Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oooh that is sooo shallow... *roll eyes*

Most of the guy friends I have is realistic enough to know that if you don’t look good yourself, there will be no way for you to get a gorgeous drop dead Milla Jovovich look alike as your girlfriend. (Unless of course you have a pocketful of Moolah!).

Totally out of context… I think Milla Jovovich is GORGEOUS… she is an ass kicking cool zombie fighting chick… ok… in the movie she is, but still. I love her… she rocks.

Anyway, back to the subject of men who are unrealistic or ‘delusional’ as it seemed that this word had been associated a lot with me lately (Bleagh!).

I like a man not because of how he looks like, I like a man based on his mind, how he talks, how he acts and all the other clichéd stuff. It will be a bonus however if he has a cute bum… and a sweet body… but what are the odds of me getting that eh? I have inferiority complex, as quoted by my friends, often it would be because I am not making as much money as the guy, which I was told is actually not a big deal at all. However, it is to me.

Carried away again… ummm… oh yes… I have two guy friends who are categorized in the delusional type. They are not good looking and they do not have bank accounts that’s comparable to frikkin’ KJ (uuuu… sensitive tu…) even. They don’t drive beemers or benzes. They also don’t drive Peugeots or Alpha Romeos. They drive Protons and … Protons.

But they are as dark and legam as KJ.

Still they only date quote ‘cute girls’ unquote.

Of course, it is a free world. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that crap. But these two guys are the shallowest men I know. The women they date must be skinny, must be fair and must be tall.

They are not that tall themselves, FYI.

They actually announced to the whole world that those are their criterias and nothing will be in their way.

They fess up that their priority is how the girls look like, not how they think or talk. The girl could stutter and say 3 words for the whole 5 hours but if she looks like Sofea Jane, jalan je.

I don’t think I understand the need for men to search for perfection despite the lack of perfection on their part.

What I learnt from this however is this either shows us women as the smarter gender or the weaker ones. Smart because we know enough to not judge a book by its’ cover or weak that we rather take on any men who come our way and don’t bother to even choose.

P/S : On the other hand, it’s really funny when people say that I am delusional just because I ‘happened’ to have lots of bastards chasing me around. Women don’t have to be gorgeous to have lowlifes asking for their phone number. Uncute women still have frikkin’ pussies right? Yeesh! Think people THINK!


  1. I have one favour. u have good blogs but the fonts is hurting my eyes beggin u to change the font to a normal arial or times new roman.

  2. looks may work for 5 seconds. then, you need something else too. selamat hari ray sarc. enjoy the weekend.

  3. you probably should stop writing only to counter justify what's written about you in the other blog. it will only give people more ammunition to let's say, say you are cheap and that is why your relationships doesn't last long. just using your pussy does not reflect how much you deserve those smart men you desire to flock to you when you surely talk with you pussy, not your mouth and mind. for once, please use your brains.

  4. Dear Sarclover,

    It certainly reflects your shallow and delusional thinking in saying that men would go for women, even uncute ones just because they have pussies.

    But then again, one thing I know delusional people do not know they are delusional. Sometimes they need to be pointed out on this reality.

    Case in point here is when you thought that your cup size was a C, when it is indeed a B size, as highlighted in your post here:

    The truth to that matter is, you needed to be set back into reality by a saleswoman, and needed to try on a bra before you can accept what is real and what is true.

    It is the same here with your latest post, you are giving out all kinds of denials. Instead of rejecting what people say about you, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and analyse/digest back what feedback you are getting. If the feedback is consistent from not just one source and viable, then do take it to heart to try to correct what is wrong. I know it hurts, but the truth does that to you sometimes.

  5. Maaan I love this John fler. (Are you a 'fler' John? Or a 'flerette'?)

  6. for someone who speaks more english than malay, please la eksplen to joyah if the usage of your "its" in your sentence was intentional, or, delusional: Smart because we know enough to not judge a book by its’ cover or weak that we rather take on any men who come our way and don’t bother to even choose.

    u know..joyah dont like to judge you by yours' cover.

  7. waaah.... why.. semua makan cili ke???

    Yeah whatever.

    me justifying what was sad about me in other blogs... i am just talking about the john fag.. i mean.. fella's comment about me in MY own blog.

  8. Nadirah,

    i might just do something about it. Thanks for liking what i write, as you can see a lot of other people seemed to not like it...

    thank you again.

  9. Darlene, you too dear. have a great and jerk free hari Raya.

  10. Why stop blogging and not getting all this attention?


    if you want to do an essay, please stop doing it in my comment box. shoh!

  11. Selamat Hari Raya! Tahun ni sembelih apa?

  12. Dear Sarclover,

    First of all, forgive me as my grasp of english is no where near your superior ability because I do not use English as my everyday language..but I would like to ask you what did you mean when you called me 'John fag'?

    Anyway, you said that you are not trying to justify what other blogs say about you, on the contrary you are only trying to justify what I said. As far as I'm concerned, prior to this post of yours, I only called you 'delusional' once.

    Quoting you however,

    '...‘delusional’ as it seemed that this word had been associated a lot with me lately...'

    I doubt 'once' hardly qualifies as 'a lot', unless your counting skills is the total opposite of your english skills.

    Lastly, I do not understand why you are shooh-ing me from your comment box, afterall it is you who said ..

    '...But, I still believe in freedom of speech. People can talk, and it’s impossible to shut their gobs. So let them...'

    I'm not sure on what level do you believe in freedom of speech. It is all OK as long as it is not on your blog?

  13. Storm in a D-cup: The name's John. not Jane.

  14. Sarcy, have a great Aidil Adha with ur family.

  15. Oh come on Sarcy... you deleted my comment just coz I said I come here for John and not because of your ... 'writing'?

    Bruised the ego, did it? :D

  16. DCup,

    now you are being delusional. I didnt even know your comment was there, if it was there, was it?

    prolly did it yourself just for the heck of it.. :P

    getting my ego bruised for you is juuust not worth it.

    if i want to delete the comments here, might as well, delete all of the comments here.