Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Before I go...

I can’t wait for the weekends…

I want to go back and meet my dearest girlfriends. I miss them so much.

Also I have been running flat on things to blog about lately. Mind is consumed with a lot of things… work… work… work…

And I think I better start my swimming lessons soon. Haven’t been running the past few weeks also (Because of my spoilt runners la kan.)

I am also excited over my hair coloring appointment tomorrow. It’s the second time I am going to get my hair colored.

I don’t really like going to the salon to do my hair, actually. I can’t sit in one place doing nothing. That is also the reason why I rarely go to spas, facials and massages. Same reason… lying down on my back, with people kneading my face and body like dough is not what I have in mind as far as relaxation is concerned. That said, saya tak boleh manjadi teman se-spa siapa2 pun.

But this time, for the hair coloring appointment, it’s going to be different. It will… hihi… now that I no longer had to deal with people face to face, I can do crazy hair… and crazy colors. Oooh… exciting.

And tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I will be on PH and I also have dates with girlfriends… I feel like dressing up, and I feel like going to MAC and get a makeover… and buy stuff also la.

And being that I love bargains, bought a black blazer from G2000 at RM 179… I am loving it because it’s frikkin’ cheap… it was on 50% sale and I am so proud of myself. Next destination is to that hunk of a sale for shoes in Ikano. Uuuuuuu… cheap shoes…

I am such a sucker for these things.


  1. bestnye, babe. i dah lama tak shopping. kena jimat now that there's only one breadwinner in the family :(

    happy shopping, eh.

  2. Uh... 179 is 50% sale? Wah.

    And Ikano has shoes? Uh..

    As for hair - BLUE!

  3. Have a safe trip. Rains a lot these days.

  4. TC,

    I cant shop that much too. I dont have a sugar daddy you know?


    Blue? uhmm.. i have red highlights now.. :) and i love it!


    Thank you.. hope it wont rain tomorrow. :)

  5. sarcy...
    haiyo. must have sugar daddy only ah can shop? ;P

  6. TC,

    abis.. tak cukup cash... hahahaha