Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So... How's about it?

I blogger earlier on that I am trying out online matching services.

I get bored easily, FYI.

I have also said that there is no way that I am going to pay for anything.

I am not that hard up. I guess this is also because I have my reservations as far as meeting people online for the purpose of ... I guess... companionship?

I have to say most of the men whose profiles I read was, well... interesting.

They go by various nicknames eg: hunkforyou2009, sexymale, playa79.

Kind of surprised that noone actually nicked themselves as dickwart69 or cluelessneanderthal.


Of course, as expected, I am interested in no one. I have a few people contacting me through email. I got put off by emails like these :

Email #1 :
Sender : *TongkatAli

Hi Angel,

I like you. Hope to friend with you. You look sexy.

Email #2
Sender : *Sensitiveman


Wow... you are pretty, are you interested in marriage?

Email #3
Sender : oldbuthot


Very interesting, want to get together and find out if we are meant to be for each other?

My replies :

To Email #1 :

My name is not Angel.

To Email #2 :

You are on third base. Only interested in 1st.

To Email #3 :

How do you reckon we do that?

oldbuthot was 50 years old and was a divorcee, he was the only one who replied to my email. TongkatAli and sensitiveman stop their electronic bullshitting canoodling after I replied.

Reply from oldbuthot : 

For starters, we can meet up?

Reply from me :

Try to type more.

** the end**

Well... I guess I am not pretty / angelic/ sexy enough for TongkatAli and sensitiveman. As for oldbuthot, maybe typing more than two lines in an email was a challenge enough for him.

That... or he owns a really old PC.

And can somebody just tell me why would a site named has galleries of mostly middle aged white expat men? asiandating-- HELLO!

Strangely, they have galleries of skin baring Asian women in unbelievably tiny bikinis and barely there tops.

They should rename it as : - Find your bloodsucking, extremely tanned, limited English speaking ability but can fit into tiny bikinis Asian soulmate.

After a month of  'advertising' myself on line, I decided to delete my accounts. I think I might have overlooked certain genuinely awesome men, but I just don't have the interest to play along.

I got bored. Online dating is too superficial and I am apparently not photogenic enough for them.


I think I will settle for a meaningful partnership with my work for now. :P

Monday, June 28, 2010

Glee-ed but still pretty much Fringe-ed

It's now safe to say that I am probably Glee-ed.
I got a chance to watch the critically acclaimed series when I got home last weekend.

I arrived in JB at 8.15 -ish PM and went straight to a shopping mall to meet my parents and my sister there before going to dinner.

By the time I showered, it was almost 11 pm. My dad turned on Starworld and that sparked it off.

Remember this one particular episode where Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris sang 'Dream On' together on stage? I was hooked (Sort of).

The fact that the cast sings their own numbers made it all the more appealing.

But to say that I am a die - hard fan of Glee is hugely... inaccurate.

Fringe still tops my list of favorite TV series.

But... Glee is fun, so after having my fill of gruesome forensic/fringe science experiments gone wrong fiesta, I think I deserve something colorful and young... Glee fits that profile.

But, Joshua Jackson is still dreamy and Anna Torv is possibly the sexiest FBI agent to date by my standards. Fringe still rocks my world for now -_-'. John Noble is fun to watch as the genius but forgetful Dr. Walter Bishop.

And no, this is unlike my temporary obsession with Heroes. The thing with Heroes is, the first season kicks ass, but as it transition to the second and so on season, it failed to engage my interest.

I am well into the end of my second season of Fringe and I am still not bored. Go figure!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Maya Angelou had always been one of my favorite authors.

I have only read excerpts of her books, namely the famous I Know Why The Caged Bird sings.

But I do know that she is inspirational.

A friend forwarded me an email about her interview with Oprah. Her whimsical and relaxed somewhat humorous approach to getting old is hilarious and honest.

How can you not love someone who reportedly quoted as saying this on growing older;... Regarding body changes, she said there were many, occurring every her breasts. They seem to be in a race to see which will reach her waist, first.


Everytime I went to the bookstore with a single minded intention to buy the whole collection of her books, silly ol' me always managed to get sidetracked. The last time I went, instead of spending RM 200 over on Maya Angelou's complete collection, I bought a huge hard cover book on photography!

Yes... that is why I guess God gives me the sense to only have 1 credit card in my purse (well actually I have two but the other is for Emergencies!!!---> bolded and supersized)

That's the thing about people growing old nowadays. Some, especially those who are constantly under the limelight and is pretty much a public figure, turn to things like botox and vitamin C shots.

To be honest with you, I still don't know whether getting vitamin C shots are actually... still healthy... (Yeah... considering you are basically injecting 'vitamins' into your face.)

The only vitamin C I take are those orange flavored ones, the ones that we siblings considered as treats from our Mum.

I guess, when my hair turns grey and my wrinkles dominate the surface of my face, the only thing that I reminisce on are those things, good, positive things that I have done, places I have gone to, challenges I have overcome and people I met and those who are still with me.

More importantly, just be grateful for everyday that you are still alive to breathe in this air. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010


I remembered feeling, happy and glad, the last time I left my first long term employer, KM**. I was there for 3 years and a half.

I was ecstatic when I left that one fuck of a company namely, Lyr***. I lasted two years there.

(I rarely jump jobs in less than a year. Doesn't look good on the CV. I have a friend who jump two jobs in a year.. I was like wth??? How??? And both high paying jobs. I want to be him (Although, not really.))

With KM**, I was not given an avenue to grow. Our pay raise can sometimes be less than RM 50 and my boss was an old psycho. Before that, it was a not so old psycho. I persevered because the job was exciting.

When I joined Lyr***, the job was simple and for a short period of time, I was actually happy.

When my then boss left and the new boss arrived, that pretty much kicked off the whole racism nightmare I had to go through.

There is a reason why I hate Singaporeans the way I do and it's all because of Lyr***. The MD for the company is Singaporean and I have never known anyone as biased and as stupid as him. All the sales team in Singapore were also some of the most racist, arrogant and snobbish creatures that walked the earth. I am not exaggerating here.

I have always heard about how racist some companies are, but have never experienced it first hand.

I was hit by it when I was in Lyr***. I saw how the minorities were ignored and how the 'fairer' race got everything. Be it pay raise, promotions etc.

I was discouraged. Racism is the one thing I truly hate. Growing up in a mixed heritage environment, I don't see a need for us to see what someone is to determine or validate who that person is.

When I was in KM**, things were not as bad. But when I was in Lyr***, everything went from bad to worst. I had a manager who ALWAYS went on MCs and shit and actually got away with it.

What made it even more unfair was the fact that she nagged us off for going off on MCs, which was hilarious.

So needless to say, I was actually very happy and ecstatic when they didn't counteroffer my salary and I resigned, didn't even bother to serve my notice and told them that they can minus it out from my pay, because I simply don't care and I don't want to spend one more minute being affiliated with the company.

I find it hard to believe it myself but I am actually very happy in my present employment. Here it's all about equal opportunity. You work for it, you get  it. You don't, you won't get it. I enjoy working with my team and I enjoy brainstorming with the people in the US finding resolutions. I learn things everyday and that's the only reason why I am not looking for other opportunities. I feel kind of grateful to my bosses for giving me the opportunity and to recognize my potential.

Of course I had to work my ass off to get where I am right now.

I am just learning to take everything easy now and to go back on time, unlike those days when I'd usually stay back and worked for more than 12 hours.

And, being that I am managing my own team now, there are no race issues raised here because in my team, nobody can wax my butt off to get what they want from me. You want something, you will have to prove to me that you can do it and you deserve it.

I will give you the opportunity if you can take all the rap and criticism. Not easy, I am still getting it.

So right now, I am thankful that I made the move to KL.

Although I have my own career plans to follow and I know I won't be working for other people for long, for now, the only way to go is up, because there are too many things for me to learn and I would never know where my credibility could take me.

And to all my ex psycho bosses :

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Updating in bed... of Olios, medicinal plasters and other stuff.

I am now having breakfast in bed. A breakfast that unfortunately, prepared by myself. :P

I have had a fairly tough time at work. Attendance problem and a couple of things I have to again do.

But hey, people come and people go.

I remarked in FB that I had the worst Olio pasta in Marche.

For the record, I like eating in Marche. The stuff are fresh and it's made to order. The lunch sets are at RM 14 ish served with soup and a drink. It's convenient!

I had the Olio pasta set which was the lunch of the day.

It was served with yummy Clam chowder and Watermelon juice.

I had no complaints about the clam chowder. It was creamy and cooked just the way it should be cooked. Although I wished the pieces of clams were chunkier. :P.

The Olio however... what a disappointment!

It was the first Olio that I had which was cooked with onions. I know how to cook Olio, Olio never used onion. The basic ingredients for it had always been garlic.

But no... the cook just had to use onions. maybe because their onion stock is too much and they have a quota to finish it? I don't know.

If you look at the picture closely, you can see the gigantic pieces of onions in the pasta. I think there were more onions than there were penne in the plate!

It was cooked with three giant prawns, which I am not so thrilled with because I am not a seafood fan. I looked at the board, it was supposed to be with chicken.

I was confused. So confused that I just walked away with my tray.

I was quite satisfied with my clam chowder... I loved it. However, I forced myself to eat the Olio because of the fact that I was hungry as hell after my work out and also because I need to eat because of my workout regiment.

Oh well... I thought. Damage is done. What can I expect with 14 bucks anyway?

Due to my now vigorous (Well, I don't personally think it is as vigorous as I would like it to be) gym regiment, my knees recently gave way to an injury.

I have a weak right knee and a weak left ankle (what a combination eh?) and I planned to buy knee and ankle guards soon. I am a fan of koyoks (Medicinal plasters) now.


It really did work. And it's always fun to pull out. It served as a quick wax treatment (Hahaha) although I don't have hairs to worry about.

My friends envy my lack of hair. I just don't have much body hair to worry about. I was horrified when I found out some women have tiny hair growing on their chin. Thick ones, curly ones. O_o'.

Because I am on a strict workout regiment, I don't eat the way I used to eat.

Which was pretty much everything on any given day.

So, once a week, I buy myself a treat.

I have a weakness for cheese cakes, any type of cheese cakes, although I don't really fancy sweet stuff that much.

So yesterday, during an outing with BFF, I had a triple decker cheese cake with Oreo toppings at Coffee Bean!

The only thing I love in CB is their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte. So that paired with that one sinful piece of cake... my Saturday was complete. (All the bitching made it complete also... -_-')

Me and Krishna savoring the tasty, creamy mother of a cheese cake!

And yes, what do we do aside from eating sinful confections and bitching? We camwhore of course :

And as a bonus, this little boy, whose name is Fariq (The mother was calling this cheeky one from the other table) was freaking Krishna out with his balloon. Krishna is a bit globophobic.

We try to make our weekends interesting. We want to make ourselves happy. If we don't, then what could life be about? :)

Have a great Sunday Peeps!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swallow it dude.... SWALLOW!

Due to the fact that I don't meet men in my profession or meet... well people (new ones) in general in my line of profession, I have decided to give my friend's suggestion a go.

She suggested that I try one of those online matching services.

Why? Because she met her so - called soulmate there. <--- I don't believe in soulmates so forgive me if this sounded a little harsh... and uh... sarcastic.

I told her ok. She said that I will have to pay to be able to send emails etc.

I told her, hey I said I'll try but HELL NO I am going to waste my hard earned money on something a little bit far fetched.

I have always had my reservations when it comes to meeting people online. I mean, casual meetings like meeting fellow bloggers are something different entirely.

Meeting someone online for the purpose of ... creating a relationship out of thin air?

Na'ah... I am not comfortable with it.

But considering my current situation, it's worth a shot, I'll give it a month, great if it IS as amazing as how my friend would have put it.

I can still remember my own face and reaction when she first told me that she met her boyfriend through one of these things. I had to swallow and made a horrible fake happy face.

Now, I am swallowing my pride to experiment on something that is not even tangible, something that I have little faith in.

I guess, there is no harm trying, really.

For all you know, it might be the same, no one will be interested / noticed me, I won't be interested in anyone, and I would just click on the delete profile button and it all goes up in the air, without a speck left hanging.

I'll keep you updated. :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things that I don't understand... ever...

1) Sex And The City. I don't get it. I just don't. 4 women in Blahniks living a celluloid life that almost never happen in real life... I just don't get it. Don't get me started on SJP, I don't get her also.

2) Lost the TV series. A bunch of people got on the plane, the plane crashed on an island and all of the sudden *poof* they are in a colony. Wth?

3) Flower vase thingie in the VW Beatle. I get (sort of) that the car is a chick car... but I am a chick, I don't need a vase in a car!

4) Football/Soccer.

5) People who roots (diehard-ly) for a football/soccer club but has never played or never cared about how it was played. Wtf?

6) Hot pants on guys. Gay guys included.

7) Men.

8) Why I still like men.

9) Why I still want to be in a relationship with a man.

10) Why I have never considered having a relationship with a woman even though I like looking at hot women more than men.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look to the future, take care of the present, and let go of the past

I have learnt first hand that alcohol and nicotine poison your frame of mind.

Sure, it gave you an awesome feeling at first. That feeling of losing control over everything. Temporary subliminal rush.

After that, came the hangovers, the puking and the stomach discomfort, plus, the smelly hair, fingers, breath and every other part that you call your body.

Plus all the money wasted just so you can have a bit of that temporary bliss.

And then there were men.

Men lulled women into a false sense of security. I guess that's what falling in love is all about.

At least to me.

Hence the term... FALLING in love.

But men are just one of the things you can't live without, but can't bear to live with. (Cliched but true.)

Oh well... I am sleepy... very sleepy... had 3 hours of sleep yesterday. I am seeing stars... oh wait... those are spots....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We go 'Crub-bing'

The Shoes

The dress

The 'crub'-er mate

The 'crub'

The crowd and bartender(s)

'Crub' grub

Our poison--> Kahlua and Long Island Tea.

Intoxicated pic #1

Intoxicated pic #2

Okay... I bet you guys are going HUH????? now innit?

Well it all started when I came into the office on Friday night wearing a halter long maxi dress : 

This one...

One of the staff went : 

"Wah... bet at midnight Sarc's gonna turn off the lights and turn on the music."

Me : "Huh?"

"Yeah... you look like you are set to party in the club."

Krishna actually stood up and said : 

"People don't club in THAT!!"

Another guy said the same thing, that I look like I wanted to go out clubbing, when I had on a long dress! Sure it's halter neck, but bear in mind, I put on a cardigan after some time because I am in the office. 

I am just baffled and is wondering whether anyone actually go clubbing in a long maxi dress before. I have NEVER seen anyone doing that before. 

My idea of a clubbing attire? Short dress, killer heels, killer make up ... AND BLING ya'll. 

Just because it's a tube dress... doesn't mean it's made for 'crubbing' okay?

And I don't club often. I have done all the 'crub-ing' one can do in a life time. The last time I went clubbing? This was what I wore : 

Painful heels and a decent non - slutty dress. (I can go sluttier but I have done all that 10 years ago.) 

And of course... proper 'crubbing' bling and make-up : 

And people don't do this in 'crubs' too : 

Friday, June 11, 2010

I want to go to beautiful...

I fell in love with India Arie's beautiful style of music when she debuted with her awesome Grammy nominated album, 'Acoustic Soul'.

Around the same time, a lot of things were happening all at once. I took solace in her music.

She has a voice that can soothe frazzled nerves. My favorite song on the album was (And still is ) Beautiful.

This verse hits me like a rock :

'Please understand, that it's not that I don't care..'
'But right now these walls closing in on me...'
'I love you more than I love life itself...'
'But I need to find a place where I can breathe...'

Sometimes I just want to get away, run away to somewhere where noone knows me, noone questions me, because I just want to be on my own. To breathe life in as God intended it to be.

My family especially always thought that when I don't call them (For the record, I am not exactly a family kind of person. Instead, I am a very private person. Shows of affection in our family had been very limited. Even saying 'I love you' to my family members is strenous... it is just something that's not done.) that I don't care.

That said, it's not in my nature to call and ask how are they doing and stuff. I know they are fine (They are on FB) and I am just bad at asking stuff that I know the answers to; ie ... Q : So how are things? -- A : Fine; Q : When are you coming back? -- A : End of the month...

And stuff.

It makes me feel awkward, in a strange way.

Most of the time I am busy, but sometimes, I just want to be alone. For real.

But seriously, this song is a song I must have on my Yoga playlist. I don't go well with the typical humdrum of oriental instrumental shit, it gives me a negative vibe. I will just keep on cursing under my breath while trying the 'trying' yoga positions because it sounded corny as hell.

For updates on my prep for the run in July, you guys can head on to the 'Mari Kita Bersenam' link I have on the sidebar (Yes... I still don't have any clue how to put links here.)

This blog will be (hopefully) concentrating on my quest to have a real vacation. Something that's going to intrigue more than just the typical things I have always done on vacations.

I am going back to my rough and tumble nature. Dirt, hiking, surviving with limited pairs of underwear and sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag surrounded by sulphur (I HATE SNAKES!), covered in insect repellant from head to toe.

Anyway... Have a great weekend everyone! The next update would be very soon. (I think.;))

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It was a dark and stormy night...

... I was alone in the apartment.

My housemates were out and I just got back from my Banana leaf rice session with my gay and gal pal.

It was literally a dark and stormy night. When we were at Bangsar, it wasn't quite dark but it was stormy. My gal pal got knocked on the head with an empty cutleries basket. It just flung out of nowhere.

And I was trying to withstand the howling wind in my tube dress. Not surprisingly, I was shivering, cursing to myself.

Yeah... of ALL days, why must I choose to be in a tube dress TONIGHT???

It was only dark when I arrived at home.

My apartment's doors has this tendency to open on their own. It has something to do with the loose knobs (I hope).

And they creak.

I am quite used to it but when you are alone in a three room somewhat spacious apartment, your imagination gets the better of yourself.

I consider myself quite gutsy. Sometimes stupidly gutsy.

When I was still a team lead, when my division's office was still based on ground floor (Well we called it the dungeon because it has no windows, which made it kind of looked like a basement.) I had to come alone to the office one Sunday as I was a part of a systems test they are conducting.

I was alone. The cubicles were the color of Laker's yellow and purple (Don't ask) and it was about 6 foot high. There was this small room that we fondly refer to as the printer room right next to my boss's room at that time. It was accessible by my team and the other division operating on the same floor.

I heard someone calling my name. It sounded so close. Like it was standing behind me.

I was not thinking of anything, I stood up, looked around and walked to the door and also peered to the printer room.

And then I realized that I was not supposed to do that.

Old people say, that if you get those kinds of things happening to you, people calling your name despite you knowing that you were in fact alone, you don't go and look for it, you don't speak of it, you just don't react to it.

I did the opposite.

So I went back to my cubicle, sat down and murmured under my breath :

"Dahlah tu... jangan la kacau. Aku keje bukan main." (Enough already, don't disturb me, I am working and not playing around."

At the same time was actually reciting verses from the Quran. Verses that my Grandpa told us to recite when we feel something is just not right.

So that night, in the apartment, alone, I heard the door squeaked gently outside. I convinced myself that it was the house, it was the fact that we can hear doors squeaking downstairs in the neighbours apartment as we live in a town house with only 4 units in one floor.

The storm was still raging outside. Thunder and wind.

Nothing happened. Of course when you keep on thinking and telling yourself to not think about it, it would probably not happen.

It's like that saying, if you want it bad enough, you might just get it.

This is hardly something I would want. So it didn't happen.

Lucky for me.

Monday, June 7, 2010


When I was a teenager, I was clueless about fashion. 

I was fat, that was the one reason why I stayed away from fashion.

My idea of fashion was comfort. Comfort means short hair, baggy pants and oversized tees. 

Owh and did I mention that I was fat? 

Growing up, I had a haphazard, rather tumultous fashion sense. 

I wanted, for a short period in my early adulthood, wanted to emulate TLC's style. This was way back in 1999. That explained my T-Boz hairstyle and my obsession with satin baggy pyjamas... 

I mean, check out their 'inspirational' video on YouTube. (Apparently, they have disabled embedding so I can't put the link here.)

This video made me starve myself go on a diet. I wanted to be buff like the late Lisa Lopez too, although I have never actually tried wearing men's boxers under jeans like she did. I was still living with my parents at that point of time so I still don't think that it was appropriate of me to do that.

There was also a period of time when I was also obsessed with British India clothes.

Or rather, the clothes that looked like British India, so I had a lot of white cotton long sleeved embroidered tunics that hid my 'spare tires' quite effectively.

And the shoes that I was into. I loved boots, had reservations about high heels and actually had a pair of kitten heels when Kate Moss wore it on the runway at that time.

Now, I am just comfortable in spaghetti straps, tube tops, dresses (Especially tube and maxi dresses.),  jeans and capris.

I also think kitten heels are possibly one of the redundant shoe designs. It's not high, and it's not exactly flat too. Unless you weigh a measly 40 KG, it hardly flatters your body and your posture.

I'd rather wear slippers than kitten heels.

To me it is simple. As far as shoes are concerned. When you want to go high... go for high heels and by this I mean, 4 inches and above baybee.

When you want to go flat, go ballerina or 'selipar jamban' (Toilet slippers). When you want to be comfortable,  Birkenstocks la. Although 'selipar jamban' can also double up as comfy foot wear.

So nowadays... this is me :

So ... the best advise I can give you on fashion is, it's quite alright to experiment with different styles. When you touch your 30's, that's when you find out what is your essential style.

And also, if you are going shopping, no matter what your gay friends say about your flats, point of the matter is :

Normal women don't go shop in 4 inch heels. No matter how gorgeous they look like on you.

Less you plan to not walk for the whole of the next day.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Screw ups

I have been in a lot of emotional fuckups.

When I was younger, I used to take everything hard. I was an emotional twat. (Hard to believe isn't it?)

After sometime, it just seemed the same, and to describe it in a single word, tiresome.

It's tiring to be cheated on, tiring to like someone, tiring to explain myself to anyone else, tiring to care for someone, tiring to love someone, tiring to even expect someone to be concerned over your issues.

Just... tiring.

So now, I am just concentrating on myself.

But then when it comes to close friends, I am there for them. Most of my friends take my approach kindly.

My approach had always been to suck it up, move on. All the other approach ie : getting drunk and drugged was just not working.

Things are not going to be solved even if you cry out buckets.

Depression? Suicidal? Heck, I have been there. It was tiring to be brooding, dark and have this 'I want to kill myself because someone did something bad to me' notion 24-7.

And yes... things are going to stay the same, and you will do more harm than good to your own body.

I confronted a friend for being all emotional. Turned out he was depressed because of personal issues. I said if you have issues, problems, talk it out. Depression can only be handled by talking about it, not hiding it.

I guess when you come to be my age, your perspective changes. However not everyone takes things like me.

My friend cried... and then afterwards, we went to have breakfast, talk it out... and it was fixed.

Mind you, it's not because I insisted / cajoled him to talking about it. It was because he made the decision to talk to me. Or else, it won't work.

When something is bothering me, I turn to my friends. I talk to them, and by the end of the talk, I would have moved on. My so called 'emotional breakdowns' now can no longer go beyond 24 hours.

I figured if I keep this up, I might lose out on a lot of things out there. I don't want that to happen. I am not one to lose out on life. Life should be full. It can be full with or without a man. All I need are friends, friends who care about me, genuinely. Who will give me the goods whether I am going to agree with it or not.

I believe friends don't butter things up for a friend if they really care. They will only butter up when they just don't care.

As for me, I would only help people who want to help themselves. If I offered the first time around, and you rejected it, that would be the last time I am offering to help.

Yes... I am straightforward like that. I don't beat around the bush, I don't color a boulder with rainbow colors. I give you reality and advise as it is...

At least it is better than my other friend's approach.

"Here... rat poison. You feel suicidal? You want to die that much. Go ahead."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


... good thing about living 5 minutes away from the office is that I can still post an entry even when I am starting work in ... owh.. I don't know 30 mins?

Today, Krishna and I went to KL to find the OCM building on Jalan Hang Jebat.

We had to get instruction from a copper to get there. It turned out that it was right smack to Stadium Merdeka. Do you know that we actually have a national 'bola keranjang' (Basketball) place thingie?

I just found out today, and I am 31!

We went to this unknown and under rated part of KL (Seemed like everyone knows Hang Tuah, and noone knows Hang Jebat, which is a shame because I have always loved Hang Jebat!) to register for the Shape/Men's Health Night Run happening in July. It has only 1500 places available and so I need to get registered as fast as possible.

I have been going to the gym for almost a year now. It would be interesting to find out what all those squats, lunges, jogs plus all the sweat and tears (Oh well... maybe just groans of pain and shit, but never tears) finally does for me!

I roped in a couple of friends to join me in the 5KM run (Yes... oh well... it's a start la), Jade and Mas. So there I was with my bb (and cellphone) talking to my girlfriends asking them about their age and IC number.


Apparently, you can go to the FTAAA office at OCM to find out about any runs available for you to take part in, which is interesting, who knows I might be interested to joing a full fledge 13.5 KM marathon run one day (Just typing it makes me breathless!)

I get an RM 5 discount for my registration as I brought my copy of Shape along with me.

The registration stub and the route map of the run. It is happening in Putrajaya and see the red marker on the map? That's our route, the amateur route. the blue one is for the competitive runners. 

I am really looking forward to the run. I am also looking forward to the camping trip as well, I will just have to confirm the arrangements with my hardcore camping partner, Chandra to find out what's happening.

Okay... I will have to go and work to earn the money I am using to make all this possible.

Have a great night everyone!!!