Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Before I go...

I can’t wait for the weekends…

I want to go back and meet my dearest girlfriends. I miss them so much.

Also I have been running flat on things to blog about lately. Mind is consumed with a lot of things… work… work… work…

And I think I better start my swimming lessons soon. Haven’t been running the past few weeks also (Because of my spoilt runners la kan.)

I am also excited over my hair coloring appointment tomorrow. It’s the second time I am going to get my hair colored.

I don’t really like going to the salon to do my hair, actually. I can’t sit in one place doing nothing. That is also the reason why I rarely go to spas, facials and massages. Same reason… lying down on my back, with people kneading my face and body like dough is not what I have in mind as far as relaxation is concerned. That said, saya tak boleh manjadi teman se-spa siapa2 pun.

But this time, for the hair coloring appointment, it’s going to be different. It will… hihi… now that I no longer had to deal with people face to face, I can do crazy hair… and crazy colors. Oooh… exciting.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I will be on PH and I also have dates with girlfriends… I feel like dressing up, and I feel like going to MAC and get a makeover… and buy stuff also la.

And being that I love bargains, bought a black blazer from G2000 at RM 179… I am loving it because it’s frikkin’ cheap… it was on 50% sale and I am so proud of myself. Next destination is to that hunk of a sale for shoes in Ikano. Uuuuuuu… cheap shoes…

I am such a sucker for these things.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is getting more and more hilarious.

Now there is a blog dedicated to condemn the blogger whose 'passion' is to criticize other bloggers.

Personally, I just find this whole crap unbelievably funny. But, again, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am all for freedom of speech. It makes life interesting innit?

To everyone who does not agree with this... well sock it up and close your blog -lah.

One more thing, I wonder if they get profit doing this whole lashing thing. I don't mind getting bad karma for cash.

(Weelll... maybe not.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

On a strange blogging spree…

I was out with the T-man for some drinks and the subject of conversation turned to what we want later in our life.

Not surprisingly, I went on about my career, where I want to be 5 years from now blabla. I have to admit, it did sound a bit like a job interview answer. The works, big position, big pay, big bank acct, big house, big car.

He smiled and said; “Hmm… wow… I just want to fall in love, get married and have kids, have an early retirement and stay here in Malaysia. Don’t think I’ll go back to the States.”

And then he asked me on exactly why my goals in life had nothing to do with my personal life.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with my personal life? When I get ahead in my career, I’ll make more cash, when I have more cash, then I can do anything I want to do.”

He laughed before asking for another bottle of beer. Still chuckling he asked if that would include ‘ordering & financing’ a gigolo for my sexual needs, artificially inseminate myself to get kids and hiring a nanny to take care of them?

I kept quiet. I was not insulted or offended, but that just got me thinking. I was looking at the bottle of beer that was in front of me and was just… well … thinking about it.

“Hey… I am sorry if that rubbed you the wrong way.” He said when he noticed me keeping quiet and lightly touched my shoulders.

I shook my head, I mean, I was genuinely in my thinking man mode. It didn’t rub me the wrong way but it just got me… well… thinking.

Maybe I am missing out on the things that matters now. In my pursuit for everything powerful and materialistically driven, I have forgotten about the simple things in life. Life goals, not career goals. What I want, what I really really want.

The T-man gave me a much needed hug.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get around it.”

“Heh… Get around what?” I looked up to him.

“Around realizing what really matters… - Lah.”

I laughed. His attempt in sounding Malaysian always cracked me up.

I have just realized how much I loved the hug that he gave me just now. I realized that I haven’t been hugged for ages. For once, I felt… good… and kind of happy.

Eh… cold blooded bitches have feelings too … k?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick leave, big fat booty and porn... make sense?

I used to be flaky.

When I was just starting out in the 9-5 working girl world, I used to take a lot of sick leaves, on most occasion, is not that I was really sick… but I just felt like… ‘getting sick’.

Having a dumb boss didn’t make the situation any better too. Just the thought of sitting through one of her meetings with her inaudible English makes me want to just drop and faint.

High blood pressure.

I didn’t know what I was thinking, of course. I always used the whole ‘I am young and too dumb to know better’ excuse. After all, what is ‘youth’ without the occasional ‘foolishness’ and a sprinkle of ‘ignorance’?->which is really just pure bliss.

I have been working my ass for close to 10 years, building my resume and my credibility and now, like how I said in one of my previous posts, I am extremely defensive about my career. Furthermore when I am after all, alone and fully dependent on myself, my career is the only good thing I have going for me.

Men comes and goes, love appears and diminishes, but credibility… now that is indispensable.

So now, I have to deal with high turnovers, absenteeism, suspicious sick leaves and such. Thankfully, I have a couple of ladies I could trust at least in terms of attendance. Two extremely awesome ladies, and one awesome-er lady because she also doubles up as my best pal in the department.

Now I get to experience what my ex bosses feel when I was on my so called ‘sick leave’

Well, what goes around truly does come around.

10 years later, I have diligently come in to work even when I was sick.I have become one of the employees with too many sick leaves left unclaimed for the year… kira burn la RM300 over worth of benefits.
Aging has that effect on people. They somehow become more... responsible... and less carefree...

And really on a totally unrelated note, why is it that guys love to use the phrase;

"I don’t understand why you are not seeing someone, you are cool and you are attractive, I … I … just don’t understand."

Yeah… you… you… were just trying to get into my pants because of my big fat booty right?

On another totally, totally unrelated incident; saw a porn starring big assed mamas… OH MY GOD… I am positively ass-ified! I am talking about BIG ASSED MAMAS!

*Interesting though...*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's inevitable, unfortunately...

My best friend got robbed in front of her house during the weekends.

She went back home at 5 am in the morning, opened her gates, got into her car and these men came over to her car, smashed her passenger car’s window and then took her handbag. Thankfully, nothing happened to her.

On her going back at 5 am in the morning, it’s a weekend, so can’t blame her for that.

Which brings me to the real issue. How safe are we nowadays? This has renewed my personal concern on myself. However, at the moment, I am just glad that I go to work when everyone else in the neighborhood is home and I come home when everyone else is already up.

Sometime this year, I was mugged in front of HSBC in uptown Damansara. This was a scary and also a lifechanging experience. It was scary because if not for the car that happened to drive my way at that time, I wouldn’t have any idea what the crooks would have done to me, life changing because I realized who really cared for me back then. My ex stood by me, my then boyfriend was busy with his fucking issues, which was nothing I know of.

I kept the whole episode well under wraps, except to my ex, my best friend and a few of my other close friends. I didn’t mention it to me my parents. They still somehow treated me like the baby of the family, which was ridiculous considering that I am almost 30. They might just call my office to tell them that I quit and will not be coming back for work because I will be relocating back to JB again.

My lost was about 3 Gs worth of my pay. Thankfully, I still have a bit left in my checking account and my ex chipped in so I was able to survive the month. But then, 3Gs already a lot of money. So from then onwards, I decided that I must stop being brave and just start being a typical woman.

What’s more important now, like how I told my best friend is that she is okay.

For all women out there. Don't ever think that these kinds of things would never happen to you. I had that thought before. I thought, hey, what are the odds of something like that ever happening to me, I mean, as in being mugged. I know to some people, in a perverted twisted kind of way, being mugged is an interetsting experience. But commonsense says that, being found dead in a ditch somewhere is never interesting is it?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

If you have haters, then you must be doing something right

Yeah, that was what ‘the T-man’ said about something that I complained to him about.

Owh... yeah really?

I was informed on Friday night about a blogger who apparently likes to criticize other bloggers, well simply because ‘kehausan’ idea la tuh kot. Another blogger told me about the blog and have urged me to go and drop my comment.

People must have thought I was crazy for laughing my ass off when I was reading the blog in Starbucks. It was welll. Funny.... as for leaving a comment, well... I figured, dropping my comment among people who commented anonymously is not my style. Let them be hating la... in the words of another criticised blogger; bukannya rugi apa pun.

Here I will give you haters more things to criticize about me in your obviously uninspired blog;

- I am a workaholic. I don't have a life.
- I drive a kereta tempatan, a wira to be exact.
- I make a measly salary every month, that’s why my splurge in branded items would not exceed 300 bucks. I tau pemblogger tersebut have more than I have.
- I am jinxed as far as men are concerned. I always meet people at the wrong places ie; Starbucks and Borders
- I don't subscribe to internet because – see point #3


Putting it like how a Johorean would, kesiaaaaan....

To everyone else here who is curious about this person’s desperation to lift his/her umm... esteem... go to
knock yourself out dudes. Who knows, next one might be yours!

Friday, November 7, 2008

The day I thought I am going to be an idiot

Now don't get me wrong...

I am all for freedom of speech. I am also aware of the fact that anyone can now blog, even when that person can't write anything for peanuts.

If they can hit the keyboard, they can write, and hell... they can write about anything and everything under the sun. You can't blame them either for not knowing that their blog really sucked. Maybe nobody told them so.

Like really, to the brim of turning someone into an idiot. Like decreasing someone's IQ by a point every microsecond, if there is such a thing.

Things like what one buy when going out with the respective other halves, things like not knowing why they bought certain stuff, showy things, brand name dropping, baby wording and the likes. For what could have been a full half an hour, I was transfixed into the world of a Malay airhead.

Damn... I even had the word 'tantik tak?' going on rewind over and over again for hours after!

I even emailed the URL to my colleague simply because I couldn't believe that one could actually come up with something like....

"OH MY GOD!" She exclaimed.

"I KNOW!" that was my only respond.

I know to a certain extend, I am being judgmental, but come on! that was the single most... stupid half an hour I have ever had. I gained nothing from it, except that the author of that blog bought a kimono night robe at a certain lingerie shop and she didn't actually know it was a kimono robe.


Come on fellow bloggers, if you want to blog about the things you bought, if you want to make free advertisements about it, do it...
tastefully. There is no use annihilating the rest of the population with your ... umm... bimbo-ism. Because honestly, it is kind of disturbing.

It reflects on who you are, these kinds of things. Seriously!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rambles part ... ummm... I don't know... how many has it been so far?

Well… Obama won… so the Americans are not ‘intellectually challenged’ after all.

My American friends called me up earlier to inform me of the results. Well, at least, now they have someone who could hopefully do better stuff.

Where does that leave us Malaysians?

Yeah... by the way things are going… we’re screwed.
‘Ha’ah… ada cawat.’

My initial response to that was a genuine honest ‘Huh?’. The seamstress looked up to me, pointing to that baggy part of the pair of jeans, the crotch area.

‘Sini, orang panggil cawat.’

Owh. I didn’t know that. Cawat translated meant loincloth.

‘Ok. Betulkan lah.’

I sent a pair of jeans for alteration last weekend. The jeans was one size bigger. To my surprise it costs me 80 bucks. That’s almost half of what I paid for the pair. Simply put, I could get two pairs of the darn jeans with that kind of money. The jeans itself costs me 190+.

So I did the math. Dammit! Saya bukan pengguna lestari! And I just contributed to the inflation rate.

I have made up my mind and I am going to do it.

I will march to the damn store and buy the damn thing. I need it! It was last week when I found out in horror that the ones I own are now badly … just… mangled…

Oh yes… Nike runners… I need to make that weekend run of 2.5 KMs again. I can just feel my bum expanding. It is all out to conquer but is so not into dividing, because if that’s the case, I could have gotten my C cup back. <- right, one could hope.

I would like to know why is it that in the biggest mall in KL… you could not get frikkin’ JCo donuts? I mean, I have four little cousins at home last weekend who was hoping for me to bring back for them two dozens of donuts from JCo and I had to disappoint them.

The Customer Service counter girl suggested for me to drive down to Pavilion.

First of all, I hate driving into KL. I hate walking into Pavilion because it reminds me that I have a loooong way to go as far as money is concerned because if that’s not the case, I would be strolling in and out of the high end boutiques they have there.

The single item I have bought there had been a belt which costs me RM 100+ from Club Monaco. And how my friends ranted on how I am able to find the same exact one at RM 29.90 at Sin Ma.


Anyway… back to the donuts… yeah… like why???? Big mall don’t have small donut shop? I guess the size of the mall compensates for a lot of things that it lacks of? Sensible parking signages? Parking pay stations? Good looking men at Starbucks?