Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's inevitable, unfortunately...

My best friend got robbed in front of her house during the weekends.

She went back home at 5 am in the morning, opened her gates, got into her car and these men came over to her car, smashed her passenger car’s window and then took her handbag. Thankfully, nothing happened to her.

On her going back at 5 am in the morning, it’s a weekend, so can’t blame her for that.

Which brings me to the real issue. How safe are we nowadays? This has renewed my personal concern on myself. However, at the moment, I am just glad that I go to work when everyone else in the neighborhood is home and I come home when everyone else is already up.

Sometime this year, I was mugged in front of HSBC in uptown Damansara. This was a scary and also a lifechanging experience. It was scary because if not for the car that happened to drive my way at that time, I wouldn’t have any idea what the crooks would have done to me, life changing because I realized who really cared for me back then. My ex stood by me, my then boyfriend was busy with his fucking issues, which was nothing I know of.

I kept the whole episode well under wraps, except to my ex, my best friend and a few of my other close friends. I didn’t mention it to me my parents. They still somehow treated me like the baby of the family, which was ridiculous considering that I am almost 30. They might just call my office to tell them that I quit and will not be coming back for work because I will be relocating back to JB again.

My lost was about 3 Gs worth of my pay. Thankfully, I still have a bit left in my checking account and my ex chipped in so I was able to survive the month. But then, 3Gs already a lot of money. So from then onwards, I decided that I must stop being brave and just start being a typical woman.

What’s more important now, like how I told my best friend is that she is okay.

For all women out there. Don't ever think that these kinds of things would never happen to you. I had that thought before. I thought, hey, what are the odds of something like that ever happening to me, I mean, as in being mugged. I know to some people, in a perverted twisted kind of way, being mugged is an interetsting experience. But commonsense says that, being found dead in a ditch somewhere is never interesting is it?


  1. I was mugged on Valentine's Night 2006. How romantic. But it could've been worst, so I was grateful.

    Yeah. We can never be sure of our safety. My dad constantly remind me that. Sometimes I just hope and pray that it won't happen. Especially those days when I come home late, and not completely sober.

    Hope your friend is okay. And glad you were too ...

  2. Damn. I've been lucky so far but I am still paranoid about these things. Burn in hell to those bastard thieves.

  3. Cosmic,

    Yeap babe. We can never be sure of our safety, one snatch and one mugging incident later, i have not only become paranoid, but I have stopped buying little handbags altogether. I like messenger bags best now. clutches only if i go out clubbing with my guy friends.. ada bodyguards alright la.


    it's only normal i guess to be paranoid. I am... which is something that i should be after going through that much of bad experiences. :)

  4. I was pickpocketed twice and in between I also had my handbag snatched. Maybe I have this look that says 'Rob me?'? *sigh*

    Did you mean HSBC at Pusat Bandar?


  5. Alhamdulillah your friend's alright.

    been lucky so far never cash or handbag. but twice with mobile phone, one of them right under my nose. haha.

    once, i left my wallet err, at a place* and found by a Indonesian school bus driver. he called my friend (the number in the wallet) and i got it all safely returned to me, all intact--susah nak terjadi :).

    take care sarc.

  6. Adek, did you mean the one at JB? hihi.. i am working in KL now la babe.. but will always be a true blue southerner and proud of it no matter what people say of it.

    Just be extra careful-la... times are desperate, people would do anything for an extra wad of cash, even if it only means RM20 and a few ATM cards.


    You were lucky, very rare indeed.i lost my wallet twice, both were brand new just purchased wallets with huge amount of money innit... i was young and stupid -- alasan je tu!

    The first was an Esprit wallet which I so loved. the I got my ICs and my cresit cards back but not my money and the wallet. second was a Liz Clairborne wallet. Nothing was found. again the ex stood by me.. i am lucky to have him i guess.

  7. No, I meant the HSBC: is it the one at Pusat Bandar Damansara? I know you've relocated to the Klang Valley.

    I lost two newly purchased wallets too (NEXT which I bought in the UK too) and Gucci. The third time was a Guess pouch. I had to do a new IC/MyKad twice already (and got fined for it). I don't carry a lot of cash around thankfully but it was a pain waiting for the ATM card. Oh and I have life-long scars to show for my snatch incident as I landed on the road.

    I consoled myself saying maybe I didn't pay enough tithe.

  8. babe, i have passed the TAG to you. the same one like DNAS did. hehe..

  9. Adek,

    oh.. ada ke.. still relatively new here in KL. I am more interested in sleeping during the weekend then go out.. maklumlah.. keje kelab malam, susahlah... hahahahaha!


    not doing it unless you do it first.. na'ah.. camera shy moshy... no care..

  10. The reason why I asked if it was HSBC Pusat Bandar Damansara you were referring to was because I know a girl who was attacked with a knife in that neighbourhood. Fortunately she escaped with her bag intact although she did suffer a wound. My friend's brother was also attacked, I think in Kelana Jaya (they got away with his car) and he was rushed to the hospital just in time to save his arm.

  11. Makin menjadi2 sekrg ni kan?

    I was informed by a policeman that the modus operandi now is smashing the passenger's window to take handbags which female driver normally put on the seat...scary huh! Just locking the door is no longer considered safe...!

    Glad you were ok!

  12. Adek,

    so far, none of my friends had those kinds of severe cases yet.. i hope never - lah. we always have like a huge entourage whenever someone needs to take out money from the ATM... heh.. i mean in JB la. I am pretty much alone here.

    my uncle always reminded me to not put my bag on the passenger seat... he told me that because one of his colleagues kena at a petrol kiosk..