask, we CAN focus, we just get a bit too obsessed with work that we tend to uhmm... do other things.

So I neglect myself for the past three months. But it was only because I was busy with training (yeah... excuses, excuses... hahahaha!).

But hey, I am on a mission now, and that mission is to bust that flab... and believe me, no one else is more capable of busting these self inflicted flabs then me!

Kenapa? Tak percaya eh?

The last bikini shot. How nice if all the fat goes to my boobs ay?

(note; there will be regular updates on the status of the project. I will never achieve the supermodel bod, but, what I crave is not to be an anorexic, I just want to be in my healthy weight, that is all... my young padawan... hahahaha!)

Anyways, I was in JB for the weekend for a family gathering. The youngest member of our family, Najlah is having her quif cut today by a bunch of ‘Makcik Marhabans’. This is actually a ritual to welcome a new born into the society and it’s called a ‘Potong Jambul’ ceremony. Something like a debutante ball, without the fancy dresses, without teenagers; just a baby, lots of middle aged women in tudungs and identical ‘Marhaban’ baju kurungs reciting Quran verses together, a tray full of stuffs and children following where the tray goes because each and everytime the baby’s quif gets the snip, a shower of coins together with a few sweets would be thrown by the person initiating the cut.

Najlah; 'Makcik, makcik nak buat apa tu?'

"potong jambul' needs a tray of stuff, a bowl of rice mixed with a bit of turmeric, cut young coconut mixed with lime powder, a scissor (duh!) and a trayful of sweets with sylings.

The beginning of the ceremony; my auntie,Najlah's mum parading introducing her to the makciks-makciks marhaban.

Najlah's first (eh second...) jambul cut

Najlah; But Nenek... I still want my jambul...

I remembered when I was small, this used to be one of my favorite things to do. The money is generous, to a kid that is. With that small fortune, I could treat myself to ice creams, sodas and junk food. Not to mention the adrenaline rush of squeezing into tight spaces with the rest of my cousins.

This time though, there were only a handful of kids present at the event, and a few ‘adults’ took part. I was in it mainly for the shots, although I forgot to bring my point and shoot cam. My phone cam came to the rescue...

And you know what, my 2 MPX phone camera didn’t do too bad. Check out the pics.

Fun? You bet. And I stayed true to my mission code by not eating rice but tried out all of the dishes they made on that day. It was hot, but it was really good to meet everyone after so long.

The food... huhuhu...

Welcome to the world Najlah, I am around if you have questions on growing up... heh!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just my honest opinion -Pt 2

So my guy friend of 8 years and the cheating girlfriend of his whom I have known for almost 3 years are taking a break from each other after the whole affair was inappropriately unveiled to the rest of my JB circle of friends.

The girl was not happy that I told her that she is a slut and defended herself that really I don't know what has been going on in the relationship between she and the boyfriend for the past year. Everything had been rocky since the start of 2007. they appeared to be cool with each other in front of the others to avoid speculation.

She also admitted to having gone out with the affair material (who doesn’t even look half as good as her boyfriend.) and confessed that money issues was one of it.

Which I think was ridiculous. The guy was pulling a comfortable pay cheque of 8K a month. Living expenses in JB is not as high as KL. To me it shouldn’t even be a frikkin’ issue in the first place. She is working, she is not making much but I think it should be ok for her to cover for herself.

I told her one of the many reasons why I broke up with my exes was because of money. Not because they were not showing me their thousands but simply because the thought of them having the money and me not being able to live up to that bothers me. I asked her if it was the same reason.

It was a no. It was more of a the boyfriend doesn’t earn enough to support her dying needs for Perempuan Ampang type brands like MNG and frikkin’ Top Shop.

“Takkan tiap – tiap bulan expect dia nak habiskan beratus-ratus just to buy your stuff? What happen to your paycheque? You don't even have to pay for your family as your family is well off!”

Word for word, that was what I asked her.

For the record, women love it when their respective so called ‘other halves’ buy them (expensive) presents or offered to pay for their bills, but being women, while they are loving it, it could also drag their ego down.

Obviously, the girl doesn’t have ego issues. And the affair material bought her a T&Co bracelet, which kind of sealed off the deal.

“I terkilan A** panggil adik a slut. But for the record, that was what we have been going through. If A**** could not do what I want him to do for me, macamana adik nak convince yang dia betul-betul concerned about adik?”

I told her about a man I dated who simply would not call me, who disappointed me beyond belief and who also told me (Via SMS of course...) that he simply doesn’t trust me. I rarely saw him and our meetings would be depending on his mood for the day. He definitely has the money and I guess if I got the chance to know him well enough, he would have no qualms paying for me.

So you see, I concluded almost in a corny fashion, money is not everything. In the end was how he made me feel, and I was not feeling happy. I was more happy being with other people as a single woman than to be reminded that I was with him at the time.

To me, when you have been in a relationship for as long as 3 years, it is one that is worth working on, that is worth saving. My brief sort – ish relationship doesn’t warrant a salvage. It was one that could only work with the both of us being on our own.

And of course I also told her what I think about this whole ridiculous notion of a man having to do what the woman wants him to do. It’s just not right and she is still stuck in the Jurassic period. I would love to be the one who wears the pants in a relationship once in a while, even better if I also have the financial means as well. Buy him stuff and things like that, it’s just that I can’t because I have responsibilities towards other people. Also, whether you like it or not, unfortunately, you are not his number one priority. My guess is that his car could very well be his numero uno, and not you.

Thinking about what he is supposed to do for you? Wrong move.

Yeah, the two hour telephone conversation sure packed more than I expected.

I didn’t call my guyfriend but I did SMS him saying that he could call me or anyone of our friends who know about the whole thing to talk about it. But what he would get from me would be nothing short of honest opinions.

I also told her again that I would kill to have the kind of guy who could accept me as what I am, even when I screwed up. I advised her that if they decided to make it work, it better just do.

Well, that’s my honest opinion on it la. Don't like it? Just shove something up your ass already.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just my opinion?

Call it jealousy, call it envy.

I get mad, seriously disappointed when I heard that one of my good friends have been cheating on her boyfriend.

They have been together for close to three years, and the thing is I have known the guy for probably longer than they have been together. I was his confidante. Until my friend stepped in.

Personally I have nothing against her. But it’s just that when the guy told me that he is still in love with her even after all that shit happened, I was asking myself, fuck… where did I go wrong? Why can’t I get someone like him?

The men I had bailed out on the relationship (and me… tsk…). We kind of gave up on whatever it was that we had at a drop of a coin. Neither of us wanted to work it out.

And now, I am wondering why.

I figured that I walked because I don’t want to be in a situation where I would risk being the one who would be hurting.

I know what hurt is. It ain’t pretty. Like that feeling I had when I found my fucked up ex in bed with another woman.

So from then onwards, I would prefer to walk away.

But when I heard about the whole shit, I was outraged. But being the control macho type, I waited for the two of them to call me. And then I gave them my ‘honest opinion’.

In a nutshell, I told the girl she is a slut tak tau dek untung, and I told the guy he is a dumb ass to be used that way.

Why? I told the girl that because I would kill to get someone like the guy, and I told the guy that because he is a dumb ass for not picking me.

Pick me! Pick me! DUMBASS!

Anyway… love is I figured, a strange thing. I have only been in love for two depressing times. So what do I know about it except that it sucks eh?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tulah... Mak dah kata...

Once upon a morning, when I was all drowsy and stuff after flu meds, I went onto the T&Go booth, just to realize that I forgot my T&Go card is in my other bag.

Just so you know, women need to have more than one handbag, it is not something that we will stop doing just because the price of petrol is up by almost 50%. Maybe we would just be reduced to buying cheap brandless handbags.

So, I reversed Wiwa, confidently, until I heard a loud bang.

I panicked, I thought it was another car, though I was positive that there was no car behind me the last time I looked, which was maybe a second ago.

I backed to a bleeding road cone. So I said, fuck it and went to the ‘tunai’ booth.

The car behind me flashed me, and I looked behind and I there it was, the cone, stuck firmly to Wiwa’s ass.

I panicked, again, and I pulled to the side.

Imagine a woman in blue dress and white heels, looking at the cone, wondering how do I get it off.

And I did, eventually, which was something really, considering the base of the cone was prolly half my weight (or quarter... doesnt matter!)

Lesson learnt, if you are drowsy, don't drive, or worse, reverse your car at the toll station that you are going through every damn frikkin’ day.

It was embarassing damn it!

Bet those Toll people would go;

“HAH! Tulah Akak yang gostan langgar kon lepas tuh bawak keta tak tau kon tuh terlekat kat keta dia.”


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lighter ku yang berona kuning dan putih kehilangan

Malay magazines threw me off.

Really, it did.

Back when I was a teen, a long time ago, I used to love reading this one magazine, the epitome of all ‘remaja berangan’ magazine, until I discovered Marvels comics and have enough allowance to buy novels.

I remembered I used to read them because my aunties used to buy them.

Of course back then, I didn’t cringe.

I have had the opportunity of reading one of the magazines after years of not doing so. I am not so much of a magazine reader. The only ones I really read had been Reader’s Digest and magazines on photograpy mostly. When my cousin was getting married, I picked up a few local wedding mags just for the heck of it. I love looking at the pictures of elaborate wedding outfits and the ‘hantaran’. They’re so pretty.

So as you can just imagine; I didn’t read the contents at all.

It’s nice to think of me ever getting married, I think that’s the closest I can get to having my own wedding.

Anyway, I was literally struggling to understand the ‘new age’ Malay language they used in the magazine. It was a women’s magazine, so they talked about fashion and whatnots. I am used to fashion magazines just
... not really to Malay ones.

Can’t they just use ‘Warna’ instead of ‘Rona’? wouldn’t that be counted as bombastic? I had to guess the meaning of the word based on the usage so in the end, after the long 30 minutes I took to kind of getting the hang of reading a Malay magazine after so long, I finally understood that rona really just meant; ‘Warna’ or color.

That’s just soooo... corny.

“Oh yea... makcik boleh tak bagi saya lighter rona kehijauan dan kebiru – biruan ala biru turqoise itu? Smashing!”

And they also used English words in Malay sentences!

I swear, comparing this to the Remaja mags that I read when I was young (-er), Remaja rawks in my book.

It might shock people but I studied Malay literature in school when I was doing my form sixes. I am not good at it, but I do know that by using bombastic Malay words, the possibility of you getting your context wrong is more likely.

So while I decide on which ‘busana’ to wear and what ‘rona’ of scarves to go with it for tomorrow, you can bet that, that would be the last time I would pick up a Malay fashion magazine.

Pastikan pilihanmu menarik perhatian si dia!


Anyway.. this is old news but went to Bijoux Bazaar with Naz Aka Kaki Cucuk Langit weekends ago.

Bought a pashmina cardigan and a pair of earrings made by Jade!! huhu... and I am a happy girl (I am easy to please like that.. uh... not really)

And I met Cosmic Gurl!!! hehehehe... it was really nice to meet you la babe. But tengah kecoh and panas like that I forgot to take your phone number la pulak... email me?