Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I am broke and I am woman enough to admit it!

This is my first post in Bahasa campuran.

I still don’t understand why do makwes or pakwes bagi pinjam duit beribu-ribu to their so called other half. What, the other half don’t have any other means ke in getting what they want aside from borrowing from the kononnya ‘love of your life’ (at the subjected period of time) ke? Kalau pinjam 50 ringgit ke or 20 ke untuk buat belanja makan di warung Fatimah tuh understood-la. But to fork out RM 18K for a frikkin’ car when it is not even confirmed that they are going to end up together? It is beyond me!

Another friend of mine decided to open up a joint account with her ex boy friend (Get this eh, not even engaged occay?) and the bastard found another more interesting meat and splurge the whole RM 20k on the other woman.

Menangis sungguh sebakla my friend tu. Kasihan dia!

As for myself, Akak tak mintak, even though I am starving at the end of the month pun, sanggup makan lunch nasi dengan kuah sahaja. But I have the luck of my so called ‘other half’ to give me money for no reason.

All of the sudden, Baby, here is RM 500 for your belanja this week. Even if I said no, my so called partners will still stuff the notes into my handbag. Awkward yes, but tak ke gumbira dapat duit sekelepuk like that. Terasa lah pulak loved kan? (Come on nooowww… everyone is materialistic kannn!!!!).

But joint accounts and mintak pinjam beribu-ribu (or even beratus-ratus) for anything? Nope, not my style, my ego won’t allow that.

Hey, if I could find someone with money and is able to give me money, fine, but not as if it is important. I could pay for myself. Even if I have to ikat perut for the whole bloody month just to clear the monthly variables.

Of course, I do have my own personal Ah – Long la, and this Ah – Long I could trust, and the Ah – Long trusts me too. So the feeling is mutual.

Moral of the story, Janganla sesekali meminjam dan meminjamkan uang kamu kepada mereka yang tak ada talian rasmi whatsoever.



  1. Joint account, yes i did that before ages ago with my so-called ex... pergghhh.... luckily i managed to get SOME of my money out from it eventhough it wasn't in the full amount. Shucks!

    My advise to all, be very careful with everything that has to do with money. This is no joke man!

  2. that is so true...ramai manusia yg bodoh kat luar tu yg easily blinded by so called true love! Im glad u're not one of em!

  3. hell no i will never lend so much of money to my other half with out having a official relationship.

  4. love and money never mix. no matter how much I love the guy, I'll never give him my money (if he ask beribu-ribu lemon of them, lah.)

    I have a friend who not only pinjamkan her money to the bf, lepastu that guy punya loan kereta guna nama dia. The worst part is this guy is married to another woman. Makcik terkelu lidah tak terkata when I learned about it, ok.

  5. hmm,

    I gotta agree with you, but in my case, my ex gf borrowed a couple of thousand and till todate, i have never seen it altho i still do keep in touch with her...

    and i still have not found another piece of meat to stick it in!!!

    bastards inc

  6. 500? wohoo! let's go to chilis babeh!

  7. Sheryl,

    yeap, it is money, money is evil, so dont borrow other people's evil or lend it to anybody else... :P


    aaahh... i am glad too, just praying to God that i wont ever get blinded... i am afterall only human kan?

  8. MsNana,

    hell fuckin no la like that... at least, officializing it make it sound oh-kay la jugak kan. dont la baru 2 bulan dah nak bukak joint anything...


    uish.. your friend got it bad too, has she left the loser yet?

  9. Bastards,

    hmm... if all else fails, buy ground meat and stick your boner in it.

    Des, oih... 500 kalau pi Chilli's satu hari bleh lupus occay?

  10. Bloghopping and read this interesting entry of yours. Absolutely agree with you, joint account whether during courting or married, is a BIG NO-NO..I know of an obviously not so bright lady who named her ex as her life insurance beneficiary...oh dear..

  11. nurul,
    hmm.. that act itself is an indication of her less than bright condition la kan.. :D... so how did it end up?

  12. agree with you on the joint account or the borrowing money...
    siblings i mintak duit pun, i suruh diorg buat paperwork dulu... nak pakai untuk apa, berapa, bagaimana etc.. he..he..