Tuesday, December 2, 2008

... Aannd there's this itch to get something brand new

Whenever I feel like doing yet another big purchase (Ie; a car), I felt this heavy feeling of letting my Wiwa go.

Afterall, it is my first car (aside from the second hand kancil I bought years ago).

I have my eye(s) on this cutey, Honda City 2008;

It goes with my budget and it looks sexy…

But I am still not sure about letting Wiwa go. She is my first Baby… :(

What do you guys think? I am actually thinking about it because my relatives (and friends) said the value for Wira is going to depreciate even more if I don’t let it go soon. But I love my Wiwa…


  1. there is a new honda city coming out in mid december. get that one..

    but yeah. if ur current ride is wira, then switching to a honda or even a vios would see you save tons in petrol... but service and maintenance cost will go up.

  2. urmm... i say... go for the honda! hehehe... and when you've got it... don't forget to take me for a ride!!

  3. girl, as long as it works fine and the maintenance is okay, stick to your Wiwa. Only chuck it off when the maintenance takes a big chunk of your RM and gets more frequent.

  4. Honda! Honda! Honda!
    My friends and I are going to the launch on 18th Dec. Yeay!

    No matter how much you love your Wiwa, please go and test drive this new City. I guarantee the smooth driving (chewah, belum test drive dah tau!)

  5. Me, thanks to some important influence, have my eyes on a Latio Sport Impul ideally) for some time now. But then, my trusty 6 year old Iswara Aeroback is still serving me well. What more, many say that it's better to invest in real estate then vehicles.

    Anyhow, if you like it & can afford it, got for it. Hondas r reliable, from the many feedback I received. :D

  6. Abdul,

    i have been advised about the FC. thats why i am interested.


    You rode in my Wiwa once kan when we tried to get out of KLCC? hahahaha... got sentimental value la that car...

  7. Ome,

    i was thinking of that also... but biasala kan.. itchy like that nak beli new car because my uncle just bought a Vios.. :P


    amboi... taulah honda fan... but seriously... i am thinking about test driving it... soon.

  8. Mark,

    i have been told the same thing also. Actually i was contemplating about Latio as well but for some reason... i thought for a start, let's start with something more affordable.. not like i am making much pun.. hihi

  9. Beli je. You wont regret. Save minyak. For vtech, u can get 16km/liter petrol, which is more economical compared to satria~12km/liter. i-DSI lebih2 jimat. but vtech sangat sesuai untuk merempit...more power.


  10. nbb,

    Haha.. maybe maybe.. see la how.. really contemplating it.

  11. Oiks? my comment hilang. Wait for the new generation City to come out first, then buy the older one with more goodies or a at a cheaper price when they 'clear stock'