Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sekitar Perkahwinan Sepupuku sebilik mandi

As promised... Here are the pics...

The Night before Nikah;

I tried many shots with the 'Pelamin' (Diaz), turned out that this shot looks nice. I personally love the lightings. It goes with the Gold theme we were going for. Took shots also of the 'Hantaran' on the orange gold bed sheets that was inherited for like years now. (Posibbly older than moi!). it turned out alright though you reckon?

Took time out to take pictures of Yasmin, our youngest cousin. She loves being photographed. This pose of hers came out of nowhere.
The 'Berinai' ceremony was done in a small scale, in a small room, by people who are shorter than me Ie - small -er. Hahahaha....

Day after - The Akad nikah

One word, chaotic. I took half day off and rushed to my Grandparents'. These pictures were taken moments before the Akad was said. I was at that moment standing in a tight spot taking care not to rub anyone the wrong way by being the only female so called 'photographer'.

New member of the family, my cousin's husband, biting the dust.

The Hantaran from the husband's side.

Me in pink baju kurung, living up to my name (Hahahaha!) and me with my cousin. I changed because the weather was hot and I had to run there and here outside. My grandma said I look like 'Amoi Cina Sesat'.

Took time out again to take picture of Yasmin.

The night after the akad nikah - Bersanding.

We follow through with the tradition. That night, we go with the bersanding ceremony. I don't really know the flow of things and but I agreed with it because it will be hot and sweaty if we are to do the 'merenjis-renjis' thingy in the afternoon. Here my Grandpa kickstart the ceremony, followed by a host of other seniors in the family.

Remember the zapin dude I was talking about in my previous post? Here they are, they were really good and we enjoyed the whole performance. What's more, there was a live Ghazal band to accompany the dance.

We even had a 'Joget lambak'... and my Aunts join in. My zapin is a bit rusty so I took pictures instead.

The Wedding - And the Chaos begun...

There was a Khatam Quran in the morning, which I didn't attend (I was on my feet from 8 pm to about 2 am, I couldn't wake up!)

Bunga Telur in a basket... I was the 'egg girl' for a while.

The 'Flower Girl' who fell asleep when the groom arrived.

The groom arriving rolling in whit his entourage.

Anna and the 'pantin'.

The week after - Groom's reception

The theme for the bride side was pink. I was in a pinkish purplish kebaya nyonya and everyone else was in pink stuff.

Organizing the procession into the groom's house.

I am not kidding about the pink part. Barbie would have envied us for real!

Ah heck... I decided to be in front of the camera at the end of the day. It was tiring, but not as tiring as the reception on the bride's side. My God I looked fat in this picture... 3 kGS lost don't show here at all!!


  1. eii, akak sukanye bab nari2 ni. promise kalau ko kawin and ada tari menari ni, ko mesti ajak akak noks. comeylah budak pompuan baju kurung pink tu :D

  2. Mana ada lu gemuk lah... sulah kurus la itu maciam amoi!

    Akak yg gemuk giler s ni...

  3. Pink!!! I suka! I suka! Bila pakai pink rasa macam ayu jelita je....

    Kalau u kawin nanti ada joget lambak, ajak I juga, ye!

  4. bestnya joget lambak. tak pernah tgk org kawen ada joget lambak. ;p

  5. waaahhh.. you look so pretty in pink...

  6. pergh, lama tu tak tengok joget lambak. nanti u punya turn..jgn lupa ah buat joget lambak jugak.

  7. MsD,

    budak pompuan baju pink tuh adakah saya? hahaha...

    saya punya?? macam tak konfiden saya akan melalui semua itu...

    probably will die alone.


    if you gemok, i am king kong

  8. DNAS,

    memang nama pun ayu kan.. so tak heran la memang ayu saja... huahuahua...

    i kawin.. i buat disco lansing2 lagi.

    Naughty Babe,

    My family very happening waan... hehehe... i guess it's traditional for most Johor wedding

  9. Beskot,

    of kos.. i am sarcy maaa.. always look good in pink hahahaha


    KALAu ada, saya mesti buat dan bakal menjemput rakan2 blogger sekelian