Monday, December 31, 2007

Of Busybodies, KL, good friends and resolutions...

To everyone who knows, I was in KL for the weekend. To everyone whom I do not know (Personally…) but sibuk-sibuk nak tau, I was in KL, not as if it’s such a big deal.

I got to know about some bloggers’ tendency to be overly critical about everyone, even those they do not know in person. In this case, I was told by another blogger that I another blogger thought that I whined a lot. For frikkin' sakes, I didn't even know that he/she exists! I have to admit, these species fascinated me in a disgusting way. How do you define people who do not have a life and whose thrills evolves around somebody else's blog alter ego? Heck, we could always look to these people for an idea of a suitable definition.

So what if I know a certain anak si pulan? Does it change the way the whole universe works? Does it reverse the big bang? No right? And plus, the saddest thing was that these people seemed to get a kick of asking another blogger about other bloggers whom they thought they are directly affiliated with.

By the by, I am fearlessly defensive of my good friends. you mess with them, you mess with me. I seriously do think that these people need to get their own life and stop being so interested in other people's, for once.


On a lighter note;

1) Just how many flyovers do KL-lites need?

My second drive into KL was tougher than the first one. I actually drove to KL for a certain work related matter last two months. That was easier because it was straight to Jalan Imbi.

This trip however, I drove to Bangi and had to figure out how to get to Mutiara Damansara from there. Thanks to a good friend, I eventually got my ass to The Curve, not before taking a wrong turn into Damansara Uptown and after that, into OU.

I was bloody helling all the time. But it was thoroughly educational. Not that I am looking forward to getting lost again. MRRs and SMARTS? I will never know how many ‘alternative routes’ are there to so many areas. I only had to deal with two things in JB, small roads and main roads.

I guess you will have to get lost first before you can drive around frikkin’ KL right? And I actually guided someone who is a KL - lite to Mutiara Damansara. Maybe I am pretty good at this whole navigation thingie, just don’t leave me without a phone and a friend who knows how to give directions.

D, thanks a bundle dude!

KL was so refreshing. Meeting my good friend, Sheryl was even more refreshing. I have not been catching up with her for a few months, and since I am often in KL for a limited time only (Macam free gift yang comes with Colgate la plak.) she has always made sure that we spent at least sometime together.

Thanks Darl!

And as for the people to whom I called or SMS, well, I didn’t get to see you guys ‘kerana kesuntukan masa’ but I would if I did have time.

2) How much do you have to pay for 4 wrong turns in KL and two right ones?
Apparently, 30 bucks.

Me and Sheryl @ a Mamak

I celebrated the arrival of 2008… with hope.

I was feeling kind of happy, at the time, although I had to rush from home straight after driving back from KL. Picked Kak Neesa and her sister and drove to my ex work place for the celebration.

I had two other NYE invitations, one from Annabella which was an all girl do and one from C who was bringing the house down with the boys. I chose Kak Neesa because she called me first.

I am just happy to still be alive and to have the opportunity to live it up. I am grateful for all the good friends that i have had the good luck of knowing.

My resolution? Only one… and that is to Stay Happy.

Happy New Year Ya’ll. Have a Blessed 2008!

Me and my Partner(s) in Crime


  1. Happy New Year, Sarcy! :-) The secret to staying sane is to pay little heed to what others are saying about you, & just keep on being 'the best version of you' (to borrow a phrase coined by a friend).

    Stay spunky!

  2. Happy New Year Sarcy ! :D I love your zest for life :-) All Da Best !

  3. Happy New Year babe!

    Next year we'll celebrate New Year's eve together ok?

    Come again soon dahling!

    Luv ya lots,

  4. Babe,
    Take heed of my NY resolution...pedulikkan apa org kata, just have fun living the good life!

    Great that you had a fantastic time in KL *wink*. Care to rethink about moving up here?

  5. Belated Happy New year, Sarcy.

    I think while you were in KL, I was in JB over the weekend to attend a colleague's wedding dinner there.

    I agree with DB. If we are bothered too much of what people think of us & try to conform to their belief, we might as well be a zombie or worse, a slave to them.

    With the changes to the traffic around the KL, even I get a bit lost there at times, & I work in KL. :P


  6. Have a good oh' eight sarcy. T'is the year we say 'rats!' a lot; like "people talk but who give's a rat's ass" for a start.

  7. happy new year!!f

  8. babe, i have to admit i am guilty for being a silent reader all the while and you do amuse me once a while. thanks!

    honestly, you do look fat. especially that picture of the three of you on new year's eve. your neck makes you look fat. sorry, i'm just being honest. i comment on what i see. it's difficult to find a guy as honest as me nowadays, we are going extinct already. ;)

  9. Pugs,

    Have always been babe! happy belated new year to you too!!


    Happy new year to you too babeh! :)

  10. Sheryl,

    definitely darl. remember what i told you k? be strong. dont let that loser get to you. whatever happen, i'll be here for you and i am sure your other friends would too.


    well, with people like Lich around, sure does challenge you to a whole new level ay?

  11. Zetts,

    Same to you. Akak will call you the next time i am up occay? sweet gitew.


    08' goes off with a bang, and a suwey fella to boot. Hahaha!


    same to you darl! i was in MMU la masa tu.. but i dont have your contacts!

  12. Lich,

    i would prefer you to be extinct actually.

    and you amuse me with your shallowness too i have to admit.