Tuesday, November 6, 2007

There is a lot of things about sarcy

Overtime, I have met a lot of people. Some nice and some, not so nice.

Some are just nice at first, and then as time went by, you realized that they are not that nice. They talk behind your backs and say bad stuff about people.

So I stop talking to them.

My way of dropping so called friends are always like that, I stop talking to them.

There are occasions whereby I just don’t feel like talking, for a loooong time. This does not mean I am in the process of dropping people from my friends list, just that I don’t feel like talking. This could be due to some issues I am facing at the time, of which I could only share with close friends, read; ‘close’.

Recently, I did that. I stopped talking. I talked more on the phone with my close friends.

I am reconsidering my options, I am figuring out what to do next, I am trying to get a firm grip on my life that is slipping.

In the process, I was misunderstood by a few not so close friends. I took action in mending the slightly cracked relationship I have with these people.

But some, I just don’t have the power to fix anymore. To each his own, that is my motto. If it’s going to stay that way, then be it!

I do wonder if I did actually care, but then I thought, it must be that I couldn’t be bothered to.

And I have no frikkin’ idea why.

I am nice, though not like ‘nice’ nice. I pick my friends carefully and I judge people, heck I am no saint, though I try not to do so. Try is the keyword.

So, to all the not so close friends who misunderstood me, I apologize for my weird behavior. And to my close friends, all the power to you dudes. I love you guys for being there for me, through thick and thin. Susah tu nak dapat friends like you lot!

I guess I am blessed la. Muachh!

One of my closest friends, thing is (And many people find this odd) she was my ex boss, and I actually like working for her.


  1. True friends know when to give space to another friend without being offended if that friend decided to retreat for awhile. True friends also will know when's the right time to reopen the communication gate. Be glad that you do have few true friends. Some people goes thru life without having real friends...lagi sedey kan!

  2. i so agree with diamond baby.

    On another note, seeing your pix and reading the statement you wrote about your ex-boss sounds so weird simply becos it sounds so familiar to me... I too, have an ex-boss whom i was very close to, and shared so many things together that she even volunteered to be my event coordinator on my wedding day... I loved working with her and would be so honoured if i do get the chance to work with her again.

    I guess friendship, good ones i mean, as much as they're rare, it can come to us in the weirdest way. deep in our hearts we know whom we most treasure..

  3. MsD,

    hmm.. yup, the thing with me is that idont have many friends la babe... but i know i could count on what little that i have.. :D


    tula pasal. this exboss of mine even took all the trouble to help me out in being there during that episode earlier this year (You know which one kan?? it is still very painful to even think about it.). thats how tight we are.