Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Post Wedding, Post moving and a few curse words later...

Was away for the whole weekend.

My cousin’s wedding was horrifically interesting. Which further convinced me that what I want for MY own wedding (when it happens just don’t ask me when and with who), is none of those things.

No thanks Dad, but I don’t want to have pre-wedding kenduris, khatam Qurans and a band that has a dude who sings through his nose.

I will settle for the Ghazal and Zapin, we had a lot of fun with the Zapin.

Have to admit, (guy) Zapin turns me on… ihik… if a cute guy dances Zapin, he will be even more cuter. If a good looking dude do Zapin, he might have looked like Taye Diggs by my standards la kan. I found out that *Fahrin, the dude who was brought up in UK for the first 18 years of his life knows how to Zapin! I didn’t invite him to the wedding, as it was my cousin’s and I do not want to set tongues wagging. Never mind that I got so interested when he told me that he and his cousins know how to silat as well.

I was soooo turned on by that piece of info. A guy who speaks flawless English who knows how to Zapin and Silat???? He seriously starts to sound like the love of my life yang tak jadi itew.

So by now, you should have known that Sarcy’s type is a man who speaks English, who knows his roots, easy on the eyes, who knows exactly what he wants in life and how to get it, who gets along well with my parents, siblings, grandparents, aunties and uncles. Who would volunteer to be ‘tukang cuci pinggan dan mangkuk’ during any kenduri – kendara my family / extended family would be having and most importantly, who could handle my weird quirks and habits and my perfectionist syndrome but will still totally love me.

So I am not to be blamed (Completely) if I actually asked him to come away with me for a whole weekend and include him in my Bangkok trip due next year. He found my weak spot, Akak surrender!

Oh… totally unrelated but I saw Kevin Zahri for the first frikkin’ time… I think he is a looker but a bit poyo in every sense of the word.

*Which is still still not nama sebenar.

P/S – pictures Will be posted as soon as I have the time to upload it to the laptop!
House moving is tiring, and when it involves what seemed like the whole extended family, it gets even more tiring.

To add to the whole drama, the movers (unprofessional ones) scratched our telly cabinet, broke the base of the piano, and threw away my book rack which I picked up from the garbage spot in front of our old house yesterday!!

Of course, being that the dudes were my Dad’s friends from work gave us no room to complain more. I being the control freak did not stop nagging for what may have been for the last 48 odd hours and my room is still a bleeding mess, except for my bed which could now be featured in an IKEA catalogue (The unloaded boxes around the room, notwithstanding).

I got to know that I won’t be having any internet for the next 2 weeks, phone line would only be installed within next week and that I have some furniture DIYs to do in the next 48 hours, starting with my parents bed frames. I can’t rely on anyone else who couldn’t differentiate between a screw to a nut!

So you tell me now… stress tak stress?

So if you are in JB and you happen to bump into a lady sipping glasses of iced mocha, sitting cross legged at a corner in City Square’s Starbucks with a laptop and an invisible ‘I am fuckin’ pissed’ sign on her forehead for the next two weeks. That could be me. Please do approach with care.

**and yes, I am writing this entry in the office in less than 10 minutes. I happened to be a fast typer (is there even such a word?).


  1. moving house memanglah stress but think of all the new deco projects that you can now embark on to beautify your room..best ape!

  2. wakakakakakaka! I love the way you write Sarcy! ya got style babey!!

  3. If you happen to bump into an angry and stressed looking makcik sipping her caramel macchiato, engrossed in Facebook at Starbucks Jusco Permas Jaya, that'd be meeeeeee! Please don't make any attempt to approach. Hahahahaha. I was in JB from Monday till Wednesday this week. Tapi tak sempat nak bersosial sebab ada meeting sampai malam. Will be back there in 2 weeks time.

  4. MS D,

    for now, the only project i could think of is kuak lentang on the bed.


    uuuu tenkiu tenkiu

    DNAS, no prob, koling koling la bile2 sahaja, saya sedia membantu...