Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deepa surprise

Phil, an ex fling of mine called on Deepavali, which kind of cracks me up.

We have not been in contact for a few months. I have been preoccupied with my soul searching and what nots.

Of all days, he had to call me on Deepavali, which was my pig out day. I spent the whole entire morning watching DVDs and the whole entire afternoon spring cleaning, more like packing as we will be moving houses end of this month. The evening was spent surfing the net and downloading por… I mean… stuff.

“You didn’t call me on Raya, what gives?”

“I did. Did you get a weird missed call number on your phone?”


“Yeah… that was me. I was in Dubai.”

“Owh… you should’ve just called me again.”

“Nahh. It’s your family time. I shouldn’t. How was it?”

*Yak yak… too much food… tired… no money… broke… tired…*

“It sounds great. Wish I could be there.”

It was at that moment of time I thought, everything happens for a reason, and there must be one hell of a good reason for me to pull myself away from Phil once upon a time ago.

I forgot.

I have no exes in the past who would tell me that they wished they could be with me. My ExBF was someone who would rather stay at home watching DVDs of TV series in his ‘cave’, TheDude has his own family to think of and he would never actually say he wished he was there with me anywhere. This goes to everybody else that I have dated, with the exception of Trey of course, the true love of my life that I couldn’t be with.

And then, the only other dude who said so, was Phil, of all people.

And that was weird. I started to have that tingly almost painful feeling all over my spine. Did I miss out on something? Have I turned a blind eye on something that could have been the greatest thing I could have ever done?

Well I could have, and there is no more looking back now. I let him go, and so he went. I wished him well, and I meant it.

Now that must have happened for a reason. Just that I forgot the reason.


  1. u sure he wasn't just horny at the time? heh

  2. probably, but show me a man who is not horny?

  3. babe,

    a man who is not horny... is one who just 'finished'. hahahaha.


    how many men would have the luxury of 'finishing' everyday? you tell me? hahaha

  5. is he here in M'sia? is it drought season for you yet? if he's horny..hehe..might as well!

    eh babe, if I recalled correctly, wasn't it you who decided to let go of this Phil guy because you were tired of the 'game'? or something like that...sorrylah babe, aku malas nak browse your past post. if im right, then your reason was a good were just not ready to commit! Nothing is too latelah babe..unless of course your pride is in the way! yang itu tak dapek den tolong!

  6. MsD,

    i am egoistic occay. ego tinggi melangit. :)... dunno la.. but yeah, i actually browse back la kan.. actually, i rasa rendah diri la dengan mamat ni. he is a big shot ko travelling sana sini... or maybe i am just not ready to like... 'commit' (in bracket k?)

    tapi, pasal ego, tu ada la kena mengena sipi menyipi jugak... hehehehe.... or kalau nak menjiwang, maybe i am just scared of being emotionally scarred and hurt yet again.. (ermphfhhh.. hehehehehe...)

  7. MSd,

    btw, saya sentiasa drought season noks... hahahahahahaaaa... nasib baik i dont get turned on by Gamelan, my dad is orang kuat 'Warisan' and he is currently in the middle of mencompose some songs with gamelan punya concept...

  8. wah, kalau dah siap, bak mai lah kat sini nak dengaq sat, boleh horny kesorangan depan computer..hehe

    babe, the fact that he was 'into' you back then and still calls you up now, means you match him perfectly. A well read woman who can hold conversations is sexier that a big shot woman specialise in her field but ignorant in others!

    then again..there is still that bit about the time lah kot! :D

  9. MsD,

    that was what my friends keep on telling me, but you see la how kaum lelaki punya answer like the above. everything just have to do something with sex. how to know for sure kan?

    the thing with men is that they want us to see them objectively, like, they dont thin about sex all the frikkin' time, but it is rather hard to interpret them as just that when they were the ones suggesting it in the first place.

    bangang right???

  10. the fact that he called you out of the blue doesn't necessarily mean he had ulterior motives. maybe he really did miss you or just thought of you and just wanted to say hi.

    we men may be bast*rds but not all of us and not all the time. heh.

  11. dES,

    are you sepaking on behalf of all men ah?? then i will take your word for it la. :P

  12. I second that opinion, coz I for 1 don't think of doing 'it' with a lady all the time. Hence, the rule of 'all' is invalid. :)

    Having said that, men are weak & vulnerable when confronted by the charms of a lady, even the great hero Beowulf. :D

  13. sarcy,
    Im a lady but I have to 2nd what the men above have to say :D

    And like KCL mentioned in his post, most men may think of sex all the bleeping time but definitely not all will act on it.

  14. mark & MsD,

    i agree, maybe not all men are like that, but most are, innit? ;)... anyway... it is over kan.. why think about it?