Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is one creepy shit!


Dear ‘you know who you are’,

Thanks babe for your message on FB. I am going to take your advice, mainly I because I don’t think I want to be a part of this anymore. I will refrain from being … well… in a word… bitchy.

Thanks Babeh… Thank you very much!


Oh yeah… about my nightmare, the one I had at my Aunt’s place in Ampang. My aunt’s house is huge. It is a 3-storey semi-D. Well, it’s huge to me anyway.

Aside from the fact that there are actually foxes roaming around the area and also that the house had been broken in several times despite the high tech dunno-what alarm system that was installed, the house is actually pretty cool. It has 6 bedrooms, a media room (PS, TV, DVD player with complete sound system and all the things that I couldn’t be bothered with actually…) and a huge balcony up front. They even have a small shack at the backyard to store things in.

We usually would joke saying that the shack ‘boleh buat tempat tunggu durian runtuh.’ Thank God no durian trees. I personally like to spend my time reading the book collections that my Aunt has. Yes, I am just geeky that way. I am trying to ‘cultivate’ a bit of Pratchett and Gaiman in her reading preferences. She can buy the books, and I can read them. Heh…

The house had always looked kind of shady, yeah… because of the big trees that surrounds it. The guest room that I was sleeping in was equipped with heavy old furniture and old fashioned build in wardrobe. It has an aircond to which I was indifferent to because I am someone who is very sensitive to cold temperatures (simply, someone who hates airconds). One part of the walls were painted with a dark burgundy shade.

In the day, it looks nice, at night, it’s another story.

My cousin was supposed to sleep with me that night, but she fell asleep in the media room in front of the PS and TV. So I ended up sleeping there alone.

I woke up to find the aircond on, so I opened my eyes to reach the remote on the wall.

And then I saw a flashing shadow of someone walking quickly in front of the dresser’s mirror. I sat on the bed not knowing what to do. I could have walked out of the room, but something else in my head was telling me to stay.

So I stayed. The hair at the back of my head was standing up.
It was about 4am. I tried to go back to sleep, my whole body under the quilt.

And then about 1 hour later, I woke up again, this time again, the aircond was on, and now the quilt was tucked nicely covering just the bottom part of my PJ clad body.

Honestly, I still couldn’t figure out if what I had was only a nightmare, or that it really did happen.

But still, it was creepy as hell, mainly because I still didn’t know if it actually happened or not. Maybe the next time, I will just sleep on the couch in front of the TV. At least there are no mirrors there.


  1. Golly, I can feel my skin crawling reading that! Which part of Ampang? I'm from Ampang!

  2. Ampang Ghost story!
    Next weekend tido sana lagi tak? Or did you just watched Sundel Bolong at ASTRO that night? Hehehehe...

    Reminds me of the plasticman story told by seniors during our uni orientation week.

    Hmmmm... maybe should blog about it, lah.

  3. There was this 1 nite i slept in front of the tv, terjaga secara tiba-tiba at around 2am and there was this iklan "puaka niyang rapik" or something on tv.Seram betul!

  4. Eeekkkk!!! The scaredy cat in me want to think that it was just a flash of light, not a shadow of someone walking quickly or whtever the heck tht thing was!

    Puaka Niyang Rapik is so boring...the hantus are lame..I prefer Ku Seru so much better..hehehe

  5. Thank you 'you know who you are'.

    Looks like Sarclover is finally taking advice. This post has no signs of bitchiness at all, a huge welcome indeed from the previous other posts.

    Sarclover, there is no need to be afraid. I hear ghosts live in 'another world', surely you can relate.

  6. I don't think you were dreaming. You know why? Because the same thing happened to me once & I had wished I was dreaming!

    Tell-tale sign that you weren't dreaming: that prickling feeling you had when it happened.

  7. That's indeed scary! Just make sure the next time u sleep over that your cousin sleeps with you in the room.

    I agree w CG that kekasihku seru is 1 good scary story. I watched puaka ... for like 5min and decided i didn like it. lol.

  8. Adek,

    Ampang Jaya... I think...


    I think Sundel Bolong tu pun tak best sangat. I like The eye and the shutter, original ones la. Orang putih ones dah merapu meraban dah.

    my Aunts follow that Kasihku seru drama. I dont know what it's about pun. maklumla keje kelab malam susah..

  9. Devilish,

    I hear about that too. never watched it.


    I would love to think it was something else.. except that it was so clear that it wasnt.

    no Malay hantu movies are worth watching yet. btw... susuk sucks big time... if i think it's merapek, memang merapek.. and the acting .. pfffbt!

  10. Pugs,

    pray tellllll... :D... what happened???


    i'd rather sleep in front of the PS in the media room if there is a next time... i dont go to ampang often.

  11. hello, sarclover!

    hopped here from pugsy's blog, enticed by your apparent sensitivity to the insane mutterings of the wv bot [which i have long been monitoring and deciphering in secret... thus far it has thwarted both my synchronic and diachronic analysis... drat!].

    pudlism sounds very dirty to me, too. you be careful, girl. you may have a perv lurking there.

    in any case, this is supposed to be a quick note to let you know that my quick scan of visible entries tells me you may be another late gen-x or gen-net (those hatched in the 80s) person to read.

    you sound saucy and, more importantly, i can actually follow you. [whisper: pssst... i find a lot of msians under 30 incomprehensible and i refuse to accept it's due to any shortcoming on my part. :D]

    will comment on your nasty lucid dreaming later, if it's still daylight where i am.

    p.s. the wv wisely said coolgid. guess it knew i'm not putting up with any nonsense.

  12. HI Mekyam,

    I have always been deciphering WVs. they are hilarious at times.

    I am born in 79, so i grew up in the 80's. big hair and shoulder pads era... and baju kurung Malaysia era... i actually had one made for me. hehehehe....

    my last WV was Diksie... Uhhuh...

  13. What the...? Maybe it was your aunt who came in to check on you la.

  14. izso,

    i think i would have known that la... :)