Monday, December 1, 2008

During the weekends I…

… Went back to JB!

…Right after work. The drive was as usual, not too bad, as I was doing 120-140. Left KL at 8 am (Give and take) and arrive around 11 – ish (Give and take). Slept like a baby for the first time in a long time.

I went over to TGI for dinner with Anna. Initially, we had planned to go for an all girl club night and it so happened that a friend of ours met with an accident and Anna had to be around to help him. Nevertheless, arriving in TGI in my jeans (with heels, of course) and to find her coming in a dress because the original plan was to be dressed to the nines was somewhat… nice, in a way. I told her that my dress is much too… umm… ‘dressy’ ie revealing for a dinner in TGI.

So we had dinner with intervals of heartbreak stories. Both of us are never lucky in love. I guess that brought us closer, in a pathetic way.

But we are going to pucker up and just move on. What we have left is our pride, no matter how shriveled and insignificant it had become.
And it felt so good to later meet up with a good guy friend of mine, Chandra. It has been ages since we last met. Actually it was last year’s Raya when I organized an open house for my close friends. Over jug(s) of beer, we talked, reminisced and were the last people to leave the pub.

It was a nice closing to the evening.

…Found out that J is diagnosed with cancer

J is 31, young, successful and he broke the news to me over the phone that he has cancer.

I was shocked and was speechless. The reason for this is very clear. I have lost a couple of friends to the disease before. Both who had been very dear to me. Sadly, I was not around when they passed.

I wish I have the resources to get on a flight and fly to London to be with J. Even though I know it will not be enough, the least I can do is to be there for him. The last time I saw him was 2 years ago.

And this had me feeling down the whole weekend and even now.

I just gave up on the man I love so much, and losing a friend would be devastating.

… Was annoyed and disgusted

I was on my way back to KL doing my usual 120-140 on the highway when I received a call from a friend.

Just when I thought it is over and done with, it came up again. This reminded me of petty arguments and bitch fests we had in boarding school.

I see it this way…

If a person makes millions, let them. If that person can afford to spend their weekends overseas, let them. If that person prefers Mat Salehs to locals, let them. Is the fact that this person is able to live such a lifestyle get you all worked up because you can’t?

And personally, I just don’t care. I speak and write better English than Malay. Some people just feel more comfortable talking in English or any other language aside from Malay. If you have a problem with that… well… shame on you.

I don’t go for beemers or mercedeses or shit like that. I don’t care if that person makes millions or if that person went to any prestigious Malay crap of a college. I don’t care if you have 7 houses and you ‘try’ to live in all of them. (Which is seriously stupid and defeats the purpose of investing in properties if you ask me, but hey what do I know)

What I know is that if you are pretentious and you are a racist, you are out of my league.

But judging by the post that was mainly about three particular bloggers (Myself included), clearly, they don’t think that way.

And the response from the ‘anonymous’ commentators are almost generic. It’s boring, unoriginal and seemed like they are agreeing to whatever the writer is saying. Well, surely it has something to do with the fact that most of the people who dropped their comments are using anonymous pseudos.

What… ‘takut your blog will be next ke?’

And to think that these people have so much time on their hands googling somebody else’s details in the internet makes me wonder how do they make the time? I don’t even have the time to live my life let alone dishing on other people’s dirt.

But, I still believe in freedom of speech. People can talk, and it’s impossible to shut their gobs. So let them.

And this will be my last entry related to that other blog. I have a life to live (well… trying to) and deserving friends to support. I don’t have the luxury to Google about strangers and pass a judgment on them.


  1. I just did a google on my real name, my nick name and my previous known aliases. Nada. I'm goood.

  2. i agree with ya. i dont get it why piah targets very few people. its like a personal war against you guys.
    how u guys live your life is not our concern. i juz dont get it.

  3. but you did pass judgement on a stranger. and being mean as well. based on your

    'idiot' is not a nice word. face it.

  4. i think u were caught in the crossfire la. best bet is to just acknowledge and move on.

    like i said before, to me my main gripe would be on people trying to pass off the writings of others as their own.

    i have no qualms about their lifestyle choices.

    oh btw cup size can go up or down and there's a certain percentage of women who are wearing the wrong cup size pun so people make mistakes what.

  5. Why are you getting so worked up about?

    I mean, sure you write about how pretty you are, how men chase after you etc...

    but one look at your photo confirms what your readers must be thinking - what you write here is fiction.

    Most of us like to write about our fantasies, you're just the same..

  6. Iszo,

    me too.. thankfully, nothing came up... hihi

    abdul & Bob,

    no comment. but i think you should lay off people's personal life ie, sexual orientation and such.


    Do i really have to repeat what i just commented again, or do you have difficulty understanding?


    worked up? i am only worked up when people are being criticised because of what they are.

    show me an en entry where i actually announced to t he whole world i am 'pretty'?

    and if talking about a friend who discovered he heas cancer or HIV even is YOUR fantasy... you need therapy.

  7. Goodness me! I actually thought your postings were fiction, at least that would make you look sane. Well, in your words, you didnt say you are pretty, but you did say you think you are 'HOT BEYOND BELIEF'. Let me just paste it for you:

    ' out my phone number to strangers who find me hot beyond belief? (Well, I have always thought so of myself anyway....'

    That was posted here:

    Just one look at your picture, and now knowing what you write is not fiction, then all I can say is that you are seriously delusional.

  8. John,

    that was sarcasm... dont you get it?? the same like saying that you actually have 'something smart' to say.