Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is getting more and more hilarious.

Now there is a blog dedicated to condemn the blogger whose 'passion' is to criticize other bloggers.

Personally, I just find this whole crap unbelievably funny. But, again, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I am all for freedom of speech. It makes life interesting innit?

To everyone who does not agree with this... well sock it up and close your blog -lah.

One more thing, I wonder if they get profit doing this whole lashing thing. I don't mind getting bad karma for cash.

(Weelll... maybe not.)


  1. "It makes life interesting innit?"

    I agree. Whomever this person, is preaching about moderating comments..etc, yet he/she is putting across his/her opinion anonymously! So who's the scaredy cat now eh?

    When a blogger writes, he writes his story as he sees fit and im sure is ready to face criticism. So pedulik apa orang lain nak cakap pasal blog kita kan?

  2. hi sarcy!

    i stumbled upon the said blog from yours actually.... i just do not noe how to describe it.... it's a fusion of pathetic and entertaining to me..

    anyway, the blog has been put on private mode for now... as for the other blog which you mentioned here i truly have no idea.... email me the url, boleh?

    p/s : love your blog despite what that blog said about it and hv linked to mine.... hope you don mind eh?

  3. MsD,

    Thats the thing... why do it anonymously right? but hey, who are we to question their prerogatives right? (Cheh.. prerogative tu...haha!)


    Aaw thank you and of course i dont mind about the link.

    the blog's put on private mode? how come i can still view it? hmmm.. musykil sungguh.. hehe..

    owh the other blog is dunno la.. i dont like the way both of them write.. too vulgar.. and i cringe everytime.. Cup C dont like.. hahahaha

  4. aik! smlm i cant open the site... arini boleh pulak.....

    ala babe! i ni cup D pun still the wacoal sales girl thot i am cup B, bila measure i baru percaya.... it's our boobs la babe, of course we know our own cup size kan? i just don understand pasal cup sizes pun boleh jadi issue... ish..ish.. ish....

  5. Sarcy,
    when you're wearing bigger cups, please update here okay. You'll surely be renamed to D-cup. hehehe....
    BTW, PerezHilton got his fame using similar tactic what.... i.e kutuk orang dalam blog sendiri.

  6. Anis,

    ehehehehe... C cup ke b cup ke.. still breasts kan... anything can be an issue what?


    for sure. but Perez Hilton punya language pun a tad classy thhan these two people.. :P

  7. I dah book D-cup, jangan lah!
    He hee..

  8. Ninie,

    hihi.. i am not worthy of a D cup... takde gaya D cup pun.. ahahahaha

  9. I don't understand the slang they both talk in ler. DAmn I gotta go brush up my Malay.

  10. Izso,

    very crude malay..

    no need la... no use anyway