Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Operation code name; Bust The Flab – first week (21/06/08 – 28/06/08)

Isn’t it ironic really that most dishes were invented by women but in the end it is also women who will have to refrain themselves from eating them?

It’s like tasteless dark humor. It’s like history laughing at our face. Why can’t we just embrace our curvaceous fate/nature (call em whatever you like)?

Heh... I wish that I could stand by my answer, I couldn't and that is why I am not going to say anything about it.


So my first week went by very tastelessly ... bland. While everyone else is having Caramel Macchiato and Mocha, I had chamomile tea. Daaahling... it takes away the joy of surfing at Starbucks. It kind of defeats the purpose of going to the gourmet coffee place to have a posh little pot of teh o perisa bunga. (Which I am so not doing right now because I think I deserve a little reward of a nice ice cold Caramel Macchiato.)

It is a constant battle to not eat anything heavy at my Aunt’s home. What makes it harder is that my Aunt is a great cook and I’d knock myself silly to miss out on that genuine Asam Pedas Johor for lunch. (which I just did... ...)

I might have blue black bruises all over as a result of knocking myself silly at the kitchen sink for eating clear vegie soup instead of the sinful Lemak Cili Padi, which is one of my favorite dishes.

Aahh... for once in my life I actually can’t wait to go to work. Not that I am dreading it, just that do you know how the traffic’s like at 6.30 pm on the NKVE? But it does give me an opportunity to miss dinner. I don't mind not eating supper at 1 am in the morning. Number one; it’s because I don't like Mamak and fried food gives me swollen tonsils. Number two; I am just sick of Mamak food.

Nasi Kandar and all that... grease... sweat... EEEEW!

I keep thinking of all that to put me off eating.

And owh... I can’t jog in the early morning as it is unsafe. So I do push ups, crunches, yoga and a bit of resistance exercises at home for about two hours. I hate lunges, I hate the way it makes my butt muscles and my calf hurt. For the life of Jane Fonda... oiii...

But you know what... for the sake of the 10 KG target I am eyeing by the end of August, pain is nothing. I don't want to struggle like mad while putting on my hipsters.

I have a couple of friends who are skinny and they can eat everything and they won’t put on weight.

Darn you high metabolisme women!

(But eh... you know who you are, I love you as friends, really, I just hate the fact that your butt is not expandable even when you gorge yourself with three megamacs and three Banana Milkshakes.)

And oh by the way, Sarc thinks that she really ought to get herself a frikkin’ scale. Less she wants to go to the nearby Jusco every week just to weigh herself. Eargh...

In the meanwhile... oh... I am just missing those yummy Olio Pasta, Tony Romas Bleu Cheese burger, Starbucks coffees (with full cream milk!), pretzels and... beer!!! (I had to opt for frikkin’ corona... why don't they have one those light bud’s ay??)


P/S--> The picture is my fat mug shot... will take one wearing a bootiful dress once I achieved the weight I want!...


  1. Congratulations for your determination and effort.
    Go Sarcy Go!

    Scale kat IKEA pun murah jugak.

  2. See? Refraining from eating the good stuff means you just crave for it. :P Eat less, don't miss out on it altogether! Heh (Preacher Izso says)

    Also, like what DNAS said, the scales are Ikea are quite reasonably priced.

    And join a gym la. California fitness and Fitness first are beating each other up in terms of pricing. Very good one meh!

  3. DNAS,
    akak dah beli babe... critical stage la ni...

    when's the move to JB babe?


    i dont have time for gym anymore... i am already with Clarke Hatch la... ;) but i can only use the one in JB... thinking of upgrading the membership to the Passport one...

    but you know what, berjogging di taman pun seronok jugak la...