Monday, July 14, 2008

That's a shocker... :P

I had two women who came over to me to find out if I am gay.

Gay = happy? Maybe, but gay as in ‘gay’... hmm let me think... the last time I checked... no.

Another thing that surprised me was also the type of women who approached me. We are talking about extremely cute women who have jobs and a car that is more expensive than my Wiwa... (alaa... everybody’s car seemed to be more expensive than mine nowadays... Hah!)

I am not about to change my sexual orientation and I have always thought that for some reason, I appeal more to women than I do to men, but it’s now became more apparent in KL.

I feel flattered and stuff but at the end of the day, I am still straight (a bit bent but let’s not go there shall we?).

But, I really have to commend both of the women who approached me. They don't use lame pick up lines like men do and I guess they were also expecting me to totally freak out, but I shocked them by being totally oblivious.

I have to admit, if I was ever 'gay' gay, I would definitely go for them, without a doubt. One of the two was a lawyer and it shows in the way she was talking to me. Her accent totally turned me on and there is something about her that fascinated me. Its’ her curled lips, it’s her gorgeous long flowing hair, it’s her smooth skin and the way she pronounced simple words like ‘go’ and how her ‘What do you do?’ sentence flow perfectly.

Yeah I am a sucker for people who talks good. Shoot me.

And then I saw the tattoo, it was a quaint tat of a dolphin, on her lower back.

I swear if I am a man and she is straight, I would definfitely ask for her number and I swear if I am gay (as in ‘gay’ gay.), I could definitely see her as my life partner.Yeah... I have a thing about tattoos.

But I thought, she would probably hate me for not having enough time for her, as I would be working most of the time.

Come to think of it, I never did think about having a particularly serious relationship as of now, ‘gay’ or straight.

I have too much baggage, I think too much, expect too much, gives up too easily and all that jazz.

PS; how come even the geekiest people get dates, and I can’t? Owh I forgot, geeks are sexy now. Heh! (Now where are my glasses, oh yeah... been told that I look like a pornstar with glasses on and my hair up in a bun... damn!)


  1. Fuiyo.. *thumbs up*

    Lesbians are 9 out of 10 times hot!

    And once your operasi lose-weight is complete, with the bun and specs, that would make you megapornstar hot? :D

    How'd they approach you anyway? I'm curious.

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  3. oitt welcome to my club,jom la jadi macam ...heheheh :p

    nah just joking...

  4. Iszo,

    ehehe... so what is 10 out 10 times hot then? i am curious too...

    it was very casual, they just came over, said hi, joined me at my place and just ask casual questions, which eventually came to rather... umm... flattering remarks about moi... hahahaha....

    most importantly, they dont come over to you and call me baby.. uih.. i hated it when you men do that... men should learn from them, seriously!

    Nana, ihihi... tidak.... takde rancangan whatsoever untuk bertukar arah...

  5. woooohooooo for this one too! ahahaha...